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Virology Old Test 2000


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What indicator is diagnostic of recovery from acute hepatitis caused by hepatitis B
Anti-Hbs IgG
What is an approved and effective therapy for RSV infection in the young and in bone marrow transplant recipients
Treatment with a polyclonal anti-RSV IgG
How might disease be prevented from rabies virus
Active and passive immunization
What type of viral vaccine is most likely to induce cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity
Live attenuated virus vaccine
The tumor suppressors targeted by DNA viruses regulate what cellular process
Cell cycle progression
What viral gene is most likely to be mutated in influenza viruses that are resistant to rimantidine
M2 ion channel gene
What virus establishes latent infection in humans
Epstein-Barr virus
The humanized monoclonal antibody preparation developed as a prophylactic therapy for RSV infection is directed against what viral protein
The F glycoprotein
In what virus is viremia an important event in the pathogenesis
Measles virus
What serological indicator in a person predicts development of fulminant hepatitis after infection by hepatitis D
A 40 year old woman with a 2 year history of HIV infection presented with Stage IV squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. What is the cancer most likely caused by
Human papilloma virus
A large outbreak of acute respiratory disease (ARD) occurred at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in 1997. Members of the virus family to which the causative agent of ARD belong can also cause what disease
Some of the nucleoside analogs used to inhibit HIV replication may also be efficacious against what virus
Hepatitis B virus
Severe Shock Syndrome after re-infection is caused by a virus that belongs to what family
Flaviruses. Dengue and Hepatitis C are flavorful viruses
The appearance of drug-resistant variants of a virus is most likely to develop due to what
Patients chronically treated with sub-optimal doses of a drug
What is the target of Zanamivir (Relenza), the newly approved drug for influenza virus infection
What would be the best treatment for a bite wound from a raccoon in New Jersey on the hand of an unvaccinated individual
Wound cleansing, administration of anti-rabies immunoglobulin, and vaccination
What is the number one military mission-aborting viral disease
Dengue virus
How are the majority of new HIV-1 infections transmitted on a global scale
Heterosexual sex
What makes Poxviruses exceptional
They are DNA viruses that can replicate in the cytoplasm
What does type 1 interferon do
Inhibits mRNA translation
A 27-year-old female who contracts human papilloma virus type 16 is at risk for developing what
A chronic active viral infection
A positive result from an HIV-1 ELISA assay would most likely be verified by what assay
Western Blot
Viremia occurs following infection with which one of the following viruses?
(A) Human papilloma virus
(B) Influenza A virus
(C) Norwalk virus
(D) Rotavirus
(E) West Nile virus
E, West Nile virus
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) in AIDS patients is caused by a virus that belongs to what family
Papova viruses. Human papilloma virus is another example
Which one of the following is an important goal for viral vaccine development today?
(A) A killed oral vaccine for VZV
(B) A killed trivalent vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella
(C) A live-attenuated viral vaccine for hepatitis B virus
E, a vaccine for RSV md human parainfluenza type 3
The viral oncogene, v-src, of Rous sarcoma virus encodes what
Tyrosine kinase
Children undergoing chemotherapy can be given immunoglobulins for certain common childhood diseases such as chickenpos (VZV). What is this procedure and example of
Passive immunization
What is AIDS defined by
CD+4 T cell count is less than 200 per mm3 and opportunistic infections are present
What is Hanta virus pulmonary syndrome transmitted by
Deer mice
The current poliovirus vaccine recommended for healthy children in the US is what type of vaccine
Killed virus vaccine
What is an important and immediated concern to the hospital staff with a newborn that has been diagnosed with congenital rubella syndrome
The high probability that the child is excreting infectious virus
What do the envelope glycoproteins of HIV-1 and HIV-2 do
They bind to cellular receptors and mediate membrane fusion at the cell-surface
What type of antibody is diagnostic of an acute primary viral infection
Anti-virus IgM antibody
Which one of the following viruses is inactivated following chloroform treatment?
(A) Hepatitis A virus
(E) Human papilioma virus
(C) Measles virus
(D) Poliovirus
(E) Rotavirus
C. Measles virus
Immediately after viral entry, what happens to the RNA genome of mumps virus
It is copied into anti-genome RNA by the viral RNA polymerase
Clinical manifestations of military relevant arboviral infections present in 4 major categories. Which form of infectious presentation is most common
Asymptomatic or subclinical
How may suspected CMV infection in immune compromised patients with pneumia be quickly verified in the laboratory
By testing for viral early antigens in cultured cells infected with respiratory aspirates by immunofluorescence
A 9-year-old girl was involved in a traffic accident and suffered from traumatic damage to the left kidney and diaphragm and received a pelvic bone fracture. At emergency surgery she was transfused with 1200 ml of fresh whole donor blood. She was hospita
Two kidney transplant recipients developed symptomatic anemia requiring blood transfusions. Common causes of anemia, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, iron vitamin deficiencies, hemolysis, and drug toxicities, were ruled out. A peripheral smear revealed
Parvovirus B19
A 33-year-old pregnant woman delivered a baby boy via a normal vaginal delivery. Neither she nor the father has a history of genital or oral herpes. She had chickenpox as a child and was exposed to a child with chickenpox about 10 days before delivery. T
Herpes simplex virus type 2
You are stationed in Japan. A 3112-month-old male presents in August with a history of
diarrhea and fever. On physical examination, he is irritable and has tachycardia with a pulse
of 180 beatslmin. Vesicular lesions are observed on his mouth,
D contains a single-stranded RNA genome that is infectious
An outbreak of a respiratory virus disease in chickens occurred in Hong Kong in 1998. This
virus was transmitted to the human population, resulting in several deaths. What is responsible for the emergence of epidemic outbreaks caused by this virus
Reassortment of viral genome segments in animal hosts
A 42-yr-old Haitian-American woman was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia. According to her sister, their deceased mother breast-fed all the children. The sister of the patient also reported that their mother had suffered from progressive difficulty walking
A, CD4-positive
A 17-year-old high school girl presents to your office with cervical lymphadenopathy, a sore throat, and fever. On her peripheral blood smear, you notice an atypical lymphocytosis.
Physical examination of her abdomen shows an enlarged spleen. The vi
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
A 30-year-old male patient presented to the clinic with jaundice, malaise, weakness and nausea. He related a two month-long illness with the same symptoms. His blood tests revealed the presence of a high level of hepatitis B surface antigen and high tite
He is acutely infected by hepatitis B virus
Ten servicemen report to your infirmary on a Monday morning complaining of mild fever,
nausea, vomiting and in some individuals, diarrhea. They had all attended a local bar and grill
the previous Saturday night where the evening's special was p
Norwalk Virus
The world-wide eradication of smallpox results from of all of the following factors EXCEPT
(A) An effective and stable vaccine was available.
(B) Smallpox disease was readily identifiable in the field.
(C) The effectiveness of the surveill
E, The presence of only 2 animal reservoirs.
Live attenuated virus vaccines are used for all of the following viral diseases EXCEPT
(A) chickenpox.
(B) hepatitis B.
(C) measles.
(D) mumps.
(E) rubella.
B, hepatitis B.
Cytopathic effect (CPE) is easily measured in tissue culture in all of the following viruses
(A) enterovirus 7 1.
(B) herpes simplex vin~tsy pe 2.
(C) HIV-1.
(D) respiratory syncytial virus.
(E) rubella virus.
E, rubella virus
All of the following diseases are thought to be caused by prions EXCEPT
(A) Bovine spongiform encephalopathies.
(B) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
(C) Kuru.
(D) Scrapie.
(E) Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE).
E, Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE).
A newborn baby presenting with heart murmur and cataracts is associated with what virus
Rubella virus
A newborn presenting with hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, and petechial rash is associated with what virus
CD4+ T cell depletion is associated with what virus
What virus is associated with no viremia and giant cells are present in the lung
What would be the treatment for an animal technician that has been bitten by a herpse B-infected monkey
What would be the treatment for an HIV infected individual with CMV retinitis
What would be the treatment for a 30 year old woman with chronic hepatitis C infection
Interferon plus ribavirin

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