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Leadership Names


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Pfeffer Culture and capabilities lead to competitive advantage through participation and higher performance. People work harder because of increased involvmeent and commitment.
Zaleznik Leadership requires inspiration, vision, and human passion. Managers like stability, process and control, while leaders tolerate chaos and can wait.
Katz Internal competition, early wins, breaking out of losing streaks, practice, half time, keeping groups stable, and watching the game video.
Javidian Worldwide differences
Hurley 1. Risk tolerance 2. Level of Adjustment (well-adjusted people see the world as a benign place, while poorly-adjusted people are always in high alert mode) 3. Relative power (one trusts someone that they can sanction) 4. Security (higher the stakes, less people are likely to trust) 5. Number of similarities (people trust those who are similar to themselves) 6. Alignment of interests 7. Benevolent concern (trust managers who will fight for them) 8. Capability 9. Predictability and integrity 10. Level of communication
Trevino Ethical leadership requires moral person and moral manager. You have to convey it to others be a good role model, and reward ethical behavior.
Latham Create hard, specific goals because it creates high performers. Conditions 1. Ability to achieve 2. Commitment 3. Feedback 4. Training 5. Resources
Stajkovic SCT says you need self-efficacy (belief in capability to control environment) Behavioral, cognitive, and motivational resources to get them to succeed, or else they will dwell on the formidable aspects, exert insufficient effort, and fail.
Cropanzano Justice leads to trust and commitment, improved job performance, helpful citizenship, customer satisfaction, and diminished conflict. Distributive, Procedural, and Interactional Tools: Good candidates, rewards, conflict management, handling layoffs procedurally, fair appraisals.
Kerr -Reward Behavior in Line with Goals -Hope for long term growth while rewarding short term behavior
Machiavelli Better to be feared.
McClelland Power is the great motivator. Affiliative - liked Achieve - Achievement first Institutional - most effective -- greater respect, clear organizational skills, greater team spirit.
Caro LBJ manipulated people.
Collins -Core Ideology is what we stand for (core values & core purpose) -Envisioned Purpose is what we want to become. BHAG
Level 5
Collins Have Genuine Personal Humility with Intense Professional Will
Leadership Styles
Goleman Coercive Affiliative Authoritative Democratic Pacesetting Coaching
Signature Experience
Erickson Do not be everything to everyone Whole Foods Container Store
Chatman Culture focuses people on their strategy. It must be clear, consistent, and comprehensive. Tools are recruiting, socializing and training and rewards
Kotter 1. Urgency 2. Coalition 3. Vision 4. Communicate Vision 5. Remove obstacles 6. Short-term wins 7. Declare victory only when apropriate 8. Anchor change
Cohen Try internally, otherwise educate.

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