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Speaker Questions/Films


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John Ryan feels that one must be able to balance what two factors?
family and career
His work deals primarily with what form of crime?
White collar crime
Are WC criminals getting off to easy?
Yes, b/c jurys do not understand the complexity of economic crime.
Is the code of silence as bad as it used to be?
No, bc there is more education and less tolerance.
From panel, what was the connection btwn all speakers?
Sociology, which allowed them to look at things from a diff. perspective
Each speaker had what kind of connection with their job?
academic and not intellectual
What do you need to get through law school?
right state of mind and to enjoy the process of education
How does Donato define success?
He asks was he true to his oath
Are women making gains in sports news?
Yes, the are the most sought after
Most important characteristic in life is?
Common Sense
Why do all the speakers love their jobs?
DIff. everyday, not 9-5, and they do not know what to expect
What gets you through med. school?
What is the concern of todays physician?
Lifestyle - how much time will i have off for vacation
What two things is Matarazzo against w/ malpractice?
frivolous lawsuits and unreasonable rewards
What does Hill need to accomplish inorder to get his job done?
Whats the diff. btwn a cop who looses control and one who handles the job?
one who loses control will do so repeatedly
Are videotapes changing the way people view the police?
Yes, brutality is increasing on both ends
Do cops want video cameras in their cars?
Yes, as a safety precaution
Do men and women communicate the same in the work place?
No, act as if they are in two different worlds
How do male and female convos diff?
females want a connection, whereas males want a higher status
How do male and female contact diff?
males avoid contact, females love direct contact
why would minority women with same degree as white women have higher salary?
bc usually hold more than one job, work more hours, and faster return from maternity
What are the diff. work values btwn french and americans?
French - laid back, less emphasis on work, more on leisure
Americans - emphasis on work, less on leisure, must always get ahead

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