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Physical Therapy Examination Preparation


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Speeds Test
Biceps tendonosis/tendonitis upper limb in full ext, forearm supinated resist shoulder flexion
Neer impingement test
long head of biceps/supraspinatus tendon UE is IR than fully ABD
Drop arm test
ID's rotator cuff tear. Passively ABD shoulder 120* Pt instructed to lower limb slowly. Pain=+test
Clunk test
Glenoid labrum tear. Sup w/shoulder in full ABD. Push Hum head ANT while EXT ROT humorus.
Adson's test
ID's thoracic inlet prob. In sitting find radial pulse, rotate head towards extremity tested then extend and EXT ROT head & shoulder. Neuro/vascular symp=pos test
Medial epicondylitis test
(golfers elbow)
Sports/Occup req strong grip
sitting elbow 90*, passively sup forearm, EXT elbow, and EXT wrist. pain=pos test
Thomas test
ID's tight hip flexors. Pt sup one hip/knee MAX flexed to chest. pos if FLEX occurs on straight leg.
Ely test
ID's tight rectus femorus Pt prone knee of tested limb fully flexed. pos if hip of tested limb flexes.
Mc Murray test
ID's meniscal tear. Pt sup w/tested knee in max flexion passively IR/EXT knee=lat meniscus. ER/EXT =medial meniscus.
Anterior drawer test
ID's ATFL instability. Pt sup w/heel off table and 20*PF stabilize leg, pull talus ANT. pos if excessive ANT motion.
Vertebral artery test
Pt. sup extend head and neck and rot L then R for 30 sec. pos for dizziness, visual disturbances, blurred speech, nausea/vomitting.
Intervertebral foramen
(Quadrant test)
sidebending L, ROT L and EXT. Repeat to other side. pos for pain/parasthesia.
Facet dysfunction
(Quadrant test)
sidebending L, ROT R and MAX EXT L. repeat other side. pos for pain/parasthesia.
Stork standing test
ID's spondylolisthesis. Pt stands on one leg, EXT trunk repeat opposite side. pos w/low back pain
Bicycle test
differentiates between intemittent claudication and spinalstenosis. Pt rides stationary bike while erect then while slumped. stenosis=can ride longer slumped
Gillet's test
assess ilio/sacral movement. Pt standing one thumb under PSIS other thumb on center of sacrum at equal level have Pt flex hip and knee of PSIS leg. pos=no movement
degeneration of articular cartilage/hypertrophy of subchondral weight bearing bones. Corticosteroids and NSAIDs. Jt prot, aerobic, aquatic, PT indicated.
Ankylosing spondylitis
prog inflam disorder of axial skeleton.^cervical and thoracic kyphosis and v lumbar lordosis. Corticosteroids, TNF. Trunk exer esp EXT. Aquatic or Aerobic PT indicated.
MCP's and prox PIP's w/pannus, ulnar drift and volar sublux, bouchard's nodes(dorsal PIPs). JT/tissue maint aquatic or aerobic PT indicated.
Osteochondritis dissecans
separation of art cart from underlying bone (medial femoral condyle, femoral head, talar dome, humeral capitellum). Jt prot, flex ex to maint jt ROM, aquatic or aerobic, strength and endurance PT indicated.
Myofascial pain syndrome
tight trigger point w/in the muscle. Inj of cortico-steroid/analgesic. Jt oscil and STM, cryo, thermo, hydrotherapy, US, TENS. task spec tng & resistive exer.
Musculocutaneous Nerve
C5,C6 Coracobrachialis, biceps brachii, brachialis.
Sensory:Anteriolateral surface of forearm. Motor:Loss of flexion, weak supination.
Median Nerve
C6,C7,C8,T1 Pronators, Radial side flexors, most thumb muscles. Sensory:Palmer thumb, 2nd,3rd,4th(rad side) fingers. Motor:Loss of Pronation, Thumb Opp/Flex/Abd
Ulnar Nerve
C8,T1 FCU,FDP(med side), interossei,4th & 5th lumbricals. Sensory:4th(med side) and 5th finger. Motor:Loss of Ulnar Dev,Weak finger and wrist flex, thumb Add, intrinsics(claw hand)
Sciatic nerve
L4-S3 Hamstrings, Add magnus. Sensory:Post/Lat calf, ankle, heel. Motor:All muscle function below the knee.
Femoral Nerve
L2,L3,L4 Sartorius, Quadriceps, iliacus, pectinius. Sensory:Middle anterior thigh and medial thigh prox to the knee. Motor:Loss of hip flex and knee ext.
Tibial Nerve
L4-S3 Gastroc, Soleus, Plantaris, popliteus, post tib. Sensory:Post/lat calf ankle and heel. Motor:Loss of PF and Supination.
Superficial Peroneal Nerve
L5-S2 Peroneus longus and brevis. Sensory:Ant/Lat distal lower leg and dorsum of foot. Motor: Loss of eversion.
Deep Peroneal Nerve
L4-S2 Ant Tib, Ankle DF's, 1st and 2nd interossei, Most toe Ext. Sensory:Web space between 1st and 2nd digits. Motor:Loss of DF and weak intrinsics.
Cannot recognize familiar objects
(Wernickes-Receptive-Fluent Aphasia )
Impaired auditory comprehension.
(Motor-Broca's-NonFluent Aphasia)
Impaired speech
Pianful burning sensations
Assoc w/RSD or CRPS
CNS Damage. Hemi-one side, SPASTIC: Para-both legs, Tetra-all four, Diplegia-Mostly legs but some arms. Scissored gait and toe walking. ATHETOID: BG involvement slow writhing movement. ATNR-STNR-TLR may be present
Asceptic necrosis of Femoral Capital Epiphysis. Usually unilateral. Prolonged bed rest, casting, mobile traction and slings, special hip Abd orthosis.
Strong and painful MM Exam
Minor lesion of muscle tendon unit.
Weak and Painless MM Exam
Complete rupure of muscle tendon unit or Neuro deficit.
Weak and Painful MM Exam
Substancial (partial) disruption of muscle Tendon unit.
SIJ Pain SLR 0-30 Deg
Hip Pathology or Severe Nerve Root Inflamation
SIJ Pain SLR 30-50 Deg
Indicates sciatic NN involvement
SIJ Pain SLR 50-70 Deg
Prob Hamstring involvement
SIJ Pain SLR 70-90 Deg
SIJ stressed here
Lupus (SLE)
Inflammatory disease of entire body's connective tissues and organs. Butterfly rash, extreme fatigue, hair loss, anemia, Raynauds phenom. cortsteroids, energy conserv, nutrition, skin care, ROM.
TMJ Hypermobility

Soft food, tongue on hard palate
Jaw feels out of place.
Jt noises and catching in full open psn. Open >40mm w/deviation toward non-involved side. Palpable irregularities w/closure.
TMJ Disc Displacement

Soft food, tongue on hard palate
W/Reduction-popping sound on opening and closing.
W/O Reduction Pt reports intermittant locking. Limited to 20-25mm w/diflection toward involved side.

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