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Street Spanish


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To get all worked up over nothing
ahogarse en vaso de agua
To nip in the bud
ahogar en germen
to go looking for trouble
buscarle tres pies al gato
to gossip
to fail someone
darle calabazas a uno
to hit the nail on the head
dar en el clavo
to go in one ear and out the other
entrar por un oído y salir por el otro
by the way
estar en paréntesis
to be in a difficult situation
estar en un apuro
to get out of a jam
sacar del apuro
to be fed up with
estar (uno) hasta la coronilla de
to be crazy
faltar(le) un tornillo
to waste one's breath
gastar saliva en balde
for nothing
en balde
free of charge
de balde
to have unbelievable luck
tener una suerte loca
to cut class
hacer la pinta
not to understand a thing
no entender ni papa
not to know a thing about
no saber ni papa de
not to be able to stand someone
no poder ver a uno ni en pintura
not to be able to put up with someone
no poder con
no, nope
para qué?
to go too far
pasarse de raya
to be speechless
perder el habla
to bring someone up-to-date
poner a uno al día
to be up-to-date
estar al día
to rake someone over the coals
poner a uno como un trapo
what's new?
Qué hay de nuevo?
de nuevo
what's up?
Qué hubo?
to be the black sheep of the family
ser la oveja negra de la familia
to be very talkative
ser muy ligero(a) de palabra
to be irritable
tener malas pulgas
to pull someone's leg
tomarle el pelo a uno
to make a fool of someone
hacerle guaje a uno
to be farfetched
traer por los pelos
I think it's a little far fetched
Me parece un poco traído por los pelos
To run into someone
tropezarse con alguien
to amaze, to astonish, to hallucinate
a person of great integrity and influence, a very important person
annoying, unpleasant
to annoy, to get annoyed, to hate someone or something
to act cool, to be vain or conceited, to show off
cool, neat, good looking
despicable people, "scum bags"
short person
to disappear, to vanish
to cut in line
crowd, people
cool, neat
annoying person, pain in the neck
girl, a young woman
to be onto someone
conocerle el juego
to treat someone to something
convidar a
how nice to see you
dichosos los ojos
to have oneself a drink
echar un trago
in one's face
en las barbas
to cost an arm and a leg
costar/valer un ojo de la cara
to look good; not age
estar bien conservados(as)
to laugh in one's face
reírse en las barbas de uno
to be one's element, feel right at home
estar como un pez en el agua
big shot, bigwig
pez gordo
to be all dressed up, to be in formal attire, to be dressed to kill
estar de gala
to be out partying
estar de parranda
party animal
to be crystal clear
estar tan claro como el agua
geez, holy cow (2)
to speak nonstop (2)
hablar como loco(a); Hablar a mil por hora
to cheat, deceive, to put something over on someone (2)
dar gato por liebre; hacerle guaje a uno
to have a little chat, to talk (2)
platicar; dar la lata
to put in an appearance
hacer acto de presencia
to make one's mouth water
hacérsele agua la boca
several people
mas de cuatro
to meddle with, to butt in
meter la cuchara
para chuparse los dedos
pure lies
puras mentiras
to lie about one's age
quitarse los años
to be a good egg
ser buena onda
said of someone who is a real zero, who will never amount to anything
ser un cero a la izquierda
to be___years old
to swallow something, hook, line, sinker
tragarse el anzuelo
its on the house
va por cuenta de la casa
pure laziness
puras flojera
I'll bet you
a que
to catch someone in the act, to catch someone red handed (2)
coger a alguien con las manos en la masa; coger en el acto
to have everyone talking about it; to be on everyone's lips
andar en la boca de todos
that's the limit; that's the last straw
es el colmo
to be a yes-man
decir amén a todo
to fire someone, to can someone
echar a alguien a la calle
to be fired
what goes around comes around; one must pay the consequences
el que la hace la paga
to get dead drunk
emborracharse a muerte
in the middle of
en pleno(a)
on top of everything
encima de todo
to be hopping mad, to spit fire
estar echando chispas
to be whitty
tener chispa
to be on someone's blacklist
estar fichado(a)
to figure someone out, to have someone's number
to be on pins and needles (2)
estar en/sobre ascuas; estar loco(a) por saber algo
to earn one's living
ganarse la vida
to get along with someone; to hit it off well
hacer buenas migas
to butter (someone) up; to kiss up to (someone)
hacer la barba a alguien
things are getting hot; things are coming to a head (2)
la cosa está que arde; estar como agua para chocolate
to be kindhearted
ser de buen corazón
to be heartless
no tener corazón
to be unspeakable
no tener nombre
to have a winning way (with people)
tener don de gentes
to keep someone hanging
tener pendiente
to have a falling out
tener un disgusto
to work like a dog; to work non-stop
trabajar de sol a sol
idiot, fool, harebrained person, scatterbrain
gossip (2)
cuentista, chismoso
boy, guy, "dude" (2)
chico; chamaco(a)
stupid act or despicable act
a stupid act or remark
to work
cushy job
mess, predicament, jam
to steal, to rob (2)
mangar; hurtar
a popular abbreviation for the police or cops
jail, prison
to be furious, angry (2)
estar trastornado(a); rabioso(a)
anyway, in the end, after all, when all is said and done
al fin y al cabo
to drink a toast
loose ends
cabos sueltos
to sleep on it
consultarlo con la almohada
to worry one, to make one feel uneasy
darle mala espina
easier said than done
del dicho al hecho hay mucho/gran trecho
to toot one's own horn, to flatter oneself
echarse flores
to flatter someone, to sweet talk someone
echarle flores a alguien
to be exhausted, to be completely tired out
estar agotado(a)
to be sky high
estar por las nubes
to be in somebody else's shoes
estar/hallarse en el pellejo de otro
to risk everything, to go for it
jugarse el todo por el todo
to run the show
llevar la batuta
better half, spouse
media naranja
half [my better half]
mitad [mi cara mitad]
not to give a darn about (something)
no importar un bledo
not to know a thing about, not to know beans about
no saber ni jota
to pay cash
pagar al contado
of course, certainly
por supuesto
to cough up money
rascarse el bolsillo
to play the guitar
to go perfectly
salir a pedir de boca
to work to a "T"
salir al pelo
to be easy, a cinch
ser pan comido
to have what it takes, to be cut out for (something)
tener madera para
to knock on wood
tocar madera
to take shape, to thicken (a sauce)
tomar cuerpo
to hear that
oír decir que
not to have a heart (to do something)
no tener corazón para
parents, folks
to sweat blood, to make a superhuman effort
sudar la gota gorda
to tell someone to take a flying leap
mandar a alguien a freír espárragos
to raise the roof
poner el grito en el cielo
to talk up a storm, to get involved romantically with someone
to bust one's buns in order to do something; to bend over backwards
deshacerse por

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