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Engineering terms for ENGE 1024


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device that uses continuous values of voltages and currents
analog computer model
analog circuit that simulates a physical system
the process of defining and seeking an answer to a problem
cube-square law
as an object gets smaller, the volume decreases faster than the area. surface-area to volume ratio increases with small obj.
device that uses only discrete voltages and currents
engineering design method
a procedure of synthesis, analysis, communication, and implementation
law of diminishing returns
small inputs, the output increases linearly; larger inputs, outputs levels off
application issue
the lack of clarity as to whether a particular act violates a law, rule, or policy
conceptual issue
uncertainity about how it should be codified into clearly definied law, rule, or policy
conflict of interest
engineer's loyalties and obligations may compromised bc of other loyalities
to tend toward a common solution
to differ
eminent domain
the right of the gov't to take possesion of private property for public use
engineering ethics
the set of standards engineers should follow
ethical egoism
an act is moral if you act in your own self interest
concepts of right and wrong behavior
the codes of behavior and courtesy
factual issue
uncertainity about morally relevant facts
game theory
a tool for evaluating optimal behavior strategies
happiness objective function
interaction rules
expected sets of behavior
the system of rules established by authority, society, or custom
legal rights
just claims given to all humans through the gov't
moral issue
issue resolved through moral decision
moral rights
just claims that belong to humans
moral theories
framework for making moral and ethical decision
accepted standards of rights and wrong
rights analysis
moral theory that equally respects each human being
to create the most good for people
to imporve the strength and resiliency of a polymer by bining it with sulfur
whistle blowing
informing authorities of harmful, dangerous, ot illegal activities
process whereby appropriate information is identified for the problem at hand
Archimedes' principle
total mass of a floating object equals the mass of the fliud displaced
the step in which the proper theory and data are used to actually solve th problem
the use of speculative strategies for solving a problem
iterative procedure
repetition of a sequence of steps to solve a problem
manipulative models
a class of problems that have some physical entity that can be used to one's advantage in order to solve a problem
a solid with six parallelogram faces that are parallel to the opposite face
logically break a problem into pieces
a mechanism that uses pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical signals to activate equipment
concurrent engineering
a design approach in which specialists work together right at the beginning of a project
delphi technique
members of a group are intentionally separated and given the same problem. they return their solutions to the leader, the solutions are pooled , and the group members rate the ideas
evalution matrix
mathmatical evaluation that identifies the best solution by weighing
feasibility study
step of the engineeriing design method where ideas are roughed out
global optimum
the best condition found with constraints
initial capital cost
the purchase price of a product
life-cycle cost
the purchase price and additional costs such as labor, operation, insurance, and maintenance
local optimum
the best condition found w/ contraints
nominal group technique
ideds are discussed and then ranked
preliminary design
the step of the engineering design method where some of the more promising ideas are explored in more detail
the use of multiple components in which each has the same capabilities
sequential engineering
an approach in which specialists work in compartmentalized manner
chronological strategy
a strategy that gives a historical account of the topic
the extent to which the reported value approaches the true value and is free form error
engineering notation
the use of leading zeros for decimal numbers less than 1
the differenc between the the reported value and the true value
the extent to which the measurement may be repeated and the same answer obtained
random error
an error that doesn''t result from a measurement methos thatis inherently wrong
rounding error
rounding in intermediate calculations which results in an incorrect final answer
scientific notation
numbers expressed in terms of decimal point
significant figure
an accurate dight, excluding the zero required to place the decimal point
systematic error
an error that results from a mearsurement method that is inherently wrong
the result from random error and describes the lack of precision
the x-axis
dependent variable
a varible that cannot be arbitrarily selected and is determinedby the independent variable
exponential equation
extending beyond the data points
independent variable
a variable that can be arbitrarily selected
the value where a line interests a coordinate axis
extending between the data points
least-squares linear regression
used to find a line that best fits the data
linear interpolation
the approximation of a curve with a straight line
linear regression
the process of finding the equation of a straight line that best fits the data
log-log graph
a graph in which both axes are linear
the y axis
power equation
y = kx^M
rectilinear graph
a graph in which both axes linear
going backward from the data to the equation
semilog graph
a graph in which one axis is logarithmic and the other in linear
rise over run
vapor pressure
the pressure of the vapor in equilibrium with the liquid or the solid

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