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Day 2 Full Biology 30 Review


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What structures are included in the CNS (central nervous system)?
Brain and spinal cord.
A student pulls their hand away from a flame before they cry out in pain. Why does this occur?
A reflex arc pathway was followed from stimulus to muscle without the need of the brain. Comprehension of pain comes later.
What types of neurons are only found within the brain or spinal cord?
Interneurons or association neurons.
PNS neurons have a myelin sheath. How does this speed up nervous transmission?
An impulse can jump or hop from Node to Node without having to traverse the entire length of the axon.
Autonomic nervous pathways are generally found within this branch of the nervous system
PNS or peripheral nervous system.
The brain is a vital organ and is protected in many ways. List three ways the brain is protected.
Bone (Skull)
Fluid (CSF)
Meninges (3 layers
Sensory neurons enter the spinal cord through the ______ root.
Dorsal root, or the back of the spinal cord.
Motor neurons leave the spinal cord through the ______ root.
Ventral root, or the front of the spinal cord.
Neurons that are directly connected to an effector are known as
motor neurons.
The first neuron to respond to a stimuli is a
sensory neuron.
The region of the brain that controls autonomic functions is the
Medula Oblongata.
The region of the brain that coordinates muscle movement and balance is the
The lobe of the brain that holds our personality, judgement and emotion is the
frontal lobe.
The lobe of the brain responsible for vision is the
occipital lobe.
The lobe of the brain that responds to touch and external sensation is the
parietal lobe.
The lobe of the brain most involved in hearing smell and taste is the
temporal lobe.
The region of the brain that reponds to a lack of water in the body would be the
The region of the NS responsible for control of the endocrine system would be the
The structure in the brain that communicates information between the hemispheres is the
Corpus Callosum.
A nervous system condition that is characterized by uncontrolled impulses is known as
If medication fails to stop Grand Mal seizures from occuring, this region can be cut in the brain.
The corpus callosum.
A young man suffers brain damage during a rig accident. Afterward he experiences a dramatic change in personality. The region most likely damaged is the
frontal lobe.
The decision to begin walking down the street originates in this area of the brain
The frontal lobe.
The coordination of fingers while playing the piano is controled by the
Sequential skills such as speaking, reading, or doing arithmetic, are processed mainly in the ________________ hemisphere
left (hemisphere)
Spatial skills such as sketching or reading a map are primarily processed in the __________ hemisphere.
right (hemisphere)

Structure A is known as the
cerebrum or cerebral cortex.

The structure that is responsible for communication between the hemispheres is labelled
B (corpus callosum)

The center for Autonomic coordination is lablled
F (medulla oblongata)

The gland known as the master gland is labelled
D (Pituitary gland)

The cerebellum is labeled
H (the cerebellum)

The lobe of the brain responsible for voluntary movement is labeled
A (frontal lobe)

The lobe responsible for vision is labeled
D (occipital lobe)

The lobe responsible for hearing and smell is labeled
C (temporal lobe)

The lobe responsible for sensation of touch is labeled
B (parietal lobe)

The region of the brain responsible for life critical functions is labeled
C (hind brain)

The region of the brain most developed in "higher" mammals is labeled
A (fore brain)

The midbrain is labeled

The sensory neuron is labeled

This diagram illustrates a
reflex arc.

The neuron labeled 4 is
an interneuron or association neuron.

The part of the spinal cord labeled 3 is known as the
dorsal root ganglion.

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