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Of the following leadership traits, which one is/are characteristic of a successful leader?
Encourage, inspire and motivate others.
What manual authorizes temporarily withholding priviliges from an individual?
Manual for Court Martial
Which of the following uniform articles may be worn with civilian clothing?
Pea Coat
What is one of the more important factors in the building of a well-disciplined organization?
Military Law
The power of a court-martial to try a service member is contained in what article of the Constitution?
What article of the Constitution makes the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?
MA3 Boate is accused of an offense that is not a pure military crime. What characteristics of the case determines military jurisdiction?
A service connection must be found.
Military reservations generally have what type of jurisdiction?
Exclusive or Concurrent
What is one of the sources that details investigative jurisdiction?
Manual for Courts-Martial
Who has the ultimate responsability for law enforcement jurisdiction in intercostal waterways?
The U.S Coast Guard
What source can give further guidance for maritime waterway and security zone jurisdiction?
Combined Federal Regulation 33
When the United States objects to the trial of US personnel in foreign courts, what is the objection based upon?
Fairness of trial
The basic principle to be observed by any force in a country of other than its own is found in what article of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement?
Article II
Who may order a civilian into confinement?
The Commanding Officer of the civilian only
Once a person is apprehended, that person is subjected to how many forms of restraint?
Prohibits punishment before trial
Art. 13
Prohibits confinement of Armed Forces members with enemy prisioners.
Art. 12
Concerns the delivery of offenders to civil authorities
Art. 14
Concerns the submission of reports on prisioners
Art. 11
Prohibits refusal to accept prisioners when the committing officer furnishes a statement of the offense charged
Art. 11
Apprehensions should be made only when based on which of the following reasons?
Probable Cause
Unless an offense is of serious nature, you should not apprehend an officer unless...
You are ordered to do so by another officer.
Protects suspects and witnesses from self-incrimination
Art. 31a
Prohibits you from interrogating a person prior to informing that person that he/she does not have to make a statement regarding the offense of which accused
Art. 31b
Requires you to inform a suspect that any statement given by him or her could be used in a court-martial
Art. 31b
Protects persons against making statements before any military tribunal if the statement is not material to the issue
Art. 31c
Precludes admission of immaterial or irrelevant evidence.
Art. 31c
Provides that evidence or statements obtained without affirmative compliance with Article 31 by the interrogator are inadmissible in a court martial
Art. 31d
An MA must give an Article 31 warning to a person prior to making what request?
Having an individual identify property by pointing to it
In a trial by court-martial evidence obtained at an interrogation without the Tempia warning will be treated in what way?
As inadmissible

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