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Describe the proper procedures for clearing and M16
1. Place the selector switch on SAFE
2. Remove the MAGAZINE
3. Lock the BOLT to the rear
4. Visually INSPECT the chamber and receiver areas for ammunition
5. With the selector lever still on safe, allow the BOLT to go FORWARD.
What does the Acronym SPORTS stand for?
Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap and Shoot
Approximately what is the difference in firing weight of the M16A1 and the M16A2?
About 1 pound
What is SPORTS?
Immediate action
What is immediate action?
Reduce a stoppage without investigating the cause through the use of a probable remedy (SPORTS)
What is a malfunction?
The weapon ceasing to fire due to a stoppage resulting from mechanical failure of the weapon, magazine or ammo.
What is the caliber of the M16?
5.56 mm
What is stoppage?
An unintentional interruption in the cycle of function
What are the 5 types of ammunition that can be used with the M16?
1. Ball
2. Tracer
3. Dummy
4. Blank
5. Plastic
What is the adjustable front site on the M16 used for?
To make elevation adjustments
What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
1. Steady Position
2. Proper Aim (Sight Picture)
3. Breathing
4. Trigger Squeeze
Describe the M16 Rifle.
A 5.56 mm, magazine fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, semiautomatic or automatic, hand-held, shoulder-fired weapon.
What are the 8 steps in the functioning of the M16 rifle?
1. Firing
2. Unlocking
3. Extracting
4. Ejecting
5. Cocking
6. Feeding
7. Chambering
8. Locking
What is the definition of Maximum Effective Range?
The greatest distance at which the weapon may be expected to inflict casualties
How many centimeters does each click on the adjustable front site equal?
2.8 centimeters per every 100 meters of range
What is the weight of the M16A2 without sling and magazine?
7 and 1/2 pounds
What is the maximum range of the M16A2?
3,600 meters
What is the purpose of the compensator on the M16A2?
Help keep the muzzle down during firing
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16A2?
3,100 feet per second
What is the weight of the M16A2 with a sling and a loaded magazine?
8.48 pounds
What is the maximum effective range of the M16A2?
Area target is 800 meters, point target is 550 meters
Describe the rifling of the M16A2 barrel
Right hand twist, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 7 inches
What is the overall length of the M16A2?
39 5/8 inches
Which rear aperture is used when zeroing the M16A2?
The unmarked aperture
What is the basic load of ammunition for the M16A2?
210 Rounds total. (7 magazines with 30 rounds in each)

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