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Questions for SUPRISE exam on Music


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What is music?
Music is the combination of organised and disorganised sound and silence
Name some types of sounds.
Human sounds-vocal sounds
Environmental sounds
Instrumental sounds
What are the five types of classifications oof instruments?
Membranophpne, Idiophone, chordophone, and aerophone
What is an Membranophone?
A Membranophone is any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by way of a vibrating stretched membrane
Name some types of drums.
Struck drums, string drums, and friction drums
Name one specific membranophone that is called the "singing membranophone".
The kazoo
What is an idiophone?
An idiophone is any musical instrument which creates sound primarily by way of the instrument vibrating itself without strings or membranes.
What classification is probably the oldest type of musical instrument?
Name some types of idiophones.
bells, triangle, maracas, ambio, thumb piano, jew's harp etc.
Give another name for struck idiophones.
concussion idiophones
What is a chordophone?
A chordophone is any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by way of vibrating strings stretched between 2 points
Name some examples of chordophones
Violins, guitars, lyres, harps etc.
Give another name for chordophones.
string instruments
Name one instrument that is both a chordophone and a percussion instrument
the piano
What is an aerophone?
Any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by causing a body of air to vibrate, without strings, membranes, or the vibration of the instrument itself.
Name the some aerophones.
flute, the oboe, trumpet, tuba, recorder, fife, harmonica
What is an electrophone?
Any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by electrical means to amplify sound.
What would you use to amplify sound for the electrophone?
An amplifier
Give some examples of electrophones.
electric guitar (also a chordophone) and electric piano (keyboard)
What is percussion music?
Music made by hitting, scraping, rattling percussion etc.
What does "membrane" mean?
What does "phone" mean?
How do idiophones make their sound?
By striking themselves
What does "idio" mean?
What kind of word is "idio"?
A greek word
Give 1 difference between an idiophone and membranophone.
-Idiophones are higher in pitch
-Idiophones are not used with a membrane
Give some reasons why idiophones are higher in pitch?
Because of the size, material, and timbre used
What is "timbre"?
The quality of the sound
What kind of word was "aero" and what does it mean?
It was a Greek word, and it means air
How area aerophones played?
By air being bolwn into the instrument
How do ypu play a chordophone?
By plucking strings
How is sound amplyfied in a guitar?
By the body itself
How do you play a violin?
A stick is thrown against it, and it is being bowed
How does an electrophone work?
It is amplifyed by the amplifier which is plugged into a socket
Name one person who played the electric guitar.
Earnest Ranglin
What are motifs?
These are tiny ideas in music coming back again and again to build a song by its repitition

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