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11th Grade U.S. History Unit 1 (A Beka)


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What year did Columbus discover the New World?
Which Viking landed in North America c.A.D. 1000?
Lief Ericson
Muslims from North Africa were called...
The first European to travel the length of Asia was an Italian merchant named...
Marco Polo
The movable-type printing press was invented in the
1440, Johann Gutenberg
The German monk who protested the teachings of the Catholic church and began the Protestant Reformation was...
Martin Luther
What did Martin Luther nail to the door of the Wittenburg church?
The 95 Theses
In what year did Martin Luther nail his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg church?
An important Protestant reformer from Switzerland.
John Calvin
Who was the Portuguese prince who founded a school of navigation and encouraged exploration in the mid-1400's?
Prince Henry the Navigator
Which Portuguese explorer reached the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa in 1498?
Bartholomeu Dias
Which Portuguese explorer sailed around Africa to India and opened a new all-water route to the East in 1498?
Vasco da Gama
Who were the Spanish monarchs who sponsored Columbus'voyage to the New World?
Ferdinand and Isabella
Who is the Italian sailor after whom America was named?
Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the Portuguese explorer who landed on the coast of Brazil and claimed the land for Portugal in 1500?
Pedro Cabral
Name the Spanish explorer who embarked on a search for "the fountain of youth" and discovered Florida in the process.
Ponce de Leon
Who was the Spanish explorer who crossed the Isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513?
Vasco de Balboa
Who was the Portuguese sailor, hired by the Spanish, who made a 3-year vogage around the world in 1519?
Ferdinand Magellan
Name the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs of Mexico by 1521.
Hernando Cortes
Name the powerful chieftain of the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish conquest.
Name the Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas of Peru by 1533.
Francisco Pizarro
Name the Spaniard who explored southern Texas and parts of New Mexico and Arizona between 1528 and 1536.
Cabeza de Vaca
Name the Spanish explorer who explored what is today the southwestern United States in 1540 and whose men discovered the Grand Canyon.
Francisco Coronado
Who was the Spaniard who explored what is now the southeastern United States in 1540 and discovered the Mississippi River in 1541?
Hernando de Soto
Name the Portuguese explorer employed by the Spanish who explored the coast of California in 1542.
Juan Cabrillo
Which king of Spain sent the "Invincible Armada: against England in 1588?
King Philip II
Who was the Protestant queen of England at the time of the defeat of the Spanish Armada?
Queen Elizabeth I
Name the Italian sailor who explored the eastern coast of North America for France in 1524.
Giovanni da Verrazano
Which Frenchman led an expedition that discovered the St. Lawrence River in 1534-1535?
Jacques Cartier
French Protestants who established Charlesfort on the coast of South Carolina and Fort Caroline on the coast of Florida in the 1560's were...
The Huguenots
Called the "Father of New France," he established Quebec, the first permanent French settlement in the New World, in 1608.
Samuel de Champlain
A French Jesuit missionary who explored the Central Mississippi River in 1673 was...
Jacques Marquette
A French fur trader who explored the central Mississippi River with Marquette was...
Louis Joliet
This French explorer claimed the entire Mississippi Valley and named it "Louisiana" in 1682.
Rober Cavelier de la Salle
This American Indian tribe did not ally themselves with the French.
The Iroquois
In the 1400's, the Iroquois League of Five Nations consisted of...
The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Cayuga tribes
A system in which all aspects of life centered on the ownership and use of land was called...
The feudal system or feudalism
Efforts of European kings and noblemen to drive the Muslims from the Holy Land and reclaim it for Christendom between A.D. 1000 and A.D. 1300 were called...
The Crusades
An effort by Catholics of the Iberian Peninsula to drive the Moors from the region of Granada in southern Spain was called...
The Reconquista
Merchants, traders, craftsmen, and men of other professions who were neither extremely rich nor poor became known as ...
the middle class
A revival of learning of "rebirth" that occurred in Europe between 1300 and 1600 was known as...
The Renaissance
A revival of Biblical Christianity which began in Europe in 1517 was known as...
The Protestant Reformation
An imaginary line drawn by the pope in 1493 to end the rivalry between Spain and Portugal over lands in the New World was called...
The Line of Demarcation
Spanish conquerers
Called the "King's Highway," it is the oldest road in the United States, first traveled in 1581. It runs between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico.
El Camino Real
A Spanish fleet of 130 ships and 30,000 men sent against England in 1588; destroyed in the English Channel.
The Invincible Armada
An effort of the Roman church to crush Protestantism and to bring back as many souls as possible into the Catholic fold was known as...
The Counter-Reformation
A supposed water route through North America to the Pacific
The Northwest Passage
French traders were called...
The island, possibly in the Bahamas, where Columbus first landed.
San Salvador
The location of the first Spanish landing on the North American Continent was...
The first permanent European settlement in the present-day United States was...
St. Augustine, Florida
This city served as the capital of the Spanish colonies in North America.
Santa Fe
The name given to the entire Mississippi Valley in honor of King Louis XIV of France was...
The first permanent French settlement in the New World was...
Quebec, Canada
The best known city of French heritage in America is...
New Orleans

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