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Mod G - Final Review


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The preferred way to manage stress whenever there is a reasonable possibility of success
Paralysis on one side of the body
May serve as a valuable "window" that influences not only how individuals appraise stress but also how they cope with stress
Good Stress
An adaptive response to stress which allows us to remain in the stressful situation but in a less active way than with an assertive approach
How stress is labeled when events have a harmful effect
Making mutual concessions with another person
Severe mental disorders that interfere with a perception of reality
Mild emotional disturbances that impair judgment
Energizing and directing our efforts toward meaningful goal
A complex pattern of changes that includes: physiological arousal, subjective feelings, congnitive processes, and behavior reactions - all in response to a situation we perceive to be personally significant
Goal-directed activities that energize and direct behavior
Method for treating mental disorders by mental rather then physical means
Type A individuals
People who tend to be competitive, argumentative, and impatient as well as hostile
What is the purpose of the Good Samaritan Act?
To protect the physician from civil law suits if they help in an emergency situation.
Subjective feelings
Elements of pleasure or displeasure, liking or disliking that are a component of emotions
Desire for success
The urge to succeed
The matter of responses an individual makes to stimulus events that distrub his or her equilibrium or exceed opposing abilities
Inflammation of a joint often with pain and swelling.
Redness of the skin
A disease that results in loss of bone mass, frequently occurs in postmenopausal women
Rheumatoid arthritis
Form of arthritis with inflammation of the joints, swelling, and stiffness
A response to stsressful situations that involves a change in our behavior due to another's direct influence
Feelings of displeasure or resentment over mistreatment
Temporary Withdrawal
May be an approppriate response to stress, especially when a stressful situation cannot be successfully modified through assertiveness or compromise
Define ergonomics
The science that deals with performance and good health while carrying out job tasks.
What is a sprain?
Pain and disability caused by trauma to a joint.
What is a strain?
Trauma to a muscle from excessive stretching or pulling
Name the 4 major types of medical waste
1) Chemical 2) Solid 3) Infectious 4) Radioactive
ROM exercises help to maintain muscle tone and _____
What is active ROM?
Patient moves all limbs through the entire range of motion exercises unassisted.
What is passive ROM?
Therapist physically assists patient in moving each limb through its range of motion.
Which type of heat application creates a massaging affect and soothes pain, promotes circulation and flexibility of muscles and joints
Whirlpool bath
In relationship to ergonomics, what can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?
Supportive wrist pad and ergonomic keyboard.
______ is using high-frequency sound waves to treat pain, relax muscle spasm, and stimulate circulation.
Ultrasound (Diathermy uses high-frequency currency)
The temple priests of Aesculapius treated patients with
*diet* (and exercise)
Who is known as the "Father of Modern Anatomy"
Andreus Vesalius
Who is known as the "Father of Medicine"
Who was the first female doctor in the US?
Elizabeth Blackwell
Who is know as the "Founder of Scientific Surgery"
John Hunter
A male patient with prostate problems and impotence would see a _____.
A woman who is pregnant would see an ________.
An aging patient may see a doctor who specializes in _____.
Raising the standards of the medical assistant to the professional level is the primary purpose of the
American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
Stimulants would be used to treat _____
What are "hallucinogens"?
Psychedelic mind-expanding chemicals.
General symptoms of depression:
Agitation, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, self-reproach, diminished ability to concentrate, and recurrent thoughts of death. (page 298)
General symptoms of psychoses:
Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized and incoherent speech, severe emotional abnormalities, antisocial and psychopathic behavior, etc.
General symptoms of neuroses:
Anxiety, compulsions, hysteria, hypochondria. Not symptoms, but types of neuroses.
What is IV therapy?
The administration of liquid substances and medication directly into a vein
What is the purpose of a Heparin Lock?
Allows medication to be administered through tubing on a regular basis
What are the responsibilities of an MA during IV therapy?
Monitor over Administer....signs of redness, blood, slow flow, etc
Type B individual
people who tend to be relaxed
A complex pattern of changes that includes physiological arousal, subjective feelings, cognitive processes, and behavior reactions-all in response to a situation wer perceive to be personally significant
What is the difference between assault and battery?
Assault is the deliberate attempt to touch without consent. Battery is unauthorized touching.
With what does criminal law deal?
Offenses against all citizens.
With what does administrative law deal?
Powers of government agencies.
3 things that must be present in order for a patient/physician contract to be valid.
1) Offer 2) Acceptance 3) Consideration
What is the difference between libel and slander?
Libel = written defamation. Slander = verbal defamation.
When can medical information about a patient be released.
Only when they sign an authorization form specifying what can be shared and with whom.
5 titles of the Americans with Disabilities Acts:
1) Employment 2) Public Service & Transportation 3) Public Accommodations 4) Telecommunications 5) Other Provisions
_________ may be an appropriate response to stress, especially when a stressful situation cannot be successfully modified through assertiveness or compromise.

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