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History, Industrial Revolution


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constituional monarchy
limited monarchy, government in whcih monarchy is the heaad of state, established under constituional system, has a prime minsiter
1804 locomotive
2 parties
Labour party- liberal/democratic, left side, wore whigs Conservative party- right side, repubican
3 Palaces Queen V remained secluded
Balmoral Castle ( Scotland ) Windsor Castle Osbourne House * Isle of Wight nickname- widow of windsor
3 causes for imperialsm
policial= would have restocking economic= industry revolution military= force behind ports
3 most notable children of Queen V
1) Pricness Victoria 2) King Edward VII 3) Prince Alfred
died in 1861. starte of mournign, wore black her whole life. remained secluded
AT the table ( men)
1) wait till everyone comes 2) never chew with your mouth open 3) do not play with utensils 4) do not put your elbow on the table
Ballroom etiquette
1) wear a smile 2) never walk across the room by youself 3) always wear white gloves 4) never shout across the room
Boxer Rebellion result?
China forced to westernize, education changed, chian was in chaos, end of Qxing dynasty
boxer uprising
righteous harmonious fists chiense peope who wanted to drive out "foreign devisl" 1900 attacked foreigners
British ( imperialsm in AFrica)
Carnation: red pink striped yellow
pour heart ill never forget you sorry i cant be with you disdain
china forced to pay after rebllion
1 oz of silver for every british man woman and child
ci xi
empress of china 18999s. was in confucian traditions
Crystal Palace
used for the great exhibition of 1851. 1st world fair. 14,000 people. built in hyde park london. burned by a fire
evolution edinburg univertsty wrtoe, ON the ORIGIN OF THE SPECIIEs, the Descent of man, Selection in RElation to SEx, and the Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
David Lloyd-Geoerge
reigned during later late WWI
Defensible building for foreigners?
British Lagation
cutting of trees to make land for crops
direct rule
send its own governeos to govern the colonies. ( FRANCE )
East India Company
tradnig company ruled by british that took over mughal empire in india 3/5
edwin Conger
u.S minister who said that he wish he could give up, but then that would result in death
executive branch
respoinsible day to day management of the state. enact laws
explain reason for imperialsm and how is spread?
REasons for it was to gain power and prestige, market goods, and manufacture goods. With manufactured goods, these could spread through trading comapanies.
the right to live under their own laws and be tried in their own courts
France ( imperilasm)
controled northwest africa. Algerica, Morroco, Mali, Ivory Coast MOST AREA
Gentlemen Demeanor
1) be gentle 2) be silent 3) never scratch your head 4) always stay in stature
Germany ( imperialsm in Africa)
Southwest AFrica, Tangayninka, Togoland, and Cameroon
Great Fire of London
1666. started on pudding lane, started in bake sthop. King Charle's bakeshop. Destroyed rats/plague. 80% of city was destroyed. <20 deaths
greeting or saying hello
take a slight bow. bow and speak if you know a person. lady cannot stop a man's invitation
House of Commons
1 of 2 parties. lower house. democratically elected
House of Lord
1 of 2 parties. upper house, by blood, or family.
how did the boxers cut off an escape
burned railroad station
how imperialsm spreads
treaties, trading comapnies, AFricans asked Europeans protection against other european countries
how many gates were out of Peking?
domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region ( EUROPE )
payment for losses in war ( treaty of nanjang)
indian national congress
1885. became known as congress party called for greater democracy wanted self-rule
indirect rule
protectorate. hire other people. ( BRTISH ) through sultans, cheifs, or other local rulers
James Hargrove
spinnig Jenny. could spin a number of threads at a time instead of one. higher prices for cotton gabric
jhon wesley
founded methodist church. stressed need for personal sense of faith
judicial branch
interprets the laws. lawyer
Karl Marx
father of communism wrote Communist Manifesto beleived in capitalsm classless society,
King Edward VII
1st son. ( pricne wales before)
labor unions
worker's orgnzations wanted right to bargain for wages, hours, and better working conditions
Ladies Always DO
1) accept an invitation 2) carry herself with dignity 3) wear corseets, 4) bow down to greet
ladies never do
1) talk too much 2) be rude 3) show body 4) interrupt
legislative brach
writse laws. meet in Westminister abbey
lily: white yelllow orange genearl
sweetness walking on air wealt purity of heart
rioters during industrial revolution smashe machines after ned ludd, destoryed machines
Margarte Thatcher
1st woman to be prime minister. " iron lady" very conservative
1840. prince albert of germany. had 9 children.
religion made by weasley. hyms and sermonds, tried to rekindle hope in slums
head of state
muslim league
1906, muslims made it to pursue their own goals. wanted to separate from indians.
new emperialsm
when europe began to dominate other countries on a parth of aggressive expansion
Oedipus comples
psychosexual developemnt in childhood where children of both sexes regard their father as an adversary and competitor for the exclusive love of their other.
open door policy
allowig trade to everyone
opium war
when chinese warships collided with british merchants. british defeated chinese.
PErson Kignn Charles II commisoned to rebuild the city
Christopher Wren. redesigned st. Paul's cathedral
local rulers were left in place but were expected to follow the advice of European advisors on issues like trade or missionary activity
Prescne of a Lady
ask for her hand when on the street never have a bad posture
prime minisiter
head of government. people elect him
Prime Minister benefits
5 year terms, can't get reelected, can be empeached. live on 10 downingstreet, excetp tony blaire lives on 11 downingstreet
Prince Alfred
Duke of Germany. Duke of Edinburg. Married Grand Duchess of Russia. ( hemophelia )
Princess Victoria
married fredrick III- german emperor + king of prussia
isolation of women in separate quarters
Queen V's death
marked the end of the House of Hanover rule of the British monarchy and the beginning of the Hosue of Saxe-Codburg and Gotha rule
Queen Victoria birth to death
1819-1901. ruled till 1837. 63 yewars, longest reign ever. height of industrial revolution
ram mohun roy
scholar. knew may languages. felt india could learn more from west. still wanted to revialize indian culture, condemed child marraige, sati, and purdah. fuonder of INDIAN NATIONALISM
Reasons for british success
northwest weak, strong armies, well organized governments.
REasons for imperilasm
Gain power and prestige prevent another country from controlling manufacture goods market goods
REform ACt 1867
incresed # men who could vote in elections
rose burgundy pink yellow white
love bashful i am worthy of you perfect happiness
royal titles Act 1876
made her empress of India
a hindu custom practiced by upper class where widows throw themselves into the fire of their dead husbands
sepoy rebellion
when agry sepoys rose up and resisted against the British. brutally massaced british men and women
Sigmund Freud
psychiatrist, founded psychoanlstic school. " father of psychoanalysis" unconscious, oedipus complex, symbolism.
Sphere of influence.
3rd form of western control . an area in which an outside power claimed exclusive investment in trading privelages. ECONOMIC INTEREST> TAKE OVER TRADE
STeam Engine
Jame's Watt. developed steam engine, but having two chambers. caused industrial revolution
Sun Yixian
spokesperson for chinese republic. became first president. 3 principles 1) nationalism 2) democracy 3) livlihood.
taiping rebellion
1859-1864 lead by Hong Xicravan led peasant rebellion
multistory buildings divided into crowded apartments. poor people lived there
tony blaire
current. party of labor party.
trade deficit
importing more than it exports
trade surplus
exporting more than it imports
treaty of najing
britain got payment for losses in the war, Hong Kong, and china had to open 5 ports of foregin ttrade and graint biriths citizens right to live in china
tulip red variquated yelow genearl
declartion of love beautiful eyes are you my true love perfect lover
movement of people to cities
governed in the name of the queen
what caused the union bertween the imperial troops of china and the boxers?
a forged message given to an empress about foreigners attacking the city
what was the foregin quarter and was was in it?
Imperial city, european, japanese, russia, american
Who does prsident mckinely appoint to take command of the china operation
general chaffe
Who was Richard Arkwright
invented the spinning frame. spun cotton, but was huge.
winston CHurchill
regined during WWII. British "bull dog"

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