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Spanish Vocab ch.3


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copy deck
solo quiere comer
he/she only wants to eat



they stink
asi que
so, therefore
to bathe myself
sufficient, enough
cada segundo
each second
very expensive
con mucho gusto
with much pleasure
cuando digo eso
when i say that
de repente
all of a sudden
to (much) many
Dientes postizos      
false teeth
el hombre gordo y amable
The fat, nice man
el pelo largo y liso
the long smooth hair
el rincon
the corner
esta bien preocupado
he/she is very worried
esta escrito en frances
it is written in french
esta noche
hace muchos anos
for many years
hay de todo
there is a little of everything
hay tantas que
there are so many that
la despierta
he/she wakes her up
la invita a cenar 
he/she invites her to eat dinner 
la novia
the serious girlfriend
la prueba
she/he tastes (tests) it
la sopa famosa de papas
the famous patato soup
le doy la mano
I shake his/her hand
le pide la mano
he asks for her hand
le recomienda
he/she recomends to him/her
he/she arrives
me acerco a
I move closer to
me subo a
I climb into
me trae
he/she brings to me
not one
no lo puede entender
he/she cannont understand
no sabe que hacer 
she/he does not know what to do
no tengo sueno
I am not sleepy
para empezar
inorder to begin
pescado frito
fried fish
por eso
for that reason
flavorful, delicious
se enamoran
they fall in love
se lavanta para salir
she/he gets themself up to leave
se olvida
he/she forgets
se pone muh enojado
He/she becomes very angry
se siente confundido
he/she feels confused
siempre siguen
they always continue
su tazon de sopa
his/her bowl of soup
tiene ganas de
he/she has desires to 
tiene mucha hambre
he/she is very hungry
tienen verguenza
they are ashamed/ embarrassed
toda la cludad
all the city
un cafe barato
a cheap cafe
un calcentin sucio
a dirty sock
una mosca frita
a fried fly
una mujer joven y flaca
a young and skinny woman
vuelvo a mi casa
I return to my house

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