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Henry Huggins


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What is the name of the book?
The Indian in the Cupboard
Who is the author and spell the name?
Beverly Cleary
What grade was Henry Huggins in?
3rd grade
Describe Henry?
His hair was like a scrubbing brush and most of his grown up front teeth were in.
What street did Henry live on?
Klickitat street
What age did Henry have his tonsils out?
What age did Henry brake his arm falling out of the cherry tree?
What did Henry wish would happen to him?
He wanted something exciting to happen
What did Henry do every Wednesday?
He rode downtowon on the bus to go swimming at the YMCA
How long did Henry swim at the YMCA?
1 hour
What was Henry doing on this Wednesday that he normally does not do?
He stopped to watch a man tear down a circus poster?
How much money did Henry have in his pocket?
3 nickles and 1 dime
How much money does the bus ride cost?
10 cents
What did Henry stop and look at on the way out of the drugustore?
Funny books
What was standing behind Henry while he was reading his funny books in the drugstore?
A dog
Describe the dog?
Parts of him were black and brown and yellowish between his ears. His ears stood up and his tail was long and thin
What did the dog want from Henry?
His Ice Cream cone.
Did Henry give it to him?
What was Henry trying to do to the dog?
He was trying to get it to go away so he could catch the bus home
What did Henry always want?
A Dog
What did Henry decide to do with the dog?
He called his mother to ask if he could keep him.
What did Henry call the dog and why?
He called his Ribsy because you could see his ribs right through his skin.
How was Henry trying to get the dog home?
He was going to put him on the bus with him.
What did the first bus driver tell Henry about his dog on the bus?
Company rule, No dogs on buses
What did the bus driver suggest to Henry how to get the dog home?
He said that the dog would have to be in a box.
Where did Henry get a box for Ribsy?
From the man at the toothpaste counter at the drugstore.
What kind of box did the man from the drugstore give Henry?
a Hair tonic box.
How big was the box?
2 feet square and 6 inches deep
What was printed on one end of the box?
Don't let them call you baldy
What was printed on the other side of the box?
Try our Large Economy Size
What did Henry ask the second bus driver to do for him?
To take the dime out of his pocket to pay for his ride.
What did the second bus driver tell Henry about taking Ribsy on the bus?
He had to be in a box tied shut with holes for the dog to breathe.
Why was Henry mad at Ribsy?
He tore the box and jumped off the bus.
What idea did Henry get from and elderly lady standing at the bus stop?
He saw her bag full of apples and decided that a shopping bag would work to bring Ribsy home.
How much did the shopping bag cost from the drugstore?
A nickel
What else did Henry take from the clerk at the drugstore?
some string and paper
Did Henry get Ribsy on the bus this time?
He did
How long was the busride to Henry's house
15 minutes
Who got on the bus the Henry knew?
Scotter McCarthy a fifth grader from school
Why did'nt Henry want to tell Scooter and the bus what was in his bag?
He wanted to keep Ribsy a secret and did not want him to get out.
What did Ribsy do on the bus?
He ripped out of the bag and was starting towards the front of the bus
What did Ribsy run into on the bus?
He ran into a ladies bag of apples and then they were rolling down the aisle triping the standing people.
What else happened on the bus.
A highschool girl dropped her books, a lady dropped a big bag with pots and pans, a man dropped a coil of garden hose, people were sitting on the floor and on each others laps.
Who showed up to help Billy get Ribsy home?
A policeman
What did the Police come to get Henry?
His mother was worried and called them.
What did Henry do on Fridays afterschool?
He walked home the long way past Rose City Drugstore, The Supermarket, The Idea Barber Shop and The Lucky Dog Petshop
What did Henry buy at the Petshop for Mr. Pennycuff?
2 pounds of horsemeat
What did Henry like Best of All about the petstore?
The rows of tanks of fish
One Friday there was a sign in the petstore? What did it say?
Special Offer - 1 pair of guppies, fish bowl, 1 snail, aquatic plant, package of fish food all for $.79 cents
What would heppen to Henry's fish if the water was chilled?
They would get Ick (ichthyophthirius) Fish are covered with Tiny white spots
What did Rigsby do on the way home from the pet store?
He tore off the paper of the horsemeat and ate it.
What kind of fish did Henry Buy?
What did Henry's mother notice about the fish when she looked into the bag?
That there were babies
What joke did Henry and the Librarian have?
a book about gienats ann orges (Which meant Giant and Ogers)
Where did the Librarian get Henry a book about guppies?
The adult section
After dinner Henry started to count the babies, How many did he count?
What type of fish container did Henry use for his Guppies first.
His mother's Dill pickle jar
What type of Jars did Henry use next?
His mother's fruit jars
Where did Henry keep all of the jars?
On his dresser, table by his bed, on the floor on the edge around his room
What did Henry's mother tell him he would have to do with his fish?
He had so many that he would have to give them away?
Why could'nt Scooter take some fish?
He delivered the Shopping News 2 days a week
Which one of Henry's friends decided to take a fish?
What was Beezus's real name?
After Henry's mother came home from shopping with apricots what did she need?
20 quart jars
What did Henry have to do with his guppies?
His mother needed the jars so he had to combine them together
What else did Henry's mother decide to can this year?
Tomatoes and pears, and Huckleberries from Mount Hood
What was Henry's favorite Pie?
What did Henry decide to do with all his guppies once the jars his mother needed were gone?
He decided to keep 2 and take the rest back to the petshop.
What kind of guppies did Henry have?
babies, rainbows and gray
How much money did Mr. Pennycuff give Henry for the guppies?
What did Henry buy next?
A Catfish
What was the cost?
The tank was $3.00 and the heater and thermostat came to $4.00
What was Henry's weekly allowance?
25 cents
How much was the football?
$13.95 + 40 cents tax
What did Scooter have that all the boys on Klicktat street want?
A football
Who bought Scooter his football?
His grandmother?
What happened when Scooter and Henry were playing ball in the street?
A car came whizzing by and the football went into the backseat
Whose fault was it the Henry through the ball into the man's car?
What did Henry have to do about the football?
He had to get Scooter a new one before next Sunday?
Who were Henry's neighbors?
The Grumbie's
What was Mr. Grumbie doing at night?
Digging up nightcrawlers
How much was Mr. Grumbie going to pay Henry for each worm?
1 cent
How many worms did Henry catch for Mr. Grumbie?
What did Mr. Grumbie want Henry to do for his fishing contest on Sunday?
Catch hundreds of worms
Where did Henry decide to catch worms?
The park
Who helped Henry catch his worms?
His mom and dad
What happened on Sunday morning?
The man brought the football back
What present did Henry want for Christmas?
A Real flexible flyer
What part did Henry play in the Westward Expansion Unit?
The 2nd Indian
What was Henry's worst part he ever played?
Sir Cuspid
What did he have to recite?
I am Sir Cuspid
My job is to bite
Brush me twice daily
To Keep me so white
What was the name of their Christmas Operatta?
A visit to Santa Claus
What was the name of the play teacher?
Miss Roop
What part did Henry have in the play?
What did Miss Roop pick Henry for the part of Timmy?
He was the shortest boy in the room
Why did Henry hate Act 1 of the play?
He had to wear pajamas and get kisses
What street were all of the kids sledding on?
Thirty Third street hill
What was Henry using the Typewriter for?
He was typing a note to the teacher to get him out of the play
What song did Henry have to sing in the second act of the play?
Hurrah for Santa, Hurrah for Saint Nick, He comes from the North with reindeer and sleigh, Riding on clouds up high in the sky, with a pack full of toys so children can play
What song did Robert have to sing?
Woof Woof, I am a big brown dog
What did everyone in Glendale school call Henry?
The little boy
What color were Henry's Pajaams for the 1st act of the play?
pink and blue and white striped flannel
What did Scooter bet Henry that Ribsy could not do?
Climb a step ladder in the auditorium
What did Ribsy knock over in the auditorium?
A can of green paint onto Henry
What kind of paint was the green paint?
Real paint
What happened to Henry?
His hair was green and his skin was green, his hair and eyebrows were pale green, his face was streaked toward his chin
What part did Henry get in the play now?
He was the Green elf and very happy to be that part because the elf had no speaking parts and did somersaults
What did Mr Pennycuff ask Henry if he had on Saturday?
A dog show entry
What was the age limit for the dog show?
Boys and Girls up to age 16
Who was sponsoring the dog show?
The Woofies Dog Company
What kind of prizes?
Woofies Dog food, squeaking mice, feeding dishes, leashes, movie tickets, beanies, silver cups,
What was Mary Jane's dog's name?
Princess Patricia of Tarabrook - cocker spaniel
What was Scooter's dog's name?
Rags - Airedale
What did Henry give Ribsy on Saturday before the dog show?
A bath in the tub with his mother's shampoo
What was one of the rules of the dog show?
All dogs must have a leash
What kind of leash did Henry use for Ribsy?
A very long clothes line
What kind of dogs were at the dog show?
Great danes, Pekingese,Airedales, cockers, Saint Bernards, Pomeranians, beagles,setters,pointers, and just plain dogs.
How much did Ribsy weigh?
28 lbs
What class did Ribsy go into?
Ring 3, mixed breed 25-40 pounds
What did Ribsy do on his way over to Ring 3?
Get dirty in a flower bed
What did Henry wish he brought with him for the dog show?
A dog brush
What idea did Henry have to try and get the dirt out of Ribsy?
Talcum powder
Why did the judge postpone the dog show?
A trained mule was going to entertain
What happened to Ribsy when Henry put the talcum powder on his spot?
He turned pink
What did Ribsy want during the dog show?
He wanted water from his dish
What did Ribsy get in the dog show?
a mixed breed dog with a silver cup
What did Ribsy drink water from?
His silver cup he won
Who was the strange boy sitting on his bike on the curb?
What did he want?
He wanted his dog back
What did Robert call his dog?
What did Robert want to give Henry for taking good care of his dog last year?
5 dollars
What did the boys decide to do to see who got Ribsy?
The had a contest and stood 20 spaces away on the sidewalk
Who did Ribsy choose to be his owner at the end?
Where was Beverly Cleary born?
Mcminnville, Oregon and she lived on a farm
When did she get married?
1940 to Clarance T Cleary and they have twins
What were some of her characters in her books?
Henry Huggins, Ellen Tebbits, Otis Spofford, Beezus and Ramona Quimby and Riby, Socks and Ralph S Mouse
Who is the author?
Lynne Reid Banks
Who is the main character in the story?
Who is Omri's best friend?
What birthday present did Patrick give Omri?
A secondhand plastic Indian that he had finished playing with
What was Omri getting fed up with?
Plastic toys
Where did Omri have all of his plastic toys?
They were in a Biscuit Tin and scattered in the loft, an the kitchen and breakfast room and the garden and Omri's bedroom.
Why did Ormi like the Indian Patrick gave him?
He did not have one.
Who were Gillion and Adiel?
Omri's told older brothers
What birthday present did Omri get from his family?
a skateboard complete with kickboard and kryptonic wheels
What gift did Gillion give Omri for his birthday?
A white metal cabinet with a mirror in the door.
Where did Gillion find this present?
In the alley
What did Ormi wish the white cabinet have?
A key lock
What was in the box that Ormi's mother gave him to look for?
A bunch of old keys
What key did Ormi pick?
a small one with a red satin ribbon through the loop hole.

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