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test 1 sociology PA


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spurious correlation
an apparent, although FALSE, association between two variables caused by some other variable is termed a ___________.
participant observation
you wish to observe "natural behavior" and you are not concerned about repliction. which method should you use?
a statement of how and why specific facts are related is called
a system of symbols that allows memebers of a society to communicate with one another is a ________
structural - funtional paradigm
the chief charactersitc of the ____________ is its view of society as orderly and stable, and diferent parts of society funtion to ensure the survival of society
Levi's jeans are a valued commodity in Russia. this is an example of :
they are a way to provide physical conditioning
which of the following is a manifest funciton of sports?
what is the lifelong proces of social experience by which individuals develp human potentioal and learn the patterns of their culture?
yo have achieved the quality of consistency in measurement for your study. you study now has:
What is the term for a person's fairly consistent pattern of thinking, feeling and acting
you have violated norms that have great moral significance. you have therefore violated a set of society's
standards by which a person defines what is desirable or undesirable, good or bad, and beautiful or ugly are____________.
a part of a population that represents the whole is called a :
August Comte coined the term_____________ to refer to the study of society
Cultural patterns that strongly oppose the widely accepted cultural patterns of a society are reffered to as a/an.
cultural transmission
What is the term for the process by which one generation passes culture to the next
the most common language in America other than English is
high culture
cultural patterns that distinguish a society's elite referred to as:
social- conflict paradigm
The "framework for building theory based on the assumption that soicety is a complex system characterized by inequality and conflcit that generates social change" is the
material culture
Weapons are an example of ___________.
social structure
which term best describes relativley stable patterns of sociol behavior
what disicipline may be desribed as the systematic study of human society
what is the term for cultural patterns that distiguish some segment of a society's population
invention, discovery, and diffusion
cultural change is caused in three general way. there are ______________.
culture shock
the personal disorientation that accompanies exposure to an unfamiliar way of life is termed
see general patterns in the behavior of particual people
when one of the unique features of the sociological perspective is described as "as seeing the general in the particular," it means that sociology helps us to:
use of existing sources
suppose you are interested in the cause and effect relationship between foreign investments and the economic development of nations. if in your research you use only the appropratiate data from the World Bank, what type of analysis are you conductiong?

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