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Japans 63


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denwa ni deru (電話に出る)
to answer the telephone
desakari (出盛り)
in season, the season
dentō o tsukeru (電灯をつける)
to turn/switch on the light
dentō o yaburu (伝統を破る)
to break tradition
rusubandenwa (留守番電話)
an answerphone
dentōtekini (伝統的に)
traditionally, conventionally
detchibōkō (丁稚奉公)
one's apprenticeship
dentō (伝統)
a tradition, a convention
dentō (電灯)
an electric light/lamp
detaramena (出鱈目な)
irresponsible, unreliable, thoughtless
shigaidenwa (市外電話)
an out-of-town call
denwaguchi e yobidasu (電話口へ呼び出す)
to call [a person] to the telephone
desorou (出揃う)
to be all present, to be all ready, to be all out, to be all in ear
dētatsūshin (データ通信)
data communications
depāto (デパート)
a department store
deru (出る)
to come out, to appear, [日/月が] to rise, [星が] to be out, [芽が] to be out, to come into [bud], to be exposed, [市場に] to be on the market, [果物/野菜が] to be in season, [幽霊が] to be haunted, [追い剥ぎが] to be attacked; to go out, to get out, to start, to leave, to flow out, to run out, to [血が] gush out; to attend, to be present, to join, to take part in, to work at, [選挙に] to stand; [Fires] to start, to break out, [死傷者/病気が] to be caused by, [風/波が] to rise; to be produced
desakikikan (出先機関)
a branch office
denwa ga tōi (電話が遠い)
The voice is not distinct
denshinbashira (電信柱)
a telegraph pole/post
denshingishi (電信技師)
a telegraph engineer/operator
deshi o toru (弟子をとる)
to take pupils
den'ya (田野)
denshinkyoku (電信局)
a telegraph office
dentō o omonjiru (伝統を重んじる)
to value tradition
dentōteki (伝統的)
traditional, conventional
denwa ga aru (電話がある)
to have a telephone
deshi ni naru (弟子になる)
to become a person's pupil, to be apprenticed
dentatsu (伝達する)
to communicate [news], to convey
detarame (出鱈目)
ie ni dentō o hiku (家に電灯をひく)
to have electric lights installed
denshōbungaku (伝承文学)
oral literature
desuku (デスク)
a desk; [Journal.] the desk; a copy editor
dētabēsu (データ・ベース)
a data base
derinjāgenshō (デリンジャー現象)
Dellinger phenomena
desukuwāku (デスクワーク)
deshabari (出しゃばり)
a busybody
dēta (データ)
denshobato (伝書鳩)
a carrier pigeon, a homing a pigeon
dentō o kesu (電灯を消す)
to turn/switch off the light
denwa de (電話で)
by telephone, over the telephone
denwabangō (電話番号)
a telephone number
dessan (デッサン)
a sketch
denwachō (電話帳)
a telephone book,a telephone directory
dentaku (電卓)
an electronic calculator
densōshashin (電送写真)
a telephoto(graph), a radiophoto(graph), a facsimile
denshingawase (電信為替)
a telegraphic transfer/remittance
deppuri shita (でっぷりした)
fat, plump, stout
derikētona (デリケートな)
delicate, subtle
desaki (出先)
where [he] has gone
denwa o kiru (電話を切る)
to hang up, to ring off
deredere suru (でれでれする)
[女に] [Slang] to be spoony, to dally with
denwakōkanshu (電話交換手)
a telephone operator
dentō ni shitagau (伝統に従う)
to follow tradition
dētashori (データ処理)
data processing
denwa o hiku (電話をひく)
to have a telephone installed
deppa (出歯)
a protruding tooth, a buck-tooth
detchi (丁稚)
an apprentice, a shopboy
detchibōkō o suru (丁稚奉公をする)
to serve one's apprenticeship
denshin (電信)
telegraphic communication
shinaidenwa (市内電話)
a local call
deshabaruna (出しゃばるな)
Mind your own business
denwa ga tsūjiru (電話が通じる)
a telephone call goes through
depparu (出っ張る)
to project, to protrude, to push out
densō suru (電送する)
[電信で] to telegraph, to wire, to send/transmit by radio
detarameni (出鱈目に)
at random, irresponsibly, carelessly
deruta (デルタ)
a delta
denwasen (電話線)
a telephone wire
derikatessen (デリカテッセン)
a delicatessen, a deli
denwa o kakeru (電話をかける)
to call [a person] up, to phone, to telephone, to give a call, to give a ring, to ring up
denshō (伝承)
transmission; handing down; an oral tradition, a legend
denwa (電話)
a telephone, a phone
denshinki (電信機)
a telegraphic instrument
deshabarina (出しゃばりな)
nosy, meddle-some, pushing
deshi (弟子)
a pupil, a disciple, a follower, an apprentice
detatokoshōbu de iku (出たとこ勝負でいく)
to take a chance
denwaryō (電話料)
telephone charges
deshabaru (出しゃばる)
to thrust one's nose, to be (too) pushing/forward/nosy/meddlesome
desugiru (出過ぎる)
to stick too far out; [お茶が] to be too strong

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