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What does the ODCR represent?
A monthly statement of officer manpower accounts for petinent Navy activities.
What does the ODCR provide?
Provides each activity with a routine system for verifying information contained in MAPTIS.
What does the validity of the ODCR depend on?
It depends upon the timely submission of accurate data to NAVPERSCOM through DMRS,and SDS/NSIPS.
What is Enclosure (1) of the ODCR?
An aplahbetic listing of events that must be reported to MAPTIS.
What is Enclosure (2) of the ODCR?
It defines the data elements and report headings that appear on the ODCR.
What are the 4 spsecific types of inofrmation displayed on the ODCR?
Fitness Report
How often will the ODCR be downloaded?
Monthly to each UIC's ITEMPO mailbox.
What happens if PSD supports an activity?
Verfication procedures for the ODCR are the responsibilty of that PSD.
Why are error codes printed on the ODCR?
as an aid in spotting incorrect information.
If "BSC IS INVALID" appears on the ODCR how can you correct it?
report the officers correct billet assignment via DMRS, SDS MO3, or NSIPS.
What do yo do if the DRMS or NSIPS transaction has not applied?
resubmit the change with an as-of-date the same as orginally reported.
Where do you send Fitness Report corrections?
To NAVPERSCOM (PERS-311) with the error circled in RED and a certified copy.
When verification of the ODCR is complete what should you do?
Submit a statement certifiying receipt and verfication of the reporrt to DFASPPM NAVSO P-3050-2
How do you keep the ODCR current?
By posting changes as they occur.
When do you make pen chanegs to the ODCR?
for each item that is changed as as result of submission of a DMRS, OCR, or NSIPS.
When do you line through an item on the ODCR?
line through obsolete data and write the new data in the same columns (s).
What do you write in the right margin?
write the DTG of the DMRS or the SDS event control number.
What does ODCR stand for?
Officer Distribution Control Report
What is BUPERSINST 1301.40?
Format and Procedures for Validation and Distribution of the ODCR.
What does SDS stand for?
Source Data System
What does DMRS stand for?
Diary Message Reporting System
What does NSIPS stand for?
Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System

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