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HOTL Scene 7


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Opening Line 

I feel like a total disappointment. 
You found the manicurist. 
That's one. We needed three. It's possible I found another. 
In Hawaii? 


Budapest? In India? That's the only Buddha I know. 
Budapest. I speak more than one language, bilingual. It's in Hungary, which is in Europe. I knew Hungary was in Europe because I used to watch the news.  I got a 42" Panasonic. 
Okay, but don't cry. I don't even know what a sonic is. I havn't been back in 300 years
Panasonic. No one ever mention Panasonic up here?  It's Japanese. Big in the states, best buy, target, in Mexico too. 
There's no advertising up here. Here, you learn why you are here and what it all means. It isn't an easy course. 
I had to pass a citizenship test. And I kept business records for 26 years. If you think Izzy is tough you oughta try working for the IRS. 
Panasonic, IRS......Everything in my heart has changed. Is the water still warm? 
Frio, Cold
Very lucky.....three centuries. 
She made a big thing of some people I helped and how I died. It was all true but it wasn't like I wanted to die.  Business was good, I just landed a contract to landscape a condo on Wilshire boulevard.  My kids were all doing well in school. My oldest son was a helluva soccer player. 
Who was this person in Budapest? 
He's 75 years old.  He owns a small bookstore, nothing big like in America.  But he believed in freedom for his people. In his soul I saw when his country was occupied by Russia, he had gone to jail many times for speaking out and writing against oppression. They tortured him, and cut off his arm. He risked his life to save people. To hide people in the resistance and give them money to reach a safer place. His wife is very sick, I think she is dying and he is taking care for her. He brings her flowers everyday. 
And you could see this, all of this in him? 
The record is there when they give you the eyes, the ojos, they gave me
What do I look like with those Ojos
A very beautiful young women. 
Not too fast. you're in a pan of water. I don't want you to fall over. 
I'm okay. Come closer. 
You understand there's nothing we can do up here. 
In this room? 
In any room. Anywhere. Not that I thought you had any intention, because I know how much you love Jessica. 
There, now you can walk into any cantina in Mexico and all the eyes will be on you , senorita. 
But I'm not going back
Then the flower will have no place to live. 
Are you saying because of a flower I should go back? 
I am a Mexican, I would never tell a women what to do.  I am a man; god made me a man, so much I have to learn, so much to understand, but I'm here for a reason and it's part of God's plan. 

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