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ss ch 13 part 1


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states where women were granted full voting rights
womens right convention
this was organized by elizabeth cady stanton and lucretia mott in seneca falls, new york
law banning the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol
womens sufferage
the right for women to vote
allowed a group of citizens to INtroduce legislations and required the legislature to vote on it
temperance movement
advocated the moderations or elimination of alcohol
became NAWSA's leader in 1915
allowed voters to demand a special election to remove an elected official from office before his/her term had expired
group of crusading journalists who investigated social conditions and political corruptions
direct PRIMARY
all PARTY members could vote for a candidate to run in the general election
a tightly organized political movement with a specific set of reforms
commissions plan
a citys government would be divided into several departments, which would each be placed under the control of an expert commissioners or a city manager with expertise in city services should hire the specialists to run city departments
national womens sufferage
elizabeth cady stanton and susan b anothony focused on passing a constitutional amendment
american women sufferage association
lucy stone and julia ward howe convinced state legislatures to give women the right to vote beofre trying to amend the constitution
jacob riis
"how the other half lives" described poverty, disease, and crime that affected many immigrant neighborhoods in new york city
the right to vote
19th amendment
guaranteed women the right to vote
womens christian temperance movement
250,000 members. women usually supported temperance movement
allowed proposed legislations to be submitted to the voters for approval
robert la follette
used his office to attack the way political parties ran their conventions

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