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Enlisted members who apply to the U.S. Naval Academy and are not selected for direct entry are automatically considered for entrance into what program?
Naval Academy Preparatory School
How many enlisted members may the Secretary of the Navy appoint of the regular Navy, Navy Reserve and Marine Corps to the Naval Academy?
What is the minimum service obligation once commissioned through the Naval Academy?
5 years active duty and 3 years reserve upon initial appointment
What is the age requirement for the Naval Academy?
At least 17 years of age and must not have passed their 23rd birthday on 1 July of the year of entering the Naval Academy
Naval Academy applicants must have no disciplinary action within how many years prior to application?
During the 3 years preceding application for the program
What is the dependency requirement for the Naval Academy?
Unmarried, not pregnant, and have no incurred obligation of parenthood
To be considered for a Secretary of the Navy nomination, a candidate should obtain an SAT/ACT score of?
SAT 550 Math, 500 Verbal
ACT 24 Math, 22 English
When should Naval Academy candidate’s packages be completed?
1 March of the year of application
Service members offered an appointment of selected for admission into NAPS must have obligated service of?
Minimum of 24 months
What may happen to a Midshipmen who completes the course of instruction and declines to accept an appointment as a commissioned officer?
May be transferred to the Reserve component in an enlisted status and ordered to active duty for 4 years
Who can apply for Officer Candidate School?
Enlisted applicants in paygrade E-5 and above
What is the PRT requirement for entry into the Officer Candidate School program?
Must have two consecutive “good-low” final PRT scores
How long is Officer Candidate School?
13 weeks
Can an E-4 apply for Officer Candidate School?
Yes, they will be advanced to paygrade E-5 upon reporting to Officer Candidate School
What is the minimum age requirement for Officer Candidate School?
Graduates of the Officer Candidate School program incur what minimum active duty service obligation?
4 years
What examination must all Officer Candidate School applicants take?
Officer Aptitude Rating
Officer Aptitude Rating scores below what are not competitive?
When are PAO Officer Candidate School applications due?
Between 1 July and 31 August
Normally how long does the Officer Candidate School application process take?
Normally 4 to 6 weeks
What is the minimum paygrade for the officer conducting and interview for an applicant for Officer Candidate School?
Applicants for the Officer Candidate School must have how many months of obligated service remaining on current enlistment upon receipt of orders?
6 months
What community designators for Officer Candidate School require an active duty obligation of 4 years?
Surface Warfare (Conventional)
Special Warfare
Special Operations
Restricted Line
Staff Corps
What community designators for Officer Candidate School require an active duty obligation of 5 years?
Surface (Nuclear)
What community designators for Officer Candidate School require an active duty obligation of 6 years?
Naval Flight Officer
What community designators for Officer Candidate School require an active duty obligation of 8 years?
(Maritime, Rotary Wing or Jet Communities)
When possible, the college or university must be within how many miles of a naval activity?
50 miles
Can tuition assistance be used with MECP?
What is the service obligation for graduates from MECP?
8 years, with a minimum of 4 years served on active duty
Who is not eligible for MECP?
Reserves on Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) or
1/2/3 year recalls and
Canvasser Recruiters
What is the minimum amount of credits that should be attained prior to applying for MECP?
45 quarter, or 30 semester credit hours of undergraduate courses
What undergraduate courses should be taken prior to applying for MECP?
English, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition
When does the MECP selection board convene?
When must selectees submit a letter of acceptance?
They have until 15 March of the fiscal year in which the selection board was held
If a school will not formally accept a student into their program until certain criteria has been met, what may be acceptable?
A provisional letter of acceptance that states the applicant will be accepted to the school of nursing upon satisfactory completion of specific prerequisite courses and that the program can be complete within 36 months
Once NMETC receives the program letter of acceptance, PCS orders will be issued with how many months?
5 months
Prior to detachment from their present command, each MECP student must incur how many years obligated service?
6, selectees are authorized to reenlist more than 1 year early to meet this requirement
What is BOOST?
Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training
A 3 or 6 month college preparation program
What is NSI?
Naval Science Institute,
a 9 week course of intensive officer preparation and indoctrination
How much will Seaman to Admiral students get for their degree?
Up to $10,000 per year paid to the university by CNET to supplement costs of tuition, books, and fees
How is the money allotted for tuition, books and fees?
In increments by school term;
students will receive $4,000 for the Fall and Spring terms and
$2,000 for the Summer term or
$2,500 per quarter
What is the physical fitness requirement for STA-21?
Pass a Physical Fitness Assessment Test taken within the year of application
How many applications do Sailors applying for the Nuclear option under STA-21 have to submit?
An original and one copy
Under STA-21 what program option requires a current photo taken within the year of application?
Nuclear Option
What statement must Nuclear option Sailors submit?
Signed and dated Statement of Understanding, page 13
Any color vision deficiency is disqualifying for a commission in what community?
Unrestricted Line (URL)
Although not stated on the form, board members shall annotate what on their respective appraisal sheet?
Rank, designator and job title
When does the Seaman to Admiral selection board convene?
Annually in September
Upon receipt of orders to STA-21, each selectee will be required to acquire obligated service for how long?
6 years
How many years of obligated service will disenrollees from STA-21 have to complete?
5 years of enlisted service from the date of program disenrollment or the remainder of their current enlistment, whichever is longer
Except for the Pilot and the NFO option, what is the active commissioned service obligation?
5 years
What option requires a candidate to be commissioned prior to the age of 26?
Nuclear Option
What is the minimum GPA that a STA-21 student must maintain with the exception of the Nuclear option?
2.5 on a 4.0 scale,
Nuclear option and the CEC option 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
What is the maximum time allotted for the completion of all degree requirements with the exception of?
36 months with the exception of an established 5 year degree program for the Nuclear option which is 42 months
How long should the STA-21 interview be?
The interview should take at least 15 minutes.
A period of 15-30 minutes is usually adequate, although more time may be necessary on occasion
What options require a minimum score that must be obtained on the Academic Qualification Rating portion of the Aviation Selection Test Battery prior to beginning senior year?
3 or better, Pilot option and Nuclear option
What programs allow a wavier beyond 24 months for enlisted personnel who possess particularly exceptional qualifications provided they can be commissioned prior to their 35th birthday?
Special Operations, Special Warfare and Surface Warfare Officer
What is the maximum age that can be obtained prior to commission for all programs?
35 years of age
What options have a maximum age that can be obtained prior to commission?
Nuclear/Pilot option 31 years of age, NFO 32 years of age

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