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SC cases


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New york times v US
no prior restraint, government failed to show natioanl security was jeopardized. pentagon papers
schenck v US
est. clear and present danger test
gitlow v new york
incorporated free speech to the states
brandenburg v Ohio
free speech upheld as long as it does not create an imminent threat
miller v california
obscenity is not protected by first amend. miller test
us v o'brien
outlawed burning of draft cards b/c they are needed for gov.
texas v johnson
protected flag burning
us v eichman
protected flag burning and overturned flag protection act
hazelwood schools v kuhlmeir
school papers do not enjoy free press rights due to order and safety
reynolds v us
polygamy is not protected by free exercise bc illegal
employment division of oregon v smith
drug use not protected by free exercise bc illegal
engel v vitale
school sponsored prayer violates est clause of const.
wallace v jaffree
school sponsored moments of silence violates est clause of const.
epperson v arkansas
struck down law forbiding teaching of evolution bc violates est clause
wisconsin v yoder
amish exception from high school bc of free exercise clause
tinker v des moines
allowed black arm bands in protest in school
wolf v colorado
incorporated search and seizure into the states
mapp v ohio
incorp exclusionary rule into states
gideon v wainwright
right to counsel
escobedo v illonois
right to lawyer during questioning
miranda v arizona
police must inform of right including right to remain silent
plessy v ferguson
est seperate but equal test and rec jim crow laws
brown v board of education
declared seperate but equal unconst.
rotsker v goldberg
upheld military service selection act that prevented women from being drafted
griswold v conneticut
struck down law forbidding birth control
roe v wade
said abortions could not be limited by states in first trimester based on right to privcy- 14th amend
planned parenthood v casey
said abortions could be limited as long as not undue burden for women
boy scouts v dale
said that boy scouts can forbid gay scout leader
furman v georgia
outlawed death penalty bc violated cruel and unsusual
gregg v georgia
reest death penalty turned power to the states
berkely v bakke
struck down racial quotas
korematsu v us
upheld interment camps (FDR)
abrams v US
upheld espionage act and clear and present danger test
reno v ACLU
ruled 96 communication decency act unconst bc violated free speech
near v minnesota
incorp free press rights into state and outlawed state's prior restraint
village of skokie v national socialist party
freedom of assembly not abridged according to the message
loving v virginia
state law preventing inter-racial marriage illegal bc violated equal protection act
bowers v hardwick
upheld state's right to have sodomy laws
Lawrence v texas
struck down sodomy laws bc violation of eqp clause
lynch v donnely
upheld crech exhibit as long as it had secular things on on grounds of national holiday
agostini v felton
said that public school teachers can teach secular subjects at religious schools
sherbert v verner
strict scrutiny which means gov must have good reason to single out a religious group
lemon v kurtzman
said that gov must be excessively entangled in religion
city of boerne v flores
ruled that RFRA unconst. and said that only courts can est scrutiny
cohen v california
defended profanity as speech
chaplinskiy v new hampshire
est fighting words doctrine which is words intended to induce violence
nyt v sullivan
est the malice test which says damage must result from libel or slander
dred scott v sandford
upheld slavery, fugitive slave law and states rights
Palo v conneticut
double jeopardy not incorp in states
powell v alabama
scottsboro boys, incorp court appt. attorney for capital murder cases
slaughter house cases
ex of courts not incorp bill of rights into states
baker v carr
est one person one vote and outlawed malapportionment
bush v gore
ordered manual recount to end bc of eqp clause
us v lopez
struck down congress' gun free zones bc congress used commerce as defense
marbury vs madison
est judicial review
mcCulloch v maryland
MD could not tax bank of us based on nec/prop clause
buckley v valeo
said financial contributions are protected by free speech but can be limited
gibbons v ogden
congress had power to regulate interstate trade
clinton v jones
denied clinton right to executive privilege
us v nixon
denied nixon's plea of exec privilege
ins v chadna
ruled leg. veto unconst on grounds on sep of powers
clinton v city of new york
ruled line item veto unconst bc of sep of powers

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