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Legal Research 2


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What are the two legal encyclopedias for CA?
Which is cited in legal opinions?
Who publishes each?
Witkin's Summary of California Law (often cited in legal opinions)
California Jurisprudence
What are the official reporters for the three levels of Federal Courts?
Supreme Court: United States Reports
Appeals Courts: Federal Reporter
Distric Courts: Federal Supplement
What are the three unoffical Supreme Court Reporters?
Who publishes each?
Supreme Court Reporter (West)
United States Supreme Court Lawyers' Edition (Lexis)
United States Law Week (Bureau of National Affairs)
What are the two general legal encyclopedias? Who publishes each?
Corpus Juris Secundum (West)
American Jurisprudence 2d (West)
Name the four main types of Legal Periodicals.
Academic Law Reviews
Commercial Journals
Bar Associations
Legal Newspapers
What are the seven major periodical indexes?
How is each distinguished from the others?
Jones-Chipman: early articles to 1937
Index to Legal Periodicals: articles since 1908
Current Law Index: recent articles since 1980
LegalTrac: has CLI and legal newspapers, presented online.
Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law: articles since 1958. Covers material not in CLI or ILP.
Current Index to Legal Periodicals: Weekly subject index of new articles
Index to Foregn Legal Periodicals: Articles dealing with International Law, Comparative Law, etc.
Who publishes the Restatements?
American Law Institute
What is the name of the citation index for the Restatements?
Shephard's REstatment of the Law Citations
Name the one specialty case reporter.
American Law Reports
What are the unofficial and official CA court reporters?
Who publishes the unofficial one?
Unofficial: California Reporter (West)
Official SC: California Reports
Official Appelate: California Appellate Reports
What are the regional reporters?
Name them.
Regional reporters are state court reports, organized by region. They are:
Northeastern Reporter
Northwestern Reporter
Southeastern Reporter
Southwestern Reporter
Atlantic Reporter
Pacific Reporter
Southern Reporter
What are the two Special Subject Reporters?
Who publishes each?
Bankruptcy Reporter (West)
Federal Rules Decisions (West)
What is a Digest?
Who publishes them?
Index of references to reported court cases, organized by subject.
Published by West.
What are the Federal Digests?
Why are there multiple ones?
There are five because they were published at different times (and thus have different coverage over time):
Federal Digest (all through 1938)
Modern Federal Practice Digest (1939-1961)
Federal Practice Digest 2nd (1962-1974), 3rd (1975-4th), 4th (no dates)
What are the three Digests published for specific courts?
Who publishes them?
US Supreme Court Digest (West)
US Supreme COurt Digest, Lawyers' Edition (Lexis)
Bankruptcy Digest (West)
What is the West Key Number System?
It is a subject classification scheme that indexes decisions that are reported in the National Reporter System by subject.
What are the different types of Digests?
Specific Court Digests
Federal Digests
National Digests
Regional Digests
State Digests
Specialty Topic Digests
What is the most comprehensive Digest system?
How is it organized?
The American Digest System
up until 1896: Century Digest
after that, every ten years as the Decennial Digest System. Each has a title like "Third Decennial"
What are the digests in the Regional Digest System?
Atlantic Digest
North Western Digest
Pacific Digest
South Eastern Digest
What are the three states that don't have state digests?
Nevada, Utah, and Delaware
What are the three methods of researching Digests?
Descriptive Word Method (Descriptive Word Index)
Analysis or Topic Method
Table of Cases Method
What is the only Digest not published by West, aside from specialty digests?
U.S. Supreme Court Digest, Lawyers' Edition
What is the only West-published digest that is not part of the West Key Number System?
Century Digest
What are the types of Shepard's Citators?
State Citators
Regional Reporter Citators
Federal Citators
Topical Citators
What is covered in non-topical Shephard's Citators?
Name each.
State Citators (e.g. California Citations): Court Decisions, Constitutions, Statutes, and Court Rules
Regional Reporter Citators (e.g. Northwestern Citations): Court Decisions for corresponding regions.
United States Citations: Court Decisions, US Constitution, U.S. Code, and federal court rules.
Federal Citations: Two parts. Court cases for the Federal Reporter, and court cases for the federal supplement.
What is the basic process for how a bill becomes a law?
Referred to Committee
- Hearings
- Committee Reports
Reported to House/Senate
- Debates
If passed, repeat above for other House/Senate
Conference Committee
Sent to President, where it may be
- signed
- become law w/out signature
- vetoed, in which case it can be passed anyway w/ 2/3 vote.
What are the four publications for Federal Legislative History?
Who publishes each?
Congressional Index (Congressional Clearing House)
CIS (Congressional Information Service)
GPO Monthly Catalog (GPO)
United States Code Congressional and Administrative News (West)
How are Federal and California Session Laws published?
Chronologically, with a subject index.
What are the publications for Federal Session Laws?
Who publishes each?
Statutes at Large (official)
U.S. Code Congressional & Administrative News (West)
What are the publications for CA Session Laws?
Who publishes each?
Statutes and Amendments to the Codes (official)
West's and Deering's Advance Legislative Service (West and Deering)
What are the publications for the Federal Code?
Who publishes each?
United States Code (official - GPO)
United States Code Annotated (West)
United States Code Service (Lexis)
What are the publications for the California Code?
Who publishes each?
West's Annotated California Codes (West)
Deering's California Codes, Annotated (Lexis)
What are the publications for Federal Administrative Law?
Who publishes each?
How do they tie together?
Federal Register (official, chronological, daily)
Unified Agenda (official, biannual, collects all agency rulemaking activity)
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR, official, topical, annual) (official)

The Federal Register is a daily publication that lists CFR sections affected.
What are the publications for CA Administrative Law?
Who publishes each?
How do they tie together?
Barclay's Official California Code of Regulation (Barclay's)
California Regulatory Code Supplement (Barclay's)
California Regulatory Notice Register (official)

The Supplement updates Barclay's Official CA Code. The Register (Z Register) is a weekly update of proposed actions
What is the agency regulates Administrative Law in CA?
Office of Administrative Law
What publications are updates with Advance Sheets?
Court Reporters
What do you call a bill when it is finally signed into law?
chaptered bill
What agency maintains the CA legislative website?
Office of the Legislative Counsel
How are the California Codes updated?
Annual Pocket Parts
Advance Legislative Service
What is the Advance Legislative Service for the USCA?
The USCCAN United States Code Congressional Administrative News (West) reprints Federal session laws, thus serving as an ALS for the West version of the US Code (USCA.)
USCCAN is split between two sets of books. What are they?
1) Federal Session Laws
2) Selected Federal Legislative History
What is a CFR List of Sections Affected Table?
Monthly publications that indexes sections of the CFR to pages in the Federal Register where those sections may have been affected by recent activity.
Where is the OAL's mandate codified in statute?
Administrative Procedures Act
What are the analagous publications for Federal and CA Administrative law for the following?
- the topical publication
- the chronological publication
- regulation tracking
- Code of Federal Regulations
- Federal Register
- Unified Agenda

- Barclay's Official California Code of Regulations
- California Regulatory Notice Register (Z Register)
- Rulemaking Calendar
What is the difference between California Reports and the California Reporter?
California Reports: Official (goes back to 1959)
California Reporter: West (goes back to 1950)

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