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Lecture 13 Bio


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In 2003 NASA sent the __________ and Opportunity to explore the terrain of Mars and send back pictures and samples to Earth.
Using the basic design of repetitive body units, Arthropods have developed __________ _____________ in order to move in many directions.
jointed appendages
The insect body plan consists of __________, ______________, and _______________.
head, thorax, abdomen ; in any order
Arthropods have evolved an ____________ in order to protect their soft bodies.
The exoskeleton was one of the most successful innovations that came from the Cambrian explosion, which allowed Arthropods to be the first animal to conquer______________.
The segmented body plan of Arthropods allows them the ability to produce a wide variety of _____________, which also allow them to quickly adapt to their new environments.
Flowering plants are classified as _______________ and they produce___________ as their reproductive structure.
angiosperms; flowers
The flower of a plant is primarily a ___________ reproductive organ, with the ________ in the center surrounded by petals.
female; ovule or egg
The anther of a plant contains _________ which is equivalent to __________ in animals.
pollen; sperm
The insect-plant relationship is a ___________ relationship, where plants entice insects to pick up _________ from one flower and deliver it to another.
mutual; pollen
Plants mainly use the ___________ strategy in temperate zones, where most flowers bloom only for a ________ period of time.
generalist; short
________ are a group of plants that have evolved to use highly specialized tactics, such as oil production or mimicry, to attract ______________.
Orchids; insects
As seen on the video in class, the Gentian flowers have pollen that is only accessible to ___________, which will vibrate its wings at a different ___________ allowing the pollen to be release from the anther.
bumble bee; frequencies

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