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Human Growth & Development Test 1


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Pheryll children
most exclusively with wolves;  Something different about wolves b/c they live in packs, mate for life, let other wolves raise their babies, family oriented; false pregnancy
Indigenous Motivation
develop at different rates, all born with different interdevelopment time so develop at different rates.
ducks imprint in matter of days, part of critical period; describe any kind of phase-sensitive learning (learning occurring at a particular age or a particular life stage) that is rapid and apparently independent of the consequences of behavior. It was first used to describe situations in which an animal or person learns the characteristics of some stimulus, which is therefore said to be "imprinted" onto the subject.
Research shows that children who develop slower may...
learn better
someone in social sciences comes up with best possible scenario of what probably happens
Laws of development deirection
Cephalocaudal & Proximodistal
develop from inside of body out, last thing is finger thumb grab
Not an escape from poverty
gambling and professional sports
times when learning things are the easiest and better (critical period, ‘strike while the iron/child is hot/ready’…….to be more successful)
insist a child do something they have no interest in and may not be ready for; bad 4 letter word is push
Instead of Pushing
Praise, Motivate, encourage (p,m,e)
The whole child/person concept
areas of development = physical, intellectual, social, emotional; all areas equal
The Ripple effect
Part of whole child concept; when something effects one area it will most likely effect the other areas in he same way.
Conception occurs in the...
fallopian tube
single celled egg, microscopic
sperm, much smaller than egg
1st menstruation
Every .... an egg is released into fallopian tube
28 days
Moment conception occurs is when...
the two nuclei merge into one
When you're pregnant you don't have to worry about getting pregnant b/c you're pregnant
Identical Twins
Fused sperm and egg duplicate for some reason
males and females are about .... percent alike
Males and females have ... sex organs
Sperm are... of x & y
XY =
XX =
Law of Probability
Sperm of y is ... the size of sperm that carry x
1/3; much faster and lighter
When is abortion allowed?
In the first trimester, second trimester when it affects the mother's health, & 3rd trimester when the mother's life is at risk.
Pregnancy is how long?
9 months, 28 days lunar calendar, 280 days, 40 weeks
the amniotic sac .... after 9 months
Types of childbirth:
-Normal = head first -Breech = feet first -Two Types: Butt first and transverse -Cord can wrap around head and get pinched off (anoxia = no O2 after 19 seconds means neurons/brain cells begin to die and can cause brain damage or death) -Also if placenta becomes unattached they will receive no O2 -C-Section = surgical delivery (ex: scheduled c-sections)
Wife’s Tales (2 Useful Purposes)
-Provide Guidelines -Motivated Scientific Studies
(begins in first trimester), Most critical time in development (right when a part is starting to turn into what they are turning into),Critical Period
-developed in England in 60’s for morning sickness, Children born without arms, legs, or both (extremely rare without this drug), Red flags went up but damage already happened but damage already happened to several thousand babies in England, Only affected babies that were going through organogenesis (budding) of legs & arms in first trimester, If taken in 2nd trimester the critical period passed and babies were fine, Drugs taken longer to come to market because of this medicine
If a pregnant woman is malnourished her baby will be born with fewer neurons (if she is a baby girl, when she grows up, all of her babies will be born with fewer neurons), neurons will not multiply like they are supposed to, Baby girl’s developing eggs are effected, Most likely born into hard core poverty as well, One of the most important reasons a child fails to master tasks is lack of opportunities with the escape being education which you need neurons for (much more likely not to graduate, to be in Juvenile Justice System)
Infant Mortality Rate Per-Capita:
-WHO = World Health Organization -Per Capita = statistical tool to compare apples and oranges, -Per 1000 children, how many die in a year -US almost always #1 on per capita medically but we are between 12-29 for infant mortality -Top ten = Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, England, Canada, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, (all have free medical care/socialized medicine); also pay world’s highest taxes
Reflexes at Birth: by checking, can get developmental status
-Babinski = stroke sole of feet, toes spread apart -MORO = “startle reflex”; newborn baby’s arms and legs kick out and curl back in -Rooting = Stroke the cheek & will turn in direction of stroke -Sucking -Grasping (theoretically can support their own weight at birth
-We develop b/c of our senses -Vision = least developed of all senses because babies are in total darkness during pregnancy; takes a while to develop; only see in black and white for first couple of months; only see 4-12 inches in front of face -Hearing = Most developed of all senses; respond to music in whom -Smell = kind of developed; only respond to very pungent odors by making grimace and turning away -Taste = kind of developed; food they eat is not very good -Touch = not fully developed, but not underdeveloped (don’t feel as much pain as us)
Japanese Doctor
-Researched very small microphones -Implanted on in uterus of pregnant woman for 24 hours -Recorded mother’s heartbeat, baby moving around, external sounds -½ newborn babies in hospital listened to sounds from uterus and other ½ listened to normal sounds (those listening to uterus left hospital avg. 1 day sooner & cried significantly less -Less difficulty making adjustments
-Crib Death -Happens in first year of life -Low birth weight, trouble breathing, mother smokes, a certain season (all criteria) -If they meet enough criteria an apnea monitor is sent home

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