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You are walking with your left leg in a plaster cast.
You are conducting an orchestra.
You are waiting for somebody that is very late.
You just met somebody that you haven't seen for a very long time.
You think you are being followed.
You haven't slept all night.
You have eaten too much.
You have just had a tooth pulled.
You are sneaking cookies from the jar.
You are afraid of the dog that is beside you.
You are sharpening pencils.
You are catching butterflies.
The teacher just found out that you didn't do your homework.
Your shoes are too tight.
The book you are reading is boring.
You are brushing your teeth.
You are slamming a door.
You are watching an exciting TV program.
You're going through a revolving door.
You just hit a home run.
Show that you just found out the surprise party is for you.
Act out the following using no words.
You are slamming the door.
Food is stuck in your braces.
You are roller skating.
You are playing with a yo-yo.
You are shooting a basketball into the net.
You are picking flowers.
You are trying to start a watch that has stopped.
You are a robot.
You are a blooming flower.
You are roasting marshmellows
over a fire.
You're getting out of the shower.
You are square dancing.
You are having a ride on a merry-go-round.
You are trying on new clothes.
You are pushing a lawnmower.
You are on an elevator and the door jammed.
Your bike has got a flat tire.
You are giving somebody a piggy-back ride.
You are giving everybody a candy.
The coke machine took your money but you didn't get your pop.
You are ready to start a race.
You are giving somebody directions.
You are delivering mail.
You are juggling balls.
You're eating spaghetti.
You're admiring yourself in the mirror.
You're asking somebody you like to go to the dance.
You're eating something you don't like.
You don't have enough money to pay for the chips you just brought to the counter.
You're trying to make up with your best friend.
You are delivering newspapers.
Somebody just told you a funny joke.
You are a puppet on strings.
You are dropping from the sky in a parachute.
You are waiting for the traffic light to change color.
Your zipper is stuck.

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