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Film Careers


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Screen Writers
People who write the story
Script Readers
People who evaluate the story for submission to companies
Story Editors
People who adapt the story to a movie
Casting Directors
People who read scripts and find actors to embody the characters
Principal Actors
People who epitomize and embody the characters in the stories
Talent Agents
People who represent directors, actors, producers, etc.
Mailroom Clerks
People who distribute mail and forward important documents
Stunt Coordinator/Stuntperson
Extreme sports/heavy physical activities
Animal Trainer, Wrangler
Person with experience with animals
Head of Production
Supervises all aspects of a movie including script, talents, and production team
Development Executives
People who support the Head of Production
Executive Producer
People in charge of the finances of a film and making sure it stays on budget
Person who develops story, hires writers, directors, actors, arranges financing, oversee film's production and release
Line producer
The producer's on-the-set mole
Unit Production Manager
Manager of administrative, financial, and technical elements of a film
Production Coordinator
Handles administration of the production office and set
Production Assistant
Everyone's support and errand-runner/gopher
One who translates the screenplay, envisions the final movie, and helps facilitate this to become reality...and is responsible for the cast and crew
Camera Operator
Operator of the camera
First assistant cameraperson
Maintains/assembles all camera equipment, ensures appropriate focus of the camera during all shots
Key Grip
Supervises crew responsible for all the equipment used by the cinematographer on the set
Chief electrician of the set
Best boy
Assists the gaffer and key grip
Production Designer
Oversees the look of the film
Art Director
Responsible for drawing all aspects of the film including sets, costumes, hair/makeup, props, etc.
Storyboard artist/production illustrator
Draws the script's words to help visualize each shot or scene
Set Designer
Helps creates the blueprints for the actual set
Set Decorator
Supervises the lead man in charge of the Swing Gang
Swing Gang
Crew assigned to dress the set
Matte Painters
True artists who paint the background settings
Special effects artists
puppeteers, sculptors, property masters, Model & miniature builders
Location Scouts
Help find the physical locations to film seemingly remote locales
Costume Designers, makeup artists, special effects makeup artists, hairstylists
complete the vision of the film
Sound Designers
Responsible for the overall design and shape of the soundtrack from dialogue and sound effects to music
Sound mixers
Record and mix all sounds during production including dialogue, background sound, and tone
Boom Operators
Manually place and operate all microphones on set to capture the sound for the sound mixer
Provide food for the filmmakers
Transportation Coordinators
Help coordinate the cast and crew's transportation to a site for filming
Helps determine which takes or shots are used for the final product of the film. Assisted by the assistant editor and the negative cutter
Color timer
Balances the film's color and contrast to match consistency in the movie
Visual effects producer
Supervises all of the crew responsible for the real life effects and computer generated imagery. Need coordination of special effects artists and computer programmers/graphic specialists
Titles & Optical effects coordinators
Handle titles and optical effects (ie. twins in a scene)
Supervising sound editors
Pick up pieces of the sound designers by directing all post-production sound. Could include adding sound effects to the soundtrack, adding or re-recording dialogue/voice-overs, and charging any sound mixers and sound editors to improve the sound
Foly Artists
Enhance and re-create background sound effects (crashes, leaves, falls)
Film distributor
Responsible for getting film into movie theatres for thearical release
Sales Agents
Work on behalf of film producers to sell international rights to a film
Theatre owners
Manage locations where movies are shown
Create interest in a film by representing the cast, crew, and production companies by arranging interviews with journalists and media
Still Photographers
Take pictures
Advertising & Marketing executives
Work in the studios to coordinate mass-market inundation of their next big movie - issues like product placement, etc.)
Festival organizers
Think Sundance or Cannes Film Festivals
Entertainment Writers
For magazines, newspapers, internet articles, and/or books about any aspect of the film industry
Film instructors, acting teachers, dialect coaches

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