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AP World History Ch 4-7 Test


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(7) the animal most important to Saharan trans.
what does "sahel" mean
"the coast"
1st millennium CE, what about Sub-Saharan Africa?
it had become a distinct cultural region adn covered a larger and more diverse area than any other cultural region
(7)sub saharan africa, shared cultural heritage; "great traditions" (4 things)
written language, common legal and belief systems, ethical codes, other intellectual attitudes
sub saharan africa, (7)what kind of metal developement?
iron smelting
(7)S-SA languages come from which linguistic family?
niger-congo family known as Bantu
(7)Silk Road and Indian Ocean trade spread what religion?
Buddhism adn Zoroastrianism
(7)Head of Ethiopian Christian church, title,
bishop/leader of church
(6)where did most important cultural influences on SE asia come from
China and India
(6)Funan dominated what key location for trade?
Isthmus of Kra
(6)know plan/animal species that thrived in SE Asia.
wet rice, soy beans, sugar canes, yams, bananas, coconuts, coco yams, chickens, pigs
(6)Why is SE Asia a geologically active zone?
Ring of Fire
(6)During Gupta period, exported what products over land and sea?
agriculture, iron, salt
(6)most important contribution by Gupta intellectuals:
(6)chief source of revenue for Gupta empire?
25% tax on agriculture
(6)earlies deciphered Indian writing:
pillars by Ashoka
(6)Devi/Kali-what do they represent?
Devi=wife, mom, fertility Kali=violent, destructive
(6)Ultimate spiritual reward in Buddhism?
(6)what did 4 noble truths teach?
1-life is suffering 2-suffereing arises from desire 3- solution to suffering lies in curbing desire 4-desire can be curbed if a person follows Eightfold path (of right views, aspirations, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and meditation
(6)release from cycle of reincarnations?
(6)reincarnation of atman into given class depends on :
(6)varna system developed in order to creat:
regulation of relations between differing groups of color
(6)vedic Age marked by :
5-fundamental economic activity in both Han and Roman civilizations:
agriculture and trade
5-important Han innovation = developement of :
paper, bronze, tools, canals
5-202 BCE- urban capital of Han dynasty =
5-influence of Confusion ethics made Chinese values emphasized by what?
loyalty, obedience, repect, honor, and conduct.
5-Shi Huangdi cracked down on who to increase his power?
5- Which Roman emperor created corpus juris civilis?
5-What city became capital of Ramoan Empire in 324 CA?
Byzantium Constantinople
5- most visible symptom of Rome's 3rd century crisis =
frequent change of ruler
5-why was being a Christian an act of disloyalty in the Roman Empire?
monotheists forbidden to worship other gods;refusal to worship emperor
5-reaso why Jesus was claimed Messiah?
Jews wanted a leader to liberate and run Romans out
5-under principate, Roman law was:
studied and codified with new intensity by the class of legal experts
5-Emperor responsible for reorganization or Rome after 31 BCE?
5-Why were the 2 bloody wars against Carthage so important?
Octavian took over and reorganized Rome
5-how did early Romans view the natural world?
land basis of wealth
5-center of political action in Roman Republic?
Roman Senate
4-After Alexander's death, the Selucid Kingdom got what portion of his empire?
Mesopotamia (core), Syria, and parts of Anatolia
4-The 3 great Greek classical philosophers?
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
4-father of history in western tradition?
4-archaic greek notion of humanism?
individuals are rewarded/punished in afterlife for actions
4-greek democracy included political participation by who?
free adult males
4- meaning of acropolis and agora
acropolis = top of city agora = gathering place
4-characteristics fo recovery of Archaic periodf?
emphasis on silf and individual. religious sacrafice. seek advice info and predictions of futrue. 1st true alphabet. revewed trade. Hoplites.
4-Why was Phoenician alphabe writing system a great gift to the Greeks?
let them produce forms of lit, law godes, religious dedications, epitaphs for gravestones
4-Greek Dark Age = period for what?
4-lacking mineral deposits, what did Greeks mine?
marble and clay
4- what grew well in Greeks dry environment?
barley olives nad grapes
4-what are the tenants of Zoroastrianism?
high ethical standard, integrity, keep body pure, honesty, keep promises, nonviolence
4-what do recent finding suggest about Persian women of the elite class?
politically influencial, travel, possess property, prominent on public occasions
4-cyrus and his son ruled by the following practical approach of what?
followed native traditions, cultivated nobles, priest.
4-medes were 1st Iranian people to do what
achieve complex level of political organization
(7)what was sasanid stastte religion
(7)sasanid empire centered in presenty day
(7)zhang Jian intorduced what 2 things to china
alfalfa and wine grapes
(7)military technology that the silk road spread =
chariot warfare, mounted bowmen, stirrups
(7)IOMS had economic and social ties between where
E africa, s arabia, persian gulf, india, se asia, s china
(7)eary inhabitants of madagascar came from
(7)why was maritime trabe better in SE Asia than in W Asia
SE had Indian Ocean, W only had Med. Sea

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