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Drivers License / Licensing


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CVC 12500(a)
Unlicensed driver
**14602.6 May arrest/tow for 12500 / 14601
CVC 12500(b)
Driving out of class
CVC 12951(a)
D.L. not in possession
CVC 12951(b)
Refuse to prsent D.L.
CVC 14600(a)
D.L. change of address, must notify DMV w/in 10 days.
CVC 14601.1(a)
D.L. Suspended / revoked
-other, $$$$$
D.L. suspended / revoked
CVC 14601.3(a)
D.L. suspended / revoked
-habitual traffic
CVC 14603
Disobey D.L. restrictions
CVC 14610(a)
Use altered or fraudulent D.L.
CVC 14601(a)
D.L. suspended / revoked
-reckless driving

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