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Bio 2 LAB test


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An organism that is incapable of producing its own food
Explain how fungi obtain its food
It secretes enzymes and digest their food externallu, then absorbed into the body
What is an organism that obtains its own nutrients from organic materal of other living organisms? ( affects food source, often causing death)
Grow on nonliving organic matter
Forms a bond that is beneficial to both the fungi and the host
an organism that recycles the products of life
What are the two groups of organisms that are the main decomposers in ecosystems?
Fungi and Fungal metabolism
Give some examples of how fungi enrich our lives
mushrooms of the fields, blue cheese, citric acid in soft drinks
What are the 4 scientific phyla that the members of the kingdom Fungi are placed in?
Chytridiomycota, zygomycota, ascomycota, and basidiomycota and "imperfect fungi"
What are the common names for these four phyla
Chytrids, Zygosporangium, sac fungi, club fungi
Sporangia produce
What is another word for "the fungal body?"
What anchors the mycelium to the substrate?
Gametangium has how man nuclei?
What contains many diploid nucleuses?
In the "forming fungi" meiosis eventually occurs in what?
________ eventually produce spores?
zygospores or zygosporangium
What Phylum is ZYGOSPORANGIUM (Forming Fungi) in?
Phylum Zygomycota
What Phylum is the Sac Fungi in ?
Phylum Ascomycota
What is the sac called that sexual spores are produced into in the Ascomycota?
Asexual spores in the Ascomycota are called what ?
Another name for cup fungi is ?
What is the fruiting body of a sac fungus called?
Technical name for the mushroom (aka... gill fungi)
What phylum is the Club Fungi in?
A stalk is
the base/neck like
The cap is
the top of the mushroom
The gills are
on the bottom of the cap
What structures are produced on the gills?
basidia (s) basidium (pl)
What causes the basidiospores to shoot off of the basidia?
it is due to the build up of turgor pressure
Are basidiospores haploid or diploid?
A cell that contains two genetically different nuclei is referred to as being ____________
Where does meiosis occur in the club fungi?
If a forester sees a shelf fungus growing off of a tree, what does it indicate about the tree?
Low-valued (diseased) trees
Why is fungus placed into the "Imperfect fungi?"
it has no sexual stage
Give 3 reasons why the Imperfect Fungi is considered economically important?
1. antibiotics 2. some have citric acid (in soft drinks) 3. used to manufacture cheese
Fungi sometimes form a mutualistic relationship with organismas from what two kingdoms?
bacterial and protist
Lichens are an organism made up of _____________ and __________.
fungi and cyanobacteria (green algae)
What does green algae or cyanobacteria provide in the relationship in lichen?
WHat does the fungus provide in the relationship of the lichen
absorbs a portion of the carbs produced
A mutualistic relationship between plant roots and fungi (fungus root)
What does mycorrhiza gain from the root?
Nutrients (carbs)
How does the plant benefit from the mycorrhiza?
IT receives more h2o

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