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Vocaulary Words - Packet #2


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Interactive TV
Programming that responds to viewer input. Programming today is usually one of two types: games and sports programs that poll viewers to alter the outcome, or programming-on-demand systems that allow viewers to select programs to view at their convenience.
The process of transforming secret information into a form that can't be understood by others. Encryption software, for example, could be used to prevent computer hackers from stealing credit card numbers sent over the Internet.
Cable Modem
A computer peripheral that lets PCs use cable TV networks to send and get data. Allows PC users to access on-line services and the Internet several hundred times faster than with today's faster analog phone modems.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol. A common language for material on the Internet. Programmers creating documents for the World Wide Web use HTTP commands to create "hot links" to other documents on the Web.
A high bandwidth network that ties together smaller networks designed for local traffic. On the Internet, backbones link regional segments of the public network.
Small software applications that can be retrieved from a network and used as needed. Can allow computer users to do word processing, spreadsheets or interactive games without storing the software on their own systems.
A networking device that decides the path data packets will take across a network. Also forwards data from one network to another.
A computer operating system developed in 1971 and widely used in engineering, scientific and manufacturing environments. More recently, business users have taken to this industry-standard platform because it is adept at handling complex networking tasks.
A standard for transmitting information digitally. Allows voice, data, graphic and video to be sent at one time over the same line and at high speeds.
Using a modem to receive files, typically blocks of data, from another computer or an electronic bulletin-board service. The opposite term is upload, which means to transmit a file to another computer or on-line network.

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