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Intro To Nursing Chapter


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A 45-year-old client recently lost her job only a week after her husband disappeared. A nurse applying the concept of holism would consider that these events in this client's social status could cause changes in her:
emotional, physical, and spiritual health
When blood volume is lost, the blood pressure falls and the heart rate increases to counteract the loss of pressure. This illustrates which aspect of the homeostatic mechanism?
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the self-actualized person
a respiratory obstruction that creates a need for oxygen, which alters security needs
Family-centered nursing care can be defined as nursing that is concerned with:
the health of both the family unit and the individual members.
After the death of her husband, a 67-year-old client goes to live with her daughter, son-in law, and two grandchildren. With this addition, the family unit has changed from a(n):
nuclear family to an extended family.
What is a basic role of the family?
to protect and socialize its members
A nurse could most logically infer that a "latch-key kid" is a member of a:
two-career family.
The nursing diagnosis defined by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association as "the state in which a normally supportive family experiences a stressor that affects its functioning" refers to:
Altered Family Processes.
Which of the following is an example of a community of interest?
group protesting the use of animals for medical research
Which of the following best describes an open system?
Survival depends upon a continuous exchange of energy.
An adolescent client arrives at the community health clinic limping and complaining of pain and tenderness along the length of his left leg. Upon assessment, the nurse learns this client went white-water rafting and fell out of the raft several times. Wh
During the planning phase of a community health program, the nurse needs to take into consideration:
the values of community members.

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