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Provincial Assembies


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Connecticut Assembly
Expanded Massachusetts to Georgia's powers to taxation and expenditure
Great Awakening
a strong moral component that led to the most popularly appealed type of govt. in the U.S. but was not understood by the British
Proclamation of 1763
did not allow settlersw to expand thus making them mad at the army that blocked them
Navigation Acts
said we could not trade with other countries
you could not travel basically anywhere without legal documents
Stamp Act of 1765
aimed to get 60,000 pounds a year out of America by having us buy seals and stamps to make legal documents legal
Virginia house of Burgesses
said that Virginia can tax itself but also any attempt to collect stamp revenues was ilegal and unconstitutional in America
Declatroy Act
told of parliaments complete rule over the colonies and their allies the mervchants told them to stay out
Townshend revenue Acts of 1767
put duties on paper, glass, apint, lead and tea
Tea Act of 1773
called for the payment of taxes that would cost Americans more for tea
Coercive Acts
(intolerable Acts)
1. Closed Boston Harbor until tea was payed for 2. Changed the Massachusetts govt. to an appointed one 3. trasfered arrested British officials back to Britain to be tried 4. guartered troops wherever needed
Second Continental Congress
delegates formed a continental army whose General was George Washington
1775 Prohibitory Act
delcared war on American Commerce the British tried to stir up the pot and get rebellion against America
Win at Saratoga
the battle that won the support of France and the respect of England because they now knew we were a force to be dealt with
Society of the Cincinnatie
a hereditary organization in which membership was passed from father to son - Republicans believe it went against the claim of privilege by noble birth
Articles of Confederation
government that many people regarded as powerless. Established central govt. denied congress the power of taxation. Provided for a single legislative body consisting of representatives selected annualy by state legislatures. Had disposition of vast, unserveyed territory west of Appalachians.
Northwest Ordinance

Land Ordinacne of 1785
Recommending the 10 new states be carved out of the western lands located north of the Ohio River

serveyors makred off townships - $1 per acre
Hamilton, Madison, Morris, came up with a plan to save Confederation -tax colonies
Madison's federal system
was not a small state writ large; it was a government based on the will of the eople yet detached from their narroly based demands
Virginia Assembly
Madison and freinds convened to explor the creation of a unified system of commercial regulations
Shay's rebllion
involved several thousand impoverished farmers - shattered the peace of western Mass
Philidalphia Convention
delegats decuded ti vite by state, but in order to avoid the kinds of problems tha had plagued the Conffederation, ruled key proposlas needed the support of only a majority instead of 9 states required under the Articles
Virginia PLan
revised sections of the Articles, also envisioned a national legislature consisting of 2 houses, one elected by the people, the other chosen by the first house from nominations made by state assemblies
New Jersey PLan
retained the unicameral legislature in which each state possessed one vote and that at the same time gave Congress extensive new power to tax and regulate trade. Plan was rejected
Grand Committee
one person from each state was elected by the convention to resolve persistent differenced between the large and small states. Created a strong central govt.

stood for a confederation of states rather than for the creation of supreme national authority. Natural aristocrats, individuals possessing greater insights, skills, and training than did the ordinary citizen
Critics of Constitution, tended to be somewhat poorer, less urban, and less well educated that their opponents (spoke the language of the Commonwealth men) demanded direct contact with their presentatives

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