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Ch. 7 French Rev.


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What caused great unrest in France?
bad harvests, high prices, high taxes and Enlightenment ideas
the social and political system of France
Old Regime
Another term for the social classes in France
Who formed the 1st Estate?
Which estate owned 10% of the land in France?
1st Estate
Which estate contributed about 2% of its income to the government?
1st Estate
Who formed the 2nd Estate?
Which estate made 2% of the population?
2nd Estate
Which states owned 20% of the land and paid no taxes?
2nd Estate
Which estate took 97% of the population?
3rd Estate
king of France during the Revolution
king louis XVI
queen of France during the Revolution
Marie Antoinette
known as Madame Deficit
Marie Antoinette
meeting were an assembly of representatives from all 3 estates
a leading spokesman for the 3rd estate during the national assembly
Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes
name that Sieyes suggested to call the 3rd Estate
National Assembly
what does the national assembly do?
pass laws and reforms in the name of the French people
when did they vote to establish the National Assembly?
June 17, 1789
what was the first deliberate act of revolution
establishing the national assembly
term when they plegde to stay in a tennis court until a new constitution was made
tennis court oath
what happened on July 14?
the fall of Bastille
a senseless panic that rolled through france
great fear
what happened on October 1789?
women marched on Versailles
when did noblemen make speeches of liberty and equality?
August 4, 1789
document that says "men are born and remain free and equal in rights."
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.
What rights were included in the Declaration of the Rights of Man?
liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression
slogan of the revolutionary leaders
Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
who was declared an enemy of the revolution and executed on 1793
Olympe de Gouges
when did Louis XVI and his family try to escape france and go to Austria?
June 1791
What did the National Assembly complete in September 1791
a new constitution
What did the new constitution create?
limited constitutional monarchy
What body was created by the new constitution?
Legislative Assembly
what power did the legislative assembly have?
create laws and to approve or reject declarations of war
3 groups the legislative assembly was divided into
radicals, moderates, conservatives
who fled france and wanted to restore the old regime?
known as "those without knee breeches"
when did the legislative assembly declare war on austria and prussia?
april 1792
What did the constitution of 1791 say?
declared the king deposed, dissolved the assembly, and election of a new legislature
new governing body that took office on September 21
National Convention
What did the national convention do?
abolished the monarchy and declared france a republic
a radical political organization
Jacobin Club
who was one of the most prominent Jacobins?
jean-paul marat
what newspaper did marat edit?
friend of the people
who was a lawyer and the club's most talented and passionate speaker?
georges danton
when was king louis XVI beheadedd by a guillotine?
January 21, 1793
when did the convention order a draft of 300,000 french citizens?
February 1793
who became leader of the Committee of Public Safety in July 1793?
Robespierre's rule was known as...
the Reign of Terror
what was the Committee of Public Safety's chief task?
to protect the revolution from its enemies
when did the Reign of Terror end?
July 28, 1794
How did the Reign of Terror end?
Robespierre was sent to the guillotine
new plan for government in 1795
2 house legislature and executive body (Directory)
When & Where was Napoleon born?
1769 & corsica
When was Napoleon the hero of the hour and savior of France?
October 1795
Which british admiral defeated Napoleon's army in Egypt?
Horatio Nelson
term for "blow to the state"
coup d etat
when was europe at peace for the first time in 10 years?
what was known as the vote of the people?
Napoleon's first task as a leader
set up a national banking system
term for governmen-run public schools
an agreement
this work gave the country a uniform set of laws and eliminated many injustices
Napoleonic Code
When did Napoleon decide to make himself emperor?
December 2, 1804
what land did napoleon sell to President Jefferson for 15 million in 1803?
Louisiana Puchase
battle that took place in 1805 of the coast of Spain
Battle of Trafalgar
2 results of the defeat of the french fleet at the battle of trafalgar
ensure supremaaacy of the british navy and forced napoleon to forget his plans of invading britain
whom napoleon remarried after josephine
marie Louise
a forcible closing of ports
prevent trade & communication Great Britain and other european nations
continental system
Spanish peasant fighters
these losses weakened the French Empire
Peninsular War
Napoleon's 3 mistakes
setting a blockade, convincing portugal to the continental system, and invading russia
involved the burning of grain fields and slaughter livestock to leave the enemy with nothing to eat
scorched-earth policy
september 7, 1812
battly of borodino
October 1813
battle of leipzig
where was napoleon exiled to by the prussia and russia leaders
When did napoleon escape from elba?
March 1, 1815
the battle of waterloo was led by?
duke of wellington
Napoleon's last bid of power
Hundred Days
A series of meeting in Vienna
Congress of Vienna
goal of the new european order
collective security and stability for the whole continent
the 5 great power of the congress of vienna
prussia, russia, austria, great britain, and france
most influential among the representatives
klemens von metternich
Metternich's 3 goals during the congress of vienna
prevent french aggression, balance of power, and legitimacy
no country would over rule others
balance of power
rulers whom napoleon had overthrown be restored power
signed by the frederick william of prussia and francis I of austria in 1815
Holy Alliance
this pledged to base their relations with other nations on Christian principles in order to combat the forces of revolution.
holy alliance
series of alliance that ensured nations would help one another if any revolutions broke out
concert of europe
colonist born in spanish america
colonists born in spain
what did the french revolution change?
the social attitudes and assumptions
the social and political system in use in france in the 1770s called the?
old regime
a financial crisis, brought on in part by excessive spending and huge gambling losses by ____, resulted in forcing _____ to call the _____into session for the first time in 175 years
marie antoinette, Louis XVI, estates-general
Estates General convene at Versailles
May 5, 1789
3rd estate declares itself the national assembly
june 17, 1789
Oath of the Tennis Court
June 20, 1789
Storming of the Bastille
July 14, 1789
The Great Fear in the countryside
July-Aug. 1789
National Assembly abolishes feudal privileges
August 4, 1789
National assembly issues Declaration of the Rights of Man
August 27, 1789
Women march on Versailles and force royal family to return to paris
August 27, 1789
National Assembly confisates church lands
November 1789
Civil Constitution of the Clergy establishes a national church Louis XVI reluctantly agrees to accept a constitutional monarchy
July 1790
Arrest of the royal family while attempting to flee france
June 1791
Declaration of Pillnitz by Austria and Prussia
August 1791
France declares war on austria
April 1792
Parisian mob attacks palace and takes Louis XVI prisoner
August 1792
September massacres; National convention declares France a republic and abolishes monarchy
September 1792
Execution of Louis XVI
January 1793
France declares war on Britain, Holland, and Spain Revolts in provincial cities
February 1793
Bitter struggle in the National convention between Girondists and the Mountain
March 1793
Robespierre and the Mountain organize the Committee of Public Safety and arrest Girondist leaders
April-June 1793
Price Controls to aid the san-culottes and mobilize war effort
September 1793
Reign of Terror in Paris and the provinces
French victorious on all fronts
Spring 1794
Execution of Robespierre; Thermidorean Reaction begins
July 1794
The Directory
End of economic controls and suppressino of the san-culottes
Napoleon defeats Austrian armies in Italy and returns triumphant to..
Austria, Great Britain, and Russia form the 2n Coalition against France
Napoleon overthrow the Directory and seize power

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