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Mr. Horning 2nd 9 Week Exam - Period 1


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A gov\'t where one person (usually a king) inherits power. This was the first type of gov\'t in the Greek city-states - MH/JW
Who is the founder of Buddhism-
Prince Siddhartha-JW/gc/df
who was king ashoka
chandraguptas grandson that belived in buddhism who also became king after his grandfather.TN~SB
what are some of the empires alexander conquered?
some of the city states that alexander conquered was the persian empire,europe,and egypt--CY/KB
how did alexander use his religion?
he used his religon in two ways and that was to inspire loyalty among his followers and the people he conquered --CY/KB
what is an example of king ashokas pillar of buddhist value
this pillar tought the people about how to be caring andrespectful.
what is an example of king ashokas pillar general welfare?
this pillar told people the had to have good health ,clean water,and food~TN~SB
what is an example of king ashokas pillar justice
this pillar told about fair laws,they also told about the way people were to be treated in court and jail~TN~SB
What are two things the Gupta mathematician aryabhata discovered?
He discovered that a year is exactly 265.258 days long. And he calculated the approximate size of the earth. - KS/LB
What are Gupta metalworkers famous for?
They were famous for their ironwork.-KS/LB
What did the Gupta sculptures make statues out of?
They made statues out of stone, wood, bronze, and terra-cotta clay.-KS/LB
What three literature works did Gupta writers make?
They made poetry, fables, and folk tales.-KS/LB
what is an example of king ashokas pillar security
this told about protecting against enemies and being peaceful with outsiders who visited the kingdom
Who proposed that planets were spheres?
how did king ashoka spread buddhism to india
he sent his son to the southern tip of india AND he wrote buddhist teachings on his pillars around the kingdom
Eight fold path Right understanding
Develop a deep undeerstanding of the four noble truths gc/df/jw
What did the Greeks learn about plants
They reproduce by spreading seeds and useful for medicine t.t/c.v
Greek Architecture
They used columns to make their temples balanced and triangled shaped roofs. t.t/c.v
Greek sports
they sacrifice an animal in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. t.t/c.v
Modern geography
Developed the system of Latitude and longitude. t.t/c.v
A few wealthy people are in charge,sparta had this type of government. EP/DL
One person that is not a lawful king EP-DL
They have all free citzens. EP/DL
true or false....A time of prosperity and achievements is known as the golden age
true t.t
the four noble truths
1.suffering is present to all things nothing last forever. 2 suffering is cause by cravings. 3 Giving up all craving will end suffering.4 the way to give up all cravings is to live a life by the eightfold path . gc
right purpose
live a life of selflessness not selfishness, love and nonvilonce gc
right action- the eightfold path
Don not kill, steal, or lie.Be truthful. gc
Define direct democracy
Everyone casts their own vote on the issue - CV AND This was the type of democracy in Greece - MH
Define representative democracy
Everyone votes for representatives and they vote on the laws for us - GC AND This is the type of democracy in the United States today - MH
Chp 16 - How does Buddhism say you can reach enlightenment?
Not be poor, not be rich, - CV follow the middle way (the Eightfold Path) - MH
Chp 16 - What is a main teaching of Buddhism?
The Four Noble Truths - GC AND The Eightfold Path - CV which lead to enlightenment - MH
Chp 17 - How did King Ashoka help to spread Buddhism?
He wrote Buddhist Values on the tall pillars around his kingdom - CV/JF AND He sent missionaries to places like the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to teach people about Buddhism - MH
Chp 30 - How did Alexander help to spread Greek culture?
He built Greek style cities - GC AND He made the gov\'t people and soldiers speak Greek - TT
Chp 31 - What are some ways we still see Greek culture today?
Language Pythagorean Theorum Theater designs Olympics / Pentathalon Geometry Using plants for medicine Heart pumping blood through the body Brain is center of nervous system Earth rotates around the sun Longitude and Latitude
Chp 31 - What did the Greeks teach us about architecture?
Pillars/columns - GC Triangle shaped roof- TT Covered porches - MH Libraries/Museums/Gov\'t Buildings/Schools all use Greek architecture - EP
Why was the plague called the black death
Because black and blue sports formed on your skin

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