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Street Spanish Chapter 5


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al primer golpe de vista
at first glance
cantarle las caurenta
to tell someone off
cargar la mano
to overcharge; to crackdown
con el corazón en la mano
in all frankness
costar un ojo de la cara
to cost an arm and a leg
creerse el/la muy muy
to be conceited, to think highly of oneself
de buenas a primeras
suddenly; right off the bat
nasty; bad
de todos modos
anyway; at any rate
echar flores a alguien
to flatter someone
to get all dressed up
de etiqueta
formal, full dressed (man only)
estar harto(a) de alguien
to be fed up with someone
estar sin un quinto
to be flat broke
come on!
jalarse de los pelos
to squabble, to fight
llevarle/seguirle la corriente a uno
to humor someone
common, ordinary
llevarse bien con alguien
to get along well with someone
llevarse mal con alguien
not to get along with someone
meterse con
to pick a fight with
morderse la lengua
to hold or control one's tongue
nadar entre dos aguas
to be undecided, on the fence
no tener pelos en la lengua
to be outspoken; not to mince one's words
buscar pelos en la sopa
to find fault with everything; to nit-pick
patinarle el coco
to be missing a screw
ponerse rojo(a)/colorado(a)
to blush; to get red in the face
un chiste rojo
a dirty joke
¿qué mosca te pica?
What's eating you?
sentar/venir como anillo al dedo
to fit like a glove
sobre gustos no hay nada escrito
to each his own
un día de estos
one of these days
luego, luego
ok, ok

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