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Web Design Vocab. Chapter 4


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Inline Elements
like bold or italics, which are so named because they usually appear within a line of text and do not initiate line breaks.
Definition Definition
identifies definition in a definition list.
Definition Term
identifies term in a definition list.
decorative labels assigned to each list item pointing out the important imformation.
attribute that can cause confusing results.
Blocked Element
has a clearly defined beginning and end.
presents the different number and letter styles. attribute used within the
  • tag.
    1. Ordered List
    identifies a numbered list of items in a specific order.
    demonstrates how the default position is out.
    the W3C uses the term marker instead of bullets.
    Directory List
    identifies a multicolumn directory list of no implied order.
    Nesting Lists
    allows you to build structures that convey complex relationships.
    attribute which is used with a variety of HTML tags to control the appearance of the page layout. attribute's list style-type property is utilized in both ordered and unordered lists to change the look of the item label.
    attribute allows the browser to build the lists, but lets the author control the ordering of the numbers.
    Definition List
    identifies a term and its definition as part of a glossary-like list.
    Menu List
    identifies a single column list of no implied order.
  • List Item
  • identifies a specific item in an ordered, unordered, menu, or directory list.
    Plain-Text List
    in which no list-making tags are used.
    the others using the property to set inside as part of
  • beginning tag.
  • Readability
    which refers to how easily the HTML code you write can be read, understood, and debugged.
      Unordered List
    identifies a list of items with no specific order implied.
    Brute Force
    method to create a list of three items, we could use the code.

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