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Art. 80
Administration & Enforcement
Art. 90
Chapter 1
Art. 100
Art. 110
Requirements for Electrical Installation
Chapter 2
Wiring and Protection
Art. 200
Use and ID of Grounded Conductors
Art 210
Branch Circuits
Art. 215
Art. 220
Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Calcs
Art. 225
Outside Branch Circuits & Feeders
Art. 230
Art. 240
Art. 250
Art. 280
Surge Arresters
Art. 285
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSSs)
Chapter 3
Wiring Methods and Materials
Art. 300
Wiring Methods
Art. 310
Conductors for General Wiring
Art. 312
Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, and Meter Socket Enclosures
Art. 314
Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes;

Conduit Bodies, Fittings, and Manholes
Art. 320
Armor Cable (AC)
Art. 322
Flat Cable Assemblies (FC)
Art. 324
Flat Conductor Cable (FCC)
Art. 326
Integrated Gas Spacer Cable (IGS)
Art. 328
Medium Voltage Conductor (MV)
Art. 330
Metal-Clad Cable (MC)
Art. 332
Mineral Insulated, Metal-Sheathed (MI)
Art. 334
Nonmettalic-Sheathed Cable (NM, NMC, NMS)
Art. 336
Power and Control Tray Cable (TC)
Art. 338
Service-Entrance Cable (SE, USE)
Art. 340
Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable (UF)
Art. 342
Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC)
Art. 344
Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC)
Art. 348
Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC)
Art. 350
Liquidtite Flexible Metal Conduit (LFMC)
Art. 352
Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (RNC)
Art. 354
Nonmetallic Underground Conduit with Conductors (NUCC)
Art. 356
Liquidtite Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit (LFNC)
Art. 358
Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)
Art. 360
Flexible Metallic Tubing (FMT)
Art. 362
Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)
Art. 366
Auxillary Gutters
Art. 368
Art. 370
Art. 372
Cellular Concrete Floor Raceways
Art. 376
Metal Wireways
Art. 378
Nonmetallic Wireways
Art. 380
Multioutlet Assembly
Art. 382
Nonmetallic Extensions
Art. 384
Strut-Type Channel Raceway
Art. 386
Surface Metal Raceways
Art. 388
Surface Nonmetallic Raceways
Art. 390
Underfloor Raceways
Art. 392
Cable Trays
Art. 394
Concealed Knob-and-Tube Wiring
Art. 396
Messenger Supported Wiring
Art. 398
Open Wiring on Insulators
Chapter 4
Equipment for General Use
Art. 400
Flexible Cords and Cables
Art. 406
Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps)
Art. 408
Switchboards and Panelboards
Art. 410
Luminaires, Lampholders, and ALmps
Art. 411
Lighting Systems Operating at 30V or Less
Art. 422
Art. 424
Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment
Art. 426
Fixed Outdoor Electric Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment
Art. 427
Fixed Electric Heating Equipment for Pipelines and Vessels
Art. 430
Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers
Art. 440
Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment
Art. 445
Art. 450
Transformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties)
Art. 455
Phase Converters
Art. 460
Art. 470
Resistors and Reactors
Art. 480
Storage Batteries
Art. 490
Equipment, Over 600V, Nominal
Chapter 5
Special Occupancies

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