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California Pharmacy Law Lesson Plan


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What is the main concern for the State Board of Pharmacy?
Consumer and their rights
Which department is state board under?
Department of Consumer Affairs.
What areas are the State Board able to regulate?
1. Enforcement of pharmacy laws
2. Practice of pharmacy
3. Sanitation
4. Equiptment
5. Sale o drugs through Vending Machines
6. Dispensing of drugs in emergency situations.
What is a pharmacy?
Area in which the profession of pharmacy is practiced and where prescriptions are compounded.
What is considered Narcotics or dangerous drugs?
Controlled substance (Sch I-V) or Drugs labeled "Caution federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription" -a Legend Phrase.
What is the legend phrase?
"Caution:federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription"
What is a prescription?
Oral or written order given individually for a person. It needs to include:
1. Name and address of person
2. Name and quantity of drugs or devices.
3. Direction for use (sig)
4. Date and issue.
5. Name, address and phone number of prescribe their license classification and DEA#.
6. Signature of prescriber.
Who can write a prescription?
Physicians, dentists, podiatrist or veterinarians. A chiropractor may ONLY prescribe device ONLY.
Who can transmit a prescription to a pharmacist?
Anyone of the team. (With the furnisher's name on)
What is found on a prescription container?
1. Tradename or generic name and manufacturer's initials
2. Direction of Use (sig)
3. Strength of drug
4. Quantity of drug
5. Name of Pt.
6. Name of prescriber
7. Date of issue
8. Name and address of prescription# of furnisher
9. Expiration date of drug.
What does generic equivalent mean?
substituted drug has to have the same active ingredients of same strength and dosage form as brand name.
What is DAW?
Dispense as written. No substitution with DAW. Never!
Does the pharmacist inform patient about the harmful effects of a drug taken with a monograph or a Auxilary label?
Yes absolutely.
Who can conduct pharmacy in California?
Unless they have a license, permit or registration from board.
Why can't the prescriber i.e. phisician, veteranians or denist own a pharmacy?
Conflict of interest
How can you sell hypodermics i.e. syringes and needles at pharmacy? How often do you renew it?
Permit. Renew every year. Must be recorded in a hypodermic book if sold w/o prescription. Need to include date, hour of sale. type, kind and number, purpose of use, sig of furnisher, sig of address of pt.
What is the meaning of danergous drugs?
drug unsafe for self-medication and requires prescription.
How long shall the prescription filled be kept?
At least 3 years.
Under what condition would the board take diciplinary action?
1. Gross immortality
2. Gross incompetence
3. Gross negligence (malpractice/no standard)
4. They have commited any act involving moral turpitude (done contrary to justice), dishonesty or corruption.
5. Actions or conduct which would have warranted denial of a certificate, license or permit.
Who can compound or dispense prescriptions for controlled/poisonous drugs?
Registered pharmacist.
What is a controlled substance?
Drugs with abuse potential.
What is a narcotic?
A opium and opiate or any derivative including opium poppy. Coca leaves or derivatives i.e. cocaine or ecgonine (cocaine derivavtive)
What is a opiate?
Any substance having an addiction forming or addiction sustaining liablility similar to morphine or being capable of conversatoin into such a drug, not including dextromethorphan which is a chemical form of a morphine.
What is the difference between a schedule for NARCOTICS and RESTRICTED DANGEROUS DRUGS?
Narcotics are schedule I and II.
Restricted Dagerous Drugs: III and IV.
What is Schedule I for Control Substance? Give some examples.
High abuse potential. No medicinal value. Example: DMT, LSD, Marijuana, Mescaline, Peyote, Psilocybin.
What is Schedule II for Control Substance? Give some examples.
High abuse potential, severe psych/physical dependent potential.
What is Schedule III for Control Substance? Give some examples.
Slight abuse potential, less severe psych/physical dep. potential.
What is Schedule IV for Control Substance? Give some examples.
Low abuse potential, limited phych/physical dep.
What is Schedule V for Control Substance? Give some examples.
Abuse potential less than seen with drugs in schedule IV.
How many times can you refill a control substance in schedule III or IV?
More than 5 times or 6 months after the date of issue. No prescription for schedule II may be refilled. Always new prescription.
What is a stimulant?
Drugs that cause excitation or the brain and nervous system.
What is analeptics?
Give 2 examples.
Stimulate the central nervous system to aid in staying awake and restoring mental altertness. Caffine, tea, cocoa etc.
What are amphetamines used for?
Obiesity, hyperkinesis (hyperactive children) narcolepsy (Sudden rep. sleep)
What is a anorexants?
Decreases appetite.
What are narcotics?
Used as analgesics (pain reliever) anti-tussives (suppress cough) and emetics (induce vomiting)
What are the primary symptoms of overdose?
1. Pinpoint constriction of the pupils.
2. Very shallow respirations
3. Deep sleep (Coma)
4. Death may occur quickly through non-selective depressoin of the respiratory center.
What is a Narcotic Antagoinist used for?
Counteract respiratory depression caused by narcotic overdose and to diagnose physical dependence of narcotics.
What is a depressants?
Drugs that decrease mental and nervous system function.
What is a hypnotic?
Drug which produces sleep and differs from a sedative in a degree of sedatoin which is produced.
What is a barbiturates?
Used as a sedative-hypnotics, anti-convulsants, and as pre-anesthetic medications.
What is a inti-convulsants?
Drugs used for convulsions.
What is convulsions?
Violent, involuntary contractions or voluntary muscle. Disease state: epilepsy.
Is Schedule I (CI) prescribed?
No. Because no medicinal value.
How are Scheduole II (CII) prescribed? How long?
Special issued triplicate form (3 prescription sheet) or tamper resistant sheet.(Good for 6 months) No issue after 14th day.
Are substance schedue II, IV, V orders taken orally?
Yes. Make sure put physician's emploee on prescription.
Who can take oral prescription or a control substance?
A Pharmacist or a pharmacist intern.
What do you need if the prescription or a controlled substance is transfered from another pharmacy?
Need DEA number.
When can schedule drug bne transmitted orally?
Only emergency. Must be in prescription blank w/in 72 hours. No refill.
How many times a person can refill a controlled substance schedule III and IV?
No more than 6 month after issue date. OR no more than 5 fefill.
Can a Schedule II drug be refilled?
NO. Patient using is monitored.
How long should the prescription for controlled substance be filed? (retail and hospital)
Maintained for the period of 3 years.Hospital: 7 years. Should be separate from non-controlled substances.

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