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Music 15 - Ch. 9 Musical Ensembles


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A fairly large body of singers who perform together; their music usually sung in several voices.
A smaller group of singers often connected with a church or with performances of sacred music.
Madrigal Choir
Smaller, specialized vocal ensemble.

Perform a cappella (singing with no accompanyment) secular works called part songs.
Chamber Choir
Small groups of up to 24 singers.
Perform either a cappella or accompanied by piano.
Chamber Music
Emsemble music for groups of two to ~twelve players with one player to a part.

essential trait is its intimacy.
String Quartet
Generally any performing body of diverse instruments but more synonymous with symphony orchestra.
Symphony Orchestra
Ensemble of strings coupled with an assortment of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments.

Varied in size and makeup throughout its history but has always featured STRING instruments at its core.
Concert Band
Wind Ensemble

Size from 40 to 80 or so players.
Established institution in most secondary schools, colleges/universities, and many communities.
Marching Band
A concert band commonly entertaining sports events and parades. Retains remnants from its military orgin; eg. display of drum major, flags, and rifles.
Person that beats the time in standard metric pattern to help the performers keep the same tempo with the use of a baton.

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