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1 he was a Ittawa chiesf who the Native Americans turned to as a leader
quartering acts
colonists had to provide housing candles bedding beverages to british troops stationed in the colonies
Taxes George wanted passed
tax on molasses wills diplomas marriage papers newspaper almancs playing cards & dice
events leading up to lexingotn
troops left boston under the cover if darkness sons of liberty were watchihng hung 2 lamps from the old north church in boston to signal readcoats were on the move messengers saw and signaled mounted horses and rode towards concord
Pontiacs war
Brittish/colonial troops attacked back at Pontiac for capturing British forts
townshed acts
taxed goods such as glass paper paint lead tea
intolerable acts
1Shut down the port of boston- no ships could enter or leave the harbor until the tea was paid for 2 colonists couldnt have more then 1 town meeting3 customs officers & ither officals charged of a major crime to be tried in Britain - no evidence 4 soldiers no longer camp in tents - citizins had to house them
a town near lexington
no taxtion without represetion
insisted only they or their elected reps had the right pass taxes parliment had no right to tax them since they didnt elect reps willing to pay taxes only if their colonial legislatures passed them
proclamation of 1763
drew imaginary line base of the applachian Mts. Colonists were forbidden to settle west of the line. Settlers already west had to remove themselves at once
1st continental congress
12 delegates met in Philadelphia to discuss the intolerable acts only georgia didnt send delegates
George Grenville
Brittish prime minster decided colonists help the tax burden

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