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dar / echar idioms


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echar a perder
to spoil, to ruin
echar chispas
to become angry
echar de menos
to miss (someone)
echar flores
to flatter
echar la bronca a uno
to put someone down
echar la culpa
to blame
echarse a
to start to
echárselas de
to consider yourself as
dar a
to face (in direction of)
dar a luz un niño
to give birth
dar asco
to disgust
dar calabazas
to not fair well
dar carta blanca a uno
to forgive, start fresh
dar cuerda a
to mind
dar con
to find
dar de comer/beber
to give food/ water
dar el golpe de gracia
to finish someone off
dar gritos
to shout
dar guerra
to cause something
dar la hora
to strike the hour (past tense)
dar la lata
to make a nuisance of oneself
dar las gracias
to thank
dar por sentado
to take for granted
dar rienda suelta a
to give free reign to
dar un abrazo
to hug
dar un paseo
to go for a walk
dar una vuelta
to go for a walk
dar vueltas a algo
to think something over
darse cuenta de
to realize
darse la mano
to shake hands
darse por vencido
to give up
darse prisa
to hurry

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