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Where was Napoleon Born?
What type of school did he attend
Military School
What was Napoleon like as a child?
Ambitious, special, leader,
What cathedral did Napoleon use for his coronation?
Notre Dame
Who crowned Napoleon Emperor?
He crowned himself, but Pope Pius VII was there
What person's crown did Napoleon use for his cornoation?
Who painted the Coronation of Napoleon?
Napoleon was exiled to what Island first?
HOw long was Napoleon in power after he returned from exile?
100 days
What as the last major battle fought during hte Npaoleonic era?
Waterloo, Belgium.
Who was the British GEneral who won the above battle?
Duke of Wellington
What was the major naval battle during the Napoleonic era called?
Battle of Trafalgar
Who was the famous british admiral during the battle of trafalgar ?
Horatio Nelson
what was nelson's ship called?
What was the style of battleship during the Napoleonic Era?
ship of the line
What was the famous quote by the British Admiral before the above battle?
" England expects that every man will do his duty"
How many british ships were lost during the battle of trafalgar?
The Holy Roman Empire was broken up and __________ was created by Napoleon?
Confederation of Rhine ( GermanY)
What revolutionary reforms were undone by Napoleon?
Women's Rights
Name Npaoleon's three major jobs he held during his lifetime?
General, Emperor of France, and 1st Consule
The Concordat of 1801 was an agreement between Napoleon and _____?
The Church
Who were the two people who signed the Concordat of 1801
Napoleon and Pope Pius VII
Who was the Russian Czar during the Napoleonic period?
Alexander I
What major city was did the Russains burn down during the Napoleonic Wars?
What family ruled France during the period after Napoleon abdicated?
What was the reason Napoleon invaded Russia?
Because Alexander withdrew from the continental system.
Who was the composer of the 1812 Overtrue
When was the Overtrue first performed?
August 20th, 1882
The Code of laws Napoleon encacted throughout Europe was called
Napoleonic Code
Who paitned the Third of May
Francisco Goya
What was the style of warfare that the Spanish peasants used against the French
Guerilla Warfare. Hit and run attacks by spanish farmers
What island did Npaoleon Die on?
St. Helena
What was the cause of Napoleon's death?
POison, stomach cancer
What was the stie of Napoleon's greatest victory?
Auesterlitz, Austria
What did the united states buy off of France duriing hte Napoleonic era
Lousianna Territory
Nape 3 specific items guaranteed by the Napoleonic Code
Equality for all people, religious toleration, advancement based on merit.
Describe or draw the naval technique called Crossing the T
ship lined horizontally, they shot at the vertical boats, causing more damage
How did napoleon put down a royalist riot?
With a Wiff of a grapeshot
Napoleon beleived in nepotism. give an example
gave spain to his brother Joseph Bonaparte
Name two major battles fought in Egypt
Battle of the Pyramids, and Battle of the NIle
What was the Rosetta stone?
Stne that is black that contains 3 languages found by napoleon in egypt
What 3 languages are on the stone?
Hyroglyphics, demotic, classical greek
Where is the Rosetta stone today?
British Museum
Napoleon made his military cliam to fame fighting where?
Austeriz, our Toulon, during hte French Revolution against the British
What specific part of hte military was Napoleon interested in?
What was Napoleon's sons' name?
Napoleon King of Rome
How old was Napoleon when he became a general?
Name two locations for hte painting the Coronation of Napoleon
Versailles, and Louvre
Name four theatres napoleon fought in
Egypt, Austria, Russia, Belgium
At What age did napoleon become an officer?
Why did npaoleon ask his wife for a divorce?
She didn't give him a male heir
What was the continental system
Sudden gain in military power
to step down from power. "give up"
Austrian prince. Praised Napoleon, wanted Status quo, keep things the way they are.
restoring hereditry monarchies that the revolution has unseated
ballot that napoleon held that you would vote either yes or no
Duke of Wellington
British. Defeated napoleon at Waterloo. Very ingenious
Scorched Earth Policy
Russians, on their retreat, burned down all crops and land so that the russians would starve and freeze to death
Concordat of 1801
Agreement between napoloen and church, ( pope pius VII) made peace with church.
Guerilla Warfare
Spanish peasant fighters who ambushed French troops and then fled into hiding, a spanish word meaning little war. Hit and run attacks.
Horatio Nelson vs napoleon. Victory, French lost, Nelson won "England expects every man to do his duty" Off south-west coast of spain
Willington vs. Napoleon. Last battle, and Napoleon lost. Belgium
Napoleon's greatest vicotry in Austria. Killed many of the austrians, and was a huge land gaining thing
Having pride in one's country
Josephine Bonaparte
Napoleon's first wife. Was divorced cause she could not have a son. cheated on him.
Site of Napoleon's exile, remote island in south atlantic
St. Helena
Napoleon's two wives
Josephine, and Marie Louise
Quadruple Alliance
Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain

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