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EPA Refrigerant Tech. Cert. Core


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By what date did EPA regulations require technicians be certified?
14 November, 1994
What date did requirements for recovery equipment become more strict under EPA regulation?
15 November, 1993
What is the Montreal Protocol?
September, 1987 agreement to decrease production and use of ozone depleting substances. Included more than 25 nations
What date did the prohibition on venting refrigerants go into effect?
1 July, 1992
For a system of less than 200 lbs charge, what were the recovery requirements before and after 15 November 1993?
Before: 4"Hg
After: 10"Hg
What is the maximum percentage leak rate for industrial equipment over 50 lbs charge?
35% per year
What is the maximum percentage leak rate for non-commercial equipment?
15% per year
Under what cicumstances may 30 day leak repair requirements be waived?
A)Owners present, within 30 days, a one-year retrofit or retirement plan for leaking equipment.
B) If an industrial process shutdown is required to repair a leak, owners have 120 days to repair the leak.
With what office is recovery equipment required to be registered?
Regional EPA office.
For equipment of more than 200 lbs charge, what were the recovery requirements before and after 15 November 1993?
Before 15 November 1993: 4"Hg
After 15 November 1993: 15"Hg
What is the recovery percentage required when using recovery equipment manufactured before 15 November 1993?
What is the recovery percentage requirement when recovering from a system with a non-operational compressor?
What is the recovery percentage requirement when using recovery equipment manufactured after 15 November 1993 and recovering from a system with an operational compressor?
May HFCs be vented?
Section 608 certification excludes what types of refrigerant systems?
MVAC's, motor vehicle air conditioners. These are covered under section 609.
What is the test protocol standard for laboratory tests of recovery equipment?
ARI 740
Under what circumstances may a person open refrigerant systems without EPA certification?
A) Technician certification is not required for individuals removing refrigerant from appliances going to landfill or scrapyard.
B) Apprentices are exempt from certification requirements provided the apprentice is closely and continually supervised by a certified technician.
What is the smallest container of refrigerant that a section 608 certified technician can purchase?
20 lbs cylinder. Only section 609 (MVAC) certified techs can purchase smaller containers.
What is a "di minimus" release of refrigerant?
Quantities of refrigerant released in the course of making good faith attempts to recapture and recycle or safely dispose of refrigerant.
What does CFC stand for?
What component of HCFCs and CFCs is damaging to the ozone layer?
How do CFCs destroy ozone?
Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks the Chlorine atom from the CFC. This chlorine atom steals an oxygen atom from an ozone molecule.
Aproximately how many ozone molecules can be desroyed by one molecule of CFC?
(One-hundred thousand)
What is the maximum per-day fine for clean air act violations?
$27,500 (Formerly 25,000)
What does HFC stand for?
What is ODP?
Ozone depletion potential- the ability of a subtance to destroy ozone. Based on the ODP of R-11. R-11's ODP=1.
Which is more harmful to the ozone:
Class I refrigerants
Class II refrigerants
Class I is the most destructive class.
R-236fa is a replacement for what refrigerant?
What new refrigerants are direct drop-ins for CFCs?
NO drop in refrigerants are currently available.
What is the ozone depletion potential (ODP) of R-134a?
R-134A has no ozone depletion potential. It is, however, a greenhouse gas.

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