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Science Book B chpts 4&5 Test Mod


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What do you call the process in which organisms break down food to release energy?
Where does almost 90% of the oxygen in our atmosphere come from?
What do you call the process in which plants use energy from light to produce food?
Most of the water in plants is lost through the....
Where does water enter the plant?
Put the following labels on the flower picture
ovary petal pistil sepal stamen
What two things does photosynthesis do for you?
It gives you food to eat. It gives oxygen for us to breathe. It gives us seeds to plant
Why are some flowers brightly colored and good smelling?
to attract insects and other animals to pollinate them
Why are spores important to seedless plants?
They do not have seeds for reproduction
How are gymnosperms different from angiosperms?
Angiosperm seeds are protected by fruit and gymnosperm seeds are not.
What are some ways that seeds can be spread?
water, wind, animals, insects, gravity
Why do the flowers of wheat and other grasses not have bright colors or strong odors?
They use the wind instead of insects and other animals to spread the pollen.
When your mother buys green bananas why does she put them in a sack?
The sack that the bananas are in will hold in the ethylene gas in and make the bananas ripe.
What is the male part of the flower?
What is the female part of the plant?

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