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Following a CVA:
1) most improvement occurs in the first ___ months
2) which improves quicker -- physical or cognitive sxs?
1) 6
2) physical
1) Acc to Piaget, the key feature of ___ stage is the developmehnt of "semiotic fx"
2) what ages are associated
3) what is the semiotic fx?
1) preoperational
2) 2-7
3) thought becomes symbolic in form
in vivo exposure w/ response prevention (flooding) and implosive therapy are both based on what behavioral concept?
classical extinction
(used to eliminate a CR and involves presenting CS w/o US)
Ethics code requires that informed consents in research be: (which)
a) in writing
b) documented
b) documented
1) which type of family therapist uses "circular questioning"
2) why is it used?
1) systemic
2) help family members recognize differences in their perceptions
1) who is associated with self-control model of depression
2) who proposed that depression is related to lack of contingent reiforcement
3) who proposed that the belief that distorted schema develop early in life and leave person susceptible to
1) Rehm
2) Lewinsohn
3) Beck
advantage of 2-way (factorial) design over a one-way design is that it leads to a more powerful test by reducing what type of variance?
2-way design REDUCES within cell (group) variance (variability)
This increases power b/c it makes it easier to detect effect of first IV
What is best tx for Raynaud's disease?
temperature biofeedback (superior to relaxation training)
1) what type of eval is conducted to determine outcomes of a program
2) what type of eval is conducted to make changes in a program
3) If you evaluate effects of a training program and employee satisfaction to determine changes needed in progra
1) summative eval
2) formative eval
3) formative eval (NOT a needs assessment)
1) what are first 3 cries of infant
2) during which months of life are cries limited to 3
3) when does next cry develop
4) what kind of cry
1) anger, hunger, pain
2) first month
3) 1-2 mths
4) fussy (or irregular)
1) Sherif's "robber's cave" study found what?
2) findings are similar to Aronson's findings in jigsaw classroom -- explain
1) hostility btwn competing groups was reduced by having group members work together to achieve superordinate goal
2) in jigsaw classroom, students work on team project, are dependent on each other to achieve --> reduces prejudice and hostility
TV viewing of:
1) antisocial shows increases/decreases? antisocial behavior
2) prosocial shows increases/decreases? prosocial behavior
3) which has stronger effect
4) these results are predicted by what theory
1) increases
2) increases
3) prosocial
4) Bandura's observational learning theory
gradual decline in intensity, frequency, or duration of a response to the repeated presentation of same stimulus
from a psychodynamic perspective, mania is viewed as ___
a defense against depression
How do you increase a test's reliability coefficient?
1) increase/decrease? sample variability (heterogeneity)
2) ensuring average p value is close to ___
3) what is "p value"
4) increase/decrease heterogeneity of content do
1) increase
2) .50
3) item difficulty
4) decrease (esp raises the coefficient of internal consistency)
5) increase
Which is most likely to show greatest decline w/ increasing age?
a) list learning memory
b) arithmetic skills/speed
a) list learning
manipulation of NOVEL info declines at about age 20
In Yalom's group therapy, when members experience conflict, what should therapist do?
encourage member to discuss meaning of conflict for them
(provides interpersonal learning & self-understanding)
a pt exhibits emotional blunting, social withdrawal, eccentric behavior, and mild loosening of associations. Which subtype of schizophrenia?
absence of active-phase sxs at present time
Is it ever ethical for psychologist to provide services to participants in a legal proceeding on the basis of contingent fees?
No, unethical
You want to use several predictors to classify people into one of two groups. the relationships btwn predictors and criterion violate multivariate assuption of normality. Best technique to use is ___
logistic regression

2 or more predictors
1 dichotomous criterion
(while logistic regression is similar to discriminant analysis, it is LESS restrictive in terms of assumptions)
What age group has:
1) highest suicide attempts
2) highest suicide rate

a) 24-44
b) 55-64
c) over 65
d) teenagers
1) 24-44
2) over 65
Social characteristics of elderly on TV
1) they appear more/less? physically fit than rest of TV poulation
2) portrayals of health problems increase/decrease with age
3) prime-time romantic involvement increases/decreases slightly with age
1) more
2) increase
3) decreases
4) increase
David Ilgen - research on organizations
1) there has been an increase/decrease? in the use of teams
2) over the same time period, amount of research on teams has increased/decreased
1) increase
2) decrease
Types of therapy with elderly clients. Which type is associated with the following interventions:
1) reviews and reminisces life events
2) incorporates techniques to prevent or reverse cognitive impairment and maximize remaining capabilities
1) reminiscence therapy
2) reality orientation
3) validation therapy
1) cognitive model of attitude change that predicts that persuasion can occur in one of two ways
2) what are the two ways
1) elaboration likelihood model
2) central and peripheral route
1) notion that we tend to overestimate the degree to which others are similar to us
2) idea that we have more confidence in our negative impressions of others than in our positive impressions
3) tendency to ignore the frquency with which an eve
1) false consensus bias
2) negativity bias
3) base rate fallacy
when do children start to use rehearsal strategies?
age 9-10

(if question asks specifics about rehearsal strategies used by 1st grader -- answer is that 1st grader does not use)
Tricyclics are more effective than MAOI's in treating what types of sxs of depression
vegetative sxs
what statistical test is performed to see how much of the original variability in a validity coefficient is due to error
in personnel selection, treating scores that fall within a given score range on a predictor as equivalent (what is this called)
the success of a training program is best evaluated in terms of ___
what is transferred to the job
If a research tries to ensure that study results can be generalized, the researcher may be sacrificing ___
internal validity

there is a trade-off btwn internal and external validity. External requires that experimental conditions resemble real world. Internal validity requires research be conducted in controlled lab conditions. Striving for one sacrifices the other.
effects of maternal employment on children
1) Sons of working moms have more/less? gender sterotypes than sons of non-working moms
2) daughters of working moms have more/less? gender stereotypes than daughters of non-working moms
1) less
2) less

positive for both boys & girls
cooperative learning in the classroom benefits
a) low achievers
b) high achievers
c) both
d) neither
c) both
most complaints brought against clinical supervisors by supervisees are related to ___
lack of feedback
which is a behavioral treatment in purest sense of the term:
a) guided imagery
b) stress inoculation
c) self-instructional training
d) social skills training
d) social skills
all others involve at least some element of cognition
an out-of-body experience is an example of ___
depersonalization (specific)
dissociation (general term)
1) what types of statistical techniques use eigenvalues?
2) an eigenvalue is the amount of variability in ___ accounted for by ____
1) principle components analysis and factor analysis
2) a group of variables; an independent statistical component
1) what is called when, over time, an observer's ratings become less and less accurate
2) it is controlled by ___
1) observer drift
2) alternating raters on a periodic basis
which is associated with high inter-rater reliability?
a) mutually exclusive rating categories
b) highly correlated rating categories
a) mutually exclusive
makes it easier for raters to determine and agree upon which category a behavior fits under
worker is dissatisfied with low-level job and says money is the only reason he works. Acc to Herzberg, how do you increase his job motivation?
more responsibility
Re: depression, which group(s) is most likely to become agressive during depressive episodes:
a) children
b) adolescents
c) adults
a and b, both children and adolescents
your client tells you her former therapist made sexual advances towards her but she doesn't want you to tell. What do you do?
Do not tell. Maintain confidentiality as priority.

(If response says to convince client to make report, this is wrong. Confidentiality is most important)
1) what type of drug is used to alleviate sxs of OCD?
2) what neurotransmitters are involved
3) does sxs reduction continue after discontinuation of drug?
2) serotonin - drug to block reuptake
3) no - which is why drugs are rarely used alone
1) difference of __ pts on VIQ and PIQ is significant at the .05 level
2) what might PIQ > VIQ mean (by 20 pts)
3) what might VIQ > PIQ mean (by 20 pts)
1) 12
2) learning disability
3) poor visual-motor integration?
1) retroactive interference occurs when new/old? information causes you to forget new/old? info
2) more problematic when info is studied night before or long before exam
3) more problematic when material is related/unrelated? to previously lear
1) new; old
2) long before
3) related
4) meaningless or nonessential ("not worth learning in the first place")
5) consistent
the Consumer Reports study of psychotherapy found that ___
clients report greater improvement w/ long-term rather than short-term therapy
when pt is taken off antipsychotic med due to tardive dyskinesia, what commonly happens?
initial increase in sxs followed by a reduction
For goal-setting, does gender effect performance?
1) goal-setting increases performance for males/females? when goals are participatively set
2) when goals are assigned?
1) both males and females
2) both

(gender does not moderate the effect of goal-setting on performance, regardless of how goals are set)
The EPPP is:
a) a measure of basic knowledge of psychology
b) an aptitude test
it is not an aptitude test
1) What drugs can be effective for treating Tourette's?
2) Effective in about __% of cases
1) antipsychotics
2) 80%
but problematic due to side effects
Acc to Fiedler, interpersonal relations btwn leader and LPC are important when the worker is:
a) well liked
b) neither liked nor disliked
c) disliked
d) extremely disliked
a) well liked
a high LPC leader values interpersonal relations and will try to establish a relationship with LPC, esp if he is well liked ??
Acc to Theodore Millon:
1) narcissistic people first deal with experiences that contradict their illusion of superiority by resorting to __ and __
2) if this doesn't work, they employ __ and __
1) fantasy and repression
2) rationalization and projection
using biofeedback to help an anxious, hypervigilant client become calmer -- what aspect of nervous system is being controlled?
parasympathetic - active during rest and relaxation
1) most prevalent psychiatric conditions in Huntington's are __ and __
2) in assessing Huntington's, MRI can show __
1) affective disorder (dysthymia and depression and intermittent explosive disorder
2) volume reduction in basal ganglia
1) Inderal is what type of drug
2) commonly used to tx
3) common side effects
4) if after person takes inderal, they report racing heart and tremors, what should be considered?
1) beta blocker
2) HTN
3) bradycardia, peripheral vascular insufficientcy, dizziness, fatigue, ab cramps, tingling, sleep trouble
4) Panic Disorder - since not side effects of Inderal
Acc to Central Limit Theorem, a sampling distribution increasingly approaches a normal shape as __
the SIZE of the sample increases

(NOT the number of samples)
1) functional analysis is what type of assessment
2) involves identifying __ and __
3) these are called ___ variables
1) behavioral
2) antecedents and consequences
3) controlling variables

functional analysis determines what factors are CONTROLLING behavior so those factors can be altered
1) expectancy theory distinguishes btwn what 3 beliefs that affect motivation
2) what is associated with the beliefs
expectancy - belief that one's effort will result in performance

instrumentality - belief that one's performance will be rewarded

valence - perceived value of rewards
1) Sleep attacks in narcolepsy are characterized by what type of sleep?
2) and sudden loss of muscle tone, which is called what?
1) REM
2) cataplexy
1) what is the bias that there is likely to be some degree of correlation among similar methods of measurement even if they are designed to assess different characteristics?
2) what technique was designed to control the effects of this bias
1) common method bias
2) multitrait-multimethod matrix - involves using different methods to measure different traits
1) if study #1 has p<.05, and study #2 has p>.10, which achieved statistical significance
2) significance is achieved when the __ is sufficiently large to be detected by a statistical test
1) study #1
2) effect size
(study #1 has larger effect size)
most people seek EAP services:
a) on their own
b) as a referral by supervisor
c) referral by physician
a) on their own
1) what is the relationship btwn affect & cognition called
2) is the relationship consistent?
3) what does this mean?
1) mood congruency
2) yes
3) depressed people perceive, encode, and retrieve negative info more efficiently
people in positive mood perceive, encode, and retrieve positive info more efficiently
once a psychologist receives a court-order for documents related to a current client, is the psychologist mandated to comply immediately?
no, can first attempt to have order VACATED or MODIFIED if she believes release of documents is inappropriate

If this doesn't work, then she must provide documents
is the use of anatomically correct dolls with children who are believed to have been sexually abused effective? If so, for which children?
yes, effective for helping children who are embarrassed or limited in verbal skills to demonstrate their experience
if a psychologist is doing a talk show, what should callers be told to be consistent with ethics code
be sure callers understand that their conversations with her do not constitute a therapeutic relationship
1) in stimulus control, a stimulus indicates that a response will/will not? be reinforced
2) when a behavior has been brought under "stimulus control", the discriminative stimulus is a ___
1) either will or will not
2) prompt (cue) - it acts as a prompt that signals that a behavior will be followed by a reinforcer (acts as a prompt for the behavior)
acc to attribution theory, depression results when negative events are attributed to __, __, and __ factors
INTERNAL, stable, and global
1) a predictive bias is suggested when a test has different __ for different groups
2) to determine this, you would compare __
3) if there is a predictive bias, you would see __ (based on using answer from #2)
1) validity coefficients
2) the regression lines for the different groups
3) different regression lines since the slope of the regression line is directly related to the degree of correlation
How does a mixed standard scale reduce rater bias?
presents statements describing job behaviors in a way that obscures their order-of-merit (items are arranged in a non-hierarchical way)
using a screening device to identify high-risk individuals in order to determine who might benefit from intervention. What type of prevention?
a) primary
b) secondary
c) tertiary
secondary - offered to individuals who have been identified as being high-risk
within the Pavolovian paradigm, "experimental neurosis" is the result of ___
difficult discriminations

experimental neurosis was exhibited by Pavlov's dogs when they were presented with stimuli very similar to original CS. when forced to make the discrimination, dogs became agitated
in client-centered case consultation, the consultant's primary goal is:
a) communicating to the consultee how a particular client can best be helped
b) working collaboratively with consultee in delivering optimal intervention to a client
a) is correct. Primary focus is on the client

b) is more like "collaboration" rather than "consultation"
Is disclosing test items and protocols unethical or illegal?
possibly both (illegal because it violates copyright laws)
Types of control groups
1) treatment subjects are compared to some type of nonequivalent group
2) group receives a different type of treatment than the experimental group (rather than no treatment)
3) group who is waiting for treatment
1) non-client control group
2) comparison group
3) wait list control group
4) wait list - may not offer accurate comparison
1) what are the 2 core dimensions of leadership style
2) are there gender differences in these dimensions. If so, what are the differences?
3) For what part of leadership are gender differences apparent?
1) consideration and initiating structure
2) no, contrary to gender stereotypes, males and females do NOT differ substantially in leadership STYLES
3) male and female leaders differ in terms of decision-making style
Withdrawal from which substances shows the following sxs:
1) dysphoria, vivid dreams, insomnia, increased appetite
2) hand tremor, insomnia, hallucinations, grand mal seizures
3) dysphoria, restlessness, insomnia, fever
1) amphetamine
3) opioid
to maximize the effect size in a study comparing a treatment group to a no-treatment group, you
minimize/maximize? variability within group
minimize the variability

Effect size = mean of tx group - mean of control group divided by SD.
Therefore, as the SD decreases, the effect size increases
1) what are Theory X leaders?
2) what are Theory Y leaders?
1) Assume work is distasteful. Most workers lack direction. Workers must be controlled or coerced. Workers are motivated by greed. Closer to scientific management
2) Believe work comes naturally. Workers are self-directed, responsible and autonomous. Closer to human relations approach
What are the most favorable conditions for:
1) a high LPC leader
2) a low LPC leader
1) high LPC (describes LPC in positive terms) - moderately favorable
2) low LPC (describes LPC in negative terms) - either low or high in favorability
what is the fastest growing segment of the workforce
women with children under 1
what are the assumptions of Taylor's scientific management
Motivation affects performance
Workers motivated by money
Average workers need constant supervision
Which leadership style leads to the most productivity?
Autocratic, esp when the work is routine
Describe Japanese management style in terms of:
1) employment - long/short? term
2) decision making - individual/consensual?
3) responsibility - individual/collective
4) promotion - quick/slow
5) career path - specialized/non-spe
Employment - longterm
Decision making - consensual
Responsibility - collective
Promotion - slow
Career path - non-specialized
Employee's organization knowledge - holistic
In Hershey & Blanchard's
Situational Leadership Model, optimal leadership style should match ___
worker's job maturity

job maturity - ability and willingness to accept RESPONSIBILITY
Identify needs in Maslow's hierarchy

Not supported by research in workplace
What is the normative-reeducative change strategy for organizations?
Assumes social norms underlie patterns of behavior in organizations

To facilitate change, focus on changing attitudes, values and relationships
1) What is the optimal level of anxiety for simple tasks?
2) Complex tasks?
1) high levels of anxiety
2) low levels of anxiety
What is the relationship between age and accidents in work settings
inversely related
Characteristics of self-directed work teams regarding:
1) goals
2) hiring
3) range of skills
1) Determine own goals
2) May hire own replacements
3) Generalists with broad range of skills
Purpose of trainability tests
To determine likely success in training (not job performance)
what is theme interference
I/O analog to transference

worker displaces past or personal problems onto task / work situation
1) Acc to Super's theory of vocational development, individuals choose career based on __
2) Does this factor predict job or life satisfaction?
1) self-concept
2) both
Difference between multiple hurdle and multiple cutoff predictors
In both cases all tests must be passed to succeed.

In multiple hurdle tests are administered in order, and failing one takes you out of the running

In multiple cutoff, tests may be administered in any order, but all need to be passed to succeed
3 forms of job commitment
Affective - attitude toward organization
Normative - sense of obligation to stay in the company
Continuance - cost of leaving the company
1) What are the Big Five personality traits?
2) What is the origin of the Big Five personality traits?
3) who are they associated with
1) conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness,
openness, emotional stability/neuroticism
2)They are derived by a factor analysis of all personality terms found in the dictionary
3) Galton
What is the greatest risk factor for childhood depression?
parental depression
What is the most effective way for the police to deal with domestic violence?
Arresting the perpetrator results in the lowest rate of recidivism
1) relationship of psychology to cancer onset
2) to recovery?
1) Unrelated to onset
2) Positively related to recovery and quality of life
1) which ethnic group is most likely to drop out of therapy?
2) least likely?
3) ethnic matching between client and therapist is most important for which groups?
1) african-am
2) asian-am
3) asian and hispanic
1) is there a relationship between participating in therapy and a positive outcome (reduction of sxs)
2) if so, what is the degree of relationship
1) yes
2) moderate overall, but stronger when severe
Acc to Kernberg:
1) what is the central development issue in BPD
2) BPD results from __
1) Defense against child's intrapsychic aggressive impulses
2) failure to develop appropriate introjects as a result of parental psychopathology or abuse -> results in splitting, aggression, unstable self-image
1) Adlerian explanation for childhood misbehavior
2) Adlerian intervention for childhood misbehavior
1) Child's effort to obtain attention, power, or revenge, or to display deficiency
2) Identify real goals of the behavior and find better ways to obtain them
1) what is reaction formation
2) typical of what type of disorder
3) what is projective identification
1) Defense in which an anxiety provoking impulse is replaced by its opposite
2) Typical of obsessive disorders
3) projection of unwanted aspects of self onto another creating a sense of oneness
Acc. to Adler, psychopathology is due to __
maladaptive attempt to compensate for inferiority
1) Horney, Sullivan, & Fromm are examples of what type of theorists
2) what was their emphasis
1) neo-Freudians
2) cultural/social determinants of personality
What are parataxic distortions (Sullivan)
Dealing with others as if they were significant persons from early life
What is introjection according to:
1) Gestalt
2) object relations
1) Absorbing information without understanding or assimilation
2) Incorporating aspects of other people in your self image
1) What is confluence (Gestalt)
2) what are some Gestalt techniques
1) Permeable self boundary, self merging with others
2) Focus on here and now
I statements
Dream analysis
Empty chair technique
1) what is paradoxical intention
2) goal is to ___
1) Instruction to do what you fear
2) Goal is to circumvent anticipatory anxiety
Stages of crisis intervention
1) Formulation - crisis identification
2) Implementation - assessment of prior life; setting of short term goals; implementation of goals
3) Termination - progress assessment; discussion of termination and beyond
How was the MMPI developed?
empirical criterion keying

retention of items differentiating psychiatric from non-psychiatric populations
McLaughlin's stages of homosexual identity formation
Alienation and shame
Self rejection
Passing as straight
Consolidating a self identity
Integration of public and private self
Pride and synthesis
what is "calibration" in family therapy
Return to homeostasis engineered by the family
1) what is equifinality
2) what is equipotentiality
1) Different causes producing the same result
2) Single cause may produce different results
Risk factors for adolescent suicide
use of drugs and alcohol
anti-social behavior
Acc to Kohut
1) explanation for narcissism
2) treatment for narcissim
1) lack of empathy
2) involves empathy
semantic paralexia
Dyslexic reading error in which the child responds with something semantically similar to the stimulus (eg, dog in response to cat)
Reason for continued brain growth after birth
Increasing dendrites and myelination
what is state dependence
Memory is maximized if we are in the same EMOTIONAL state during learning and recall
Relative efficacy of behavioral vs non-behavioral treatment for children and adolescents (Weisz)
Behavioral treatments significantly more effective
Treatment of choice for agoraphobia
Flooding, with 75% long term improvement
For Beck, suicidal individuals are characterized by
poor problem solving skills
Greenson's stages of psychoanalytic treatment
Working through
which therapy makes the most use of imagery techniques
Used to help identify automatic thoughts, increase self-control, distraction or to visualize life outcomes
Freud's explanation for specific phobias
Result of unresolved Oedipal conflict centered on the same sex parent
which family therapist/therapy is associated with the term "emotional divorce"
What is the efficacy of psychotherapy for children and adolescents compared to adults
Acc to Freud, personality is established by what age?
Acc to Horney, basic anxiety causes individual to do one of 3 things (what are 3 things)
move toward others
move away from others
move against others
prevalence of mental disorder is people 65+ is higher/lower than other groups
which group is NOT considered a race
(Hispanic, Native American, Asian American)
three phases of antidepressant treatments and times associated with each phase
1) acute (4-6 wks)
2) continuation (4-9 mths, preventing relapse)
3) maintenance (2 yrs to lifetime, prevent recurrent)
1) duty applies to whom
2) did it change the code or extend the duty to warn clause
1) psychotherapists
2) extend
what is the dx when a cross dresser only gets aroused when wearing women's clothing
transvestic fetishism

NOT transvestism (not a DSM term)
most frequently used projective test
1) reasoning for a general law to a specific case
2) reasoning from a specific fact to a general rule

3) example: if child understands that A > B, and B > C, and then understands that A > C, this is what type of reasoning?
1) deductive
2) inductive

3) inductive
boys from divorced families show what type of difficulty
poorer academic performance

worse for boys
worse for older children
what are the following achievements and in what stage do they occur
1) transitivity
2) deferred imitaion
3) propositional thought
4) hierarchical classification
5) object permanence
6) conservation
1) ability to mentally sort objects (concrete op)
2) ability to imitate observed act at later time (sensorimotor)
3) ability to evaluate logical validity of verbal assertions (formal op)
4) ability to sort objects into classes based on sim/diff (concrete op)
5) understanding that objects continue to exist when not seen (sensorimotor)
6) (concrete op)
what is "personal fable"
belief that one is unique and not subject to natural laws that govern others
which test would you use if you had a categorical variable and a continuous variable
1) which type of family therapy is associated with "report function"

2) this therapy says that communication has both a report fx and a __ fx
1) communication
2) command
what is the ratio of ETOH abuse/dependence for men vs. women
5 to 1
lying in children
1) acc to Piaget, when do children begin lying intentionally
2) research actually shows that children as young as __ lie intentionally
1) 7-8
2) 4
1) does the ADA consider people currently using illegal drugs as having a disability
2) when does it protect PAST addicts?
1) no
2) when past addict is currently participating in or has completed a supervised rehab program and is not currently using
1) infant intelligence tests are good/poor? predictors of childhood intelligence
2) these tests are most valid as predictors of future performace for infants who score very high/very low?
1) poor (for childhood and adult intelligence)
2) very low - screening device
a child who scores 1 SD above the mean for achievement, and 3 SD about mean for general IQ. Would he be dx with a LD?
no, must show sxs of significant distress of fx impairment
1) children grouping - homogenous or hetergeneous
2) is the focus on individual or group learning
3) teaching method encourages children to __
1) heterogeneous for BOTH age AND developmental level (older children are viewed as role models)
2) individual (criticism about not enough didactic group)
3) select their own activity (teacher observes and assists as needed)
federal law requires HMO's to provide what?
short-term outpatient evaluative crisis intervention services
1) what is a functional disorder
2) what is the most common functional disorder in the elderly
1) may or may not have a phyysiological component, but is NOT directly caused by a known physiological factor
2) depression (NOT dementia because that is organic rather than functional)
signs of the personality characteristic of social inhibition are usually present at what age?
2-4 months
for a post-menopausal woman what are the changes (if any) in the following
1) sexual arousal
2) comfort of intercourse
3) sex drive
1) no change
2) low estrogen -> greater discomfort
3) no change
which reliability formula is used for tests with dichotomously scored questions
in pre-adolescents, sibling relationships are characterized by __ and __
conflict AND closeness
In IPT, therapist treat grief by focusing on which:
a) making connections to past attachments
b) examining impact of loss on current therapeutic relationship
b) even though IPT believes depression is maintained by early attachment disturbances, the tx emphasis is on CURRENT relationships
For African-Am children, do scores on WISC change significantly depending on race of examiner
what type of consultant focuses on making changes in an organization's underlying processes with the goal being for individuals to solve their own problems
process consultant
(look for the word PROCESS to tell you that the consultant does NOT FIX the problem but helps individuals solve their own problem)
what are the 2 primary associated features of somatoform disorders
anxiety and depression
it is believed that Seasonal Affective D/O is related to abnormal regulation of __
melatonin secretion
what is ethology
study of animals in their natural habitat
what % of the MR population consists of individuals with moderate MR
Bandura's social learning
1) can an individual learn a new behavior through mere exposure (w/o reinforcement)
2) what serves as the reinforcer
1) no, also need attention, retention, reproduction and motivation
2) the accomplishment of new behavioral skills is reinforcing in itself
in a split-brain patient:
right, left, or both hemispheres can process language
both can comprehend, but only the left can PRODUCE language
1) loss of a person's identity and loosening of normal restraints against deviant behavior. what is this called?
2) occurs under conditions of __
1) deindividuation
2) anonymity
if your job selection measure yields too many false positives, how do you correct it:
1) raise/lower predictor cutoff score
2) raise/lower criterion cutoff score
1) raise
2) lower
1) Driver, Brousseau, and Hunsaker identified what decision making styles
2) who is associated with administrative model of decision making
decisive, flexible, integrative, systematic, and hierarchic
2) Simon
what does R2 (R squared) stand for
coefficient of multiple determination

uppercase is used when there are multiple predictors
1) in self-verification theory, person needs and seeks __
2) person would rather be __ than __
3) person who dances poorly would want to be told __
1) confirmation of his self-concept (regardless of whether it is positive or negative)
2) right, happy
3) you are not a good dancer
Ellen Bershceid's Emotion-in-relatinships model
1) when a partner interrupts the status quo, this leads to positive/negative? emotions
2) when things are running smoothly, partners are likely to over/under?estimate their emotional investment
1) both
2) under
1) during late childhood and early adolescence, boys/girls have more difficulty adjusting to stepfather
2) in late adolescents, boys/girls have more problems
1) girls
2) boys
1) men have higher __ anxiety
2) women have higher __ anxiety
1) social
2) general
at what age, can children:
1) begin to describe ethnicity in terms of physical traits
2) accurately apply ethnic labels to self and others
3) express social perspective of ethnicity, including prejudice
1) 3-4
2) 5-9
3) 7-12
which is the best tx for PTSD:
a) prolonged exposure
b) stress inoculation
c) prolonged exposure PLUS stress inoculation
a) prolonged exposure
otitis media is assoc w/
1) development of __ in later childhood
2) lowest score on which WISC scale
1) LD
2) verbal comprehension
tx for OCD
in vivo exposure is most effective when:
1) it is alone or combined with response prevention
2) it is distributed or massed
3) it is gradual or maximal (flooding)
1) combined w/ response prevention
2) equally effective
3) equally effective
see answer choices below
1) for white males, highest suicide rate is in what group
2) for African-Am males, highest suicide rate is in what group

a) 25-44
b) 45-64
c) 65-74
d) 75 and above
1) d
2) a
Rutter studied developmental psychopathology, attempting to identify risk factors. Acc to Rutter, the differences in the effects of divorce on children are related to:
child's early social interactions, esp interactions with parents
What, if any, is the effect of menopause on:
1) likelihood of depression?
2) psychological well-being
3) mood swings
1) no effect
2) no effect
3) more mood swings
1) what disorder is found at a higher rate among smokers than nonsmokers
2) cessation of smoking can trigger __ in smokers with a hx of __
3) __% of smokers gain weight when they quit
4) what is the average weight gain
1) depression
2) depressive episode; Major Depression
3) 80%
4) 7-9 pounds
DSM uses what type of approach to dx:
categorical or dimensional

(dimensional would involve quantifying pt's sxs based on severity)
people w/ bulimia in adulthood have greater likelihood of a hx of __
sexual abuse in childhood
in the presence of others,
1) performance increases when desired behavior is well/not-well? learned
2) performance decreases when desired behavior is well/not-well? learned
3) what theory explains this
1) increases when well-learned
2) decreases when not well-learned
3) social facilitation
in a rape case, jurors who whonder what the rape victim was wearing believe in __
a just world

(can't believe that a person would rape -- must be a "reason")
hemiplegia is caused by damage to the motor or somatosensory cortex
goal-setting theory, equity theory, and expectancy theory all assume that
___ affects behavior
human cognition
1) what is akathisia
2) what type of side effect is it
3) from what med
1) unpleasant feeling of physical restlessness
2) extrapyramidal
3) antipsychotics
characteristics that distinguish abusive from non-abusive parents

1) what is the major finding
2) are there differences in their knowlwedge about child development
3) which uses more physical punishment
1) abusive parents are more easily irritated and annoyed by their children, partly b/c they tend to misinterpret behaviors in a negative way
2) no consistent findings
3) same
1) most frequent cause of malpractice claims
2) most expensive cause to insurance companies
1) sexual intimacy
2) sexual intimacy
1) effects on memory loss are cumulative -- T/F?
2) persisiting effects on memory often involve __ memories
3) majority of memory deficits are reversible, with return to premorbid levels within __
1) true
2) autobiographical
3) 6-7 mths
how does ADA address drug-testing in employment
ADA does not prohibit drug testing at ANY time during pre-employment or employment

ADA only prohibits MEDICAL exams prior to job offers

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