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Botany 2.1


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the transfer of pollen from the male anther to the female stigma. Enables fertilization
The combination of a male and female gamete which form a zygote.
Plants pollinated by wind are...
Usually gymnosperms and some flowering plants (grasses and trees). Flowers are small and groups together. Not very efficient.
Sexual reproduction is only advantageous if ___ because___.
it happens with another organism; allows for evolution.
Animals that pollinate plants are...
birds, insects, mammals, even some reptiles. Attracted by food (nectar).
__ dollars of crops are pollinated by bees.
15 million
Asexual reproduction
1. no genetic recombination (no sex) 2.genetically the same (clones)
Sexual reproduction
1. Genetic recombination 2. Alteration of Generations 3. Offspring are different from parents and each other.
A flower is...
a short stem with 4 modified leaves and holds reproductive parts.
Flowers have 4 parts arranged in a whorl:
sepals, petals, carpels, and stamens.
The female reproductive organs (stigma, styte, and ovary)
Male reproductive organs (anthers and filament)
All the petals
all the sepals (receptacle)
The __ is located at the base of the petals
__ flower has all four parts. __ flower is missing one or more parts.
complete; incomplete
Perfect flower
has both male and female parts, regardless of other parts.
Imperfect Flower
either the male or female part is missing.

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