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CH 6 group 1


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how the other half lives
book wrote by Jacob Riis in order to show the lives of the poor
wisconsin idea
number of reforms by la follette
17th amendment
allowed American voters to directly elect US senators
lincoln steffens
muckraker, wanted to expose the real villians of the cities "businessmen" that bribed people
reform movements to better life in cities
ida tarbell
muckraker, wanted to show others the effects the Standard Oil Company did to society
the jungle
book writen by upton sinclair that exposed the wretched and unsanitary living conditions at meatpacking plants
a method of allowing voters to propose a new law on the ballot for public approval
robert m. la follette
state government reform
enables citizens to remove an elected official
jacob riis
journalist and photographer;wanted to show the lives of the poor, HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES
journalists who exposed corruption and problems of society
allows citizens to place a recently passed law on the ballot, in order to approve or reject ballot

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