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Schoenberg's Moonstruck Pierrot uses a vocal technique of half singing-half speaking called:
Which composer is not considered to be avant -garde?
John Cage invented a technique to exploit unpredictability called
Béla Bartók traveled around Hungary recording
folk music
Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra was commissioned by what orchestra?
Boston Symphony
The Rite of Spring was written for what performing arts organization?
Ballet Russe
In Edgard Varese's Ionization, what is unique about the instruments involved?
Only percussion
Where did Aaron Copland go to study music?
Paris, France
For whom did Copland compose the ballet Appalachian Spring?
Martha Graham
Along with many other European composers of the mid-20th century, Stranvinsky and Schoenberg ended up living and working where?
United States
Why is Beethoven considered a bridge to the Romantic period?
his compositions elevated music to new heights of eloquence and dramatic power
Beethoven changed the title of the dance movement of the symphony (as in no. 5) from Minuet and Trio to:
The Italian word Scherzo means:
Describe one way in which Beethoven changed the orchestration of his symphonies from what had been the Classical norm.
adding the piccolo
Early in his career, after moving to Vienna, Beethoven was best known for:
performing at the piano
Beethoven worked hard at composing. In what did he write his working drafts of music?
For whom was Symphony No. 3, "Eroica," originally named?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Symphony No. 9 is the first to include what in the final movement?
a chorus
How does Beethoven unify the large scale form of the Ninth Symphony?
by quoting / recalling music from each of the previous movements in the last.
What was the name of Friedrich Schiller's poetic ode which Beethoven used in the last movement of the 9th Symphony?
An die Freude (To Joy)
Symphony No. 5 uses what instruments new to the orchestra?
What is unusual about the 3rd/4th movements of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony?
Hector Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique is an example of:
program music
Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique ties together the separate movements by the use of the same melody representing the beloved of the main character. What is the term for this melody?
idèe fixe
"Dream of a Witches Sabbath," movement five from Symphonie fantastique, uses what Gregorian chant melody from the Requiem Mass?
dies irae
What is the name for small piano pieces with descriptive titles?
character pieces
The ideal solo Romantic instrument was the...
Who published a music journal in addition to composing his own music?
Robert Schumann
The pianist, Franz Liszt,did what to emphasize his profile.
turned the piano sideways
This "poet of the piano" was born in Poland but lived his adult life in Paris.
Frederic Chopin
Early Romantic composers were heavily influenced by:
A term for a romantic rhythmic technique that means "robbed" is:
who composed over of lieder?
In an art song, what is the relation of the accompaniment to the singer?
In Schubert's The Erlking, the piano represents what?
a galloping horse
In what country did Richard Wagner live and work?
In what country did Giuseppe Verdi live and work?
What term did Wagner use for his idea of an overall art work, incorporating performing and fine arts?
What is the term for a final fast, stretto section of an aria or duet leading to a character?s exit?
What term did Wagner use for musical figures representing characters, events or concepts?
Where did Wagner build his own opera house?
Beyreuth, Germany
Why did Wagner build the orchestra pit extending underneath the stage?
so the large orchestra would not overpower the singers
Giacomo Puccini wrote operas like La Boheme and Madame Butterfly. The gritty reality of such characters and their lives is known as:
Verismo opera
What instrument is used in La Traviata to simulate a guitar?
Isolde's Love-Death aria is sung...
after tristan dies
Which playright did Verdi use for his last two operas
Otello and Falstaff
What bird is associated with Wagner’s Lohengrin?
Johannes Brahms is considered conservative because he wrote no
program music he wrote absolute music
Antonin Dvorak was from...
Bohemia, Czech Republic
Dvorak's "New World" Symphony contains no...
American tunes
Tchaikovsky's The 1812 Overture is an example of
musical nationalism
Tchaikovsky had a patroness who later employed this famous composer.
Claude Debussy
Gustav Mahler incorporated this into much of his orchestral music.
vocal music
Claude Debussy was from
Paris, France
For what solo instrument is much of Debussy's music written?
In his Preludes, where did Debussy place the titles?
at the end
What unique scale is associated with Debussy's music (as in Voiles)?
whole tone
Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet is known as a
symphonic poem
Antonin Dvorak was from
Stravinsky was from
St. Petersburg Russia
neo-clacissism is?
a movement in the twentieth-century music that seeks to return to the musical forms and aesthetics of the Baroque and Classical periods.
Where did Aaron Copland go to study music
What compositions did Beethoven write? What era was he from?
9th symphony, 5th symphony, and Pathetique/Classical
What compostion did Berlioz write? What era was he from?
Symphony fantastique/ROmantic
What did Chopin write? Era? Where was he from?
Mazurka and Nocturne/Romantic/France
What did Schubert write? Era?
Traut, and Erlking/Romantic
what does strophic mean?
the same music in each verse
where was Lizst from and what was he known for?
Hungary/sideways piano
What did Debussy write? Era? From?
Prelude to the afternoon fawn (poem) for orchestra and Voiles/Impressionism/France
What was the special technique of the Impressionism era?
whole tones, pentatonic, and parallelism
What did Copeland write? Era? From?
Fanfare of the common Man, Hoedown, Appalachain Spring, melody shaker-simple gifts/20th cent./America
Who was the insurance man that was american and considered avant garde? Era?
Ives/20th cent.
What did Cage write? Era? Considered? Known for what?
4:33/20th century/avant-garde-aleatoric music
What did Stravinsky write? Era? From?
Right of Spring/20th cent./Russia
What was the technique used in rite of spring? Who was the chorographer from Rite of Spring?
What did Schoenberg write? Era? From?
Pierrot/20th cent./Austrian
What did Bartok write? Era? From?
Folk Music/Hungary Buddapest
What was Verese known for? Era?
Using all percussion-no melody or and electronique/20th cent.
What was Perkofiev known for? Era? From?
Neo-classicism/20th cent./Russia
What was John Adams known for?
minimalism/short ride in a fast machine
What was Brahms know for? Era? From?
A requiem not for the dead/Romantic/Germany
What were Schumann's other names (multipersonality disorder) Era?
Floresten and Eusebius/Romantic
What did Mendhelson write? Era?
Midsummer's night dream and concert overture/Romantic
What kind of music did Wagner write? what did he write?/Era?
opera/Tristan and isolde and Lohengrin/Romantic
Where was Devorak from? What did he write? What was it inspired from? Era?
Czech/Symphony from new world/ America/ Romantic
What kind of music did Pucinni write? What did he write? What phrase is familiar with him? Era?
Opera/La Boheme/che gelida mamina/Romantic
What did Verdi write? what era?
La Triviata/Romantic
What did Tchaikovsky write? Where was he from? what era?
Nutcracker and 1812 overture/Russia/Romantic
What did Maheler write? Era?
an orchestral Lied/Romantic

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