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Mgmt chapter 1


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which of the following is included in the definition of OD?
ALL of the above(e)
Which of the following is not one of the stems of OD
Environmental Analysis(b)
The first T-group was formed
as people related to data about their own behavior(d)
According to the managerial grid, an individual's style can be best be described as which of the following
his or her own concern for production or people(b)
As the QWL movement evolved, it fostered a new phase of activities known as
Employee involvement
Strategic change interventions involve imporving
all of the above(d)
the three sequential steps in lewin's change model are
unfreezing, movement, refreezing(b)
the action research model focuses on
a>planned change as a cyclical process &
b> heavy diagnosis prior to acting, planning, and implementation (D - A & B)
which activity is not part of the general model of planned change
interviews and action planning (A)
when an action researcher is dealing with an organization that is underorganized, the steps in the change process are
identification, convention, organization, evaluation(C)
To be a successful in international settings, the OD practitioner must
a> become aware of their own cultural biases
c> Adapt the action research process to fit the cultural context.(E-A & C)
According to lewin, the best way to manage change is to increase the forces for change
Change strategies are often modified on the basis of contiued diagnosis
The relationship between planned change and organizational performance and effectiveness is well understood
Which of the following is not a core skill of an OD practitioner
Financtial management skills(D)
one of the major limitations of the internal consultant is
their potential loss of objectivity(C)
which is true of external OD consultants
None of the above(D)
Ethical dilemmas of the OD practitioner concern
All of the above(E) - misrepresentation, misuse of data, coercion, value and goal conflict
from the list below, what is/are the primary advantages for understanding emotional intelligence
ALL of the above(D)- addressing resistance, gaining commitment, addressing ambiguity
A great deal of research is available about the skills/knowledge of an effective OD practioner
Following entry and contracting, an OD practitioner starts with diagnosing an organization or department
To be able to design and execute an intervention is a minor requirement for the OD practioner
with the development of new and varied intervention approaches, the role of the OD professional needs to be seen as being along the entire continuum from client centered to consultant-centered
Despite the flexibility of the OD profession, most OD professionals have had specific training in OD
The process of entering a client system consists of
Clarifying the issue, determining the relevant client, and selecting a practitioner(A)
The presenting problem is
often a symptom of an underlying problem(D)
Which answer below best describes the “relevant” client?
generally those who can directly impact change issues(D)
The goal of the contracting process is
to make a good decision about how to proceed with the OD process(B)
Which of the following is not a step in the contracting process?
determining the change project(C)
Contracting is typically a very formal, written process when internal OD practitioners are involved

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